10 Most Popular Toys In The 1970s

By Divya G

What were the most popular toys in the 1970s? We put together a list of 10 of the most memorable and exciting toys from that decade.

Image credit: funmagicshows.com

1) The Easy-Bake Oven: This toy oven came on the market in 1963, but it really took off when it was introduced to kids with four different colors for sale in 1968.

2) Slinky: You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone playing with this iconic toy – and even today, people still enjoy walking these coils downstairs or stretching them across rooms!

3) Rubik’s Cube: It may be hard to believe, but one-third of all American homes had a Rubik’s cube sitting around at some point during the 80s, making it the most popular toy for a time.

4) Lego: Before Lego became the multibillion-dollar company that it is today, they were a Danish toy manufacturer with only one product on offer. But by 1979, their plastic blocks and figures had taken over the world!

5) Play-Doh (introduced in 1956) – This moldable clay was perfect for kids who liked to get their hands dirty.

6) Monopoly (introduced in 1935) – This game of property trading and set collecting was a big hit with adults as well as children, but especially popular among older siblings who wanted to teach their little brothers and sisters how things work in the real world; it’s also one of the games that people still play most often.

7) Soothing Sounds Soother (introduced in 1971) – This was a toy that used light and sound to help babies sleep, but also worked well for adults who had trouble falling asleep at night; it could be set with different combinations of colors or sounds from the radio to create one of the most relaxing things that you could imagine.

Image credit: mannyandme.com

One thing that is clear, however, is that there was no shortage of classic memories from this decade. Whether it’s playing with your favorite Barbie doll or enjoying hours on end riding around on your bike, these are certainly some fond recollections to take with you into adulthood.