Jerry Lewis – A Few Things You Didn’t Know

By Divya G

Jerry Lewis was born Joseph Levitch on March 16, 1926, in Newark to a Jewish family. His father, Daniel Levich (Daniels), and mother Rachel Rosenfeld had four other children: Harold, Harry, Ellen Alline (Ella), and Sam Jaffe, who was the only one of their children not to become an actor like others.

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Jerry Lewis is known for his progressive thinking in the entertainment industry. He was a jack of all trades who made many contributions to comedy and filmmaking. He created some revolutionary ideas that have revolutionized today’s film-making process; he even influenced comedians like Robin Williams with their sense of humor! Lewis is known as “The King Of Comedy” due to his innovative comedic style, which modern-day actors admire: actor (known for playing Nutty Professor), singer, songwriter, comedian, filmmaker, and humanitarian.

Jerry Lewis is often credited as the creator of “the duck face.” This was how he would move his lips to create a smile in front of the camera lens, which became popular with later generations. The name “Jerry” came from one of their relatives back home while visiting during summer vacation. It has stuck ever since.

Lewis had an immense impact on comedy and filmmaking, as well as his humanitarian work. 

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Born in 1926, he became popular for playing Nutty Professor and as a comedian and filmmaker who created many progressive ideas that have revolutionized film-making today. His life is still remembered by many who knew the true artist and a great human being in him.