3 Abandoned Movie Sets Fans Can Visit

By Divya G

Every movie buff has dreamed about experiencing the fictional worlds represented through film. What if we tell you that fans can visit some of the movie sets that are still frozen in time?

  1. The Gas Station (The Hill Have Eyes)

Even though the movie is set in America, producers created the spooky set in Ouarzazate, Morocco. The creepy gas station is open for visits and is still quite capable of making chills run down your spine. Even the abandoned car is still kept intact at the place.

Abdou Faiz /Shutterstock
  1. Hawthorne Plaza Mall (Gone Girl)

If you have seen the movie adaptation of the disturbing thriller Gone Girl, you will remember the mall shown in it. Producers used the Hawthorne Plaza Mall as the set for the scene. Once bustling with people, the shopping center met its decline in the 1990s.

The place is used for shooting scenes for many movies. Visitors are allowed inside the building, but you can only take a walk along the perimeter.

Lazarin Hristov /Shutterstock

3. The District 12 Village (The Hunger Games)

The ghost town in North Carolina once boasted about its booming textile industry. But Henry River Mill Village eventually became a replica of a mining district in a post-apocalyptic world where Katniss lived. 

The abandoned sets are perfect for ardent fans to feel the main character’s energy of their favorite film for a day. Which one of the following cinematic worlds would you like to visit someday?