Albert Einstein: The One Wrong Step That He Could Have Avoided

By Divya G

Albert Einstein- is an iconic physicist the world will remember till eternity, no matter what. The remarkable impression left by him is unparalleled, and the impact he had on the world of science will be recorded in history forever. No one can forget his contributions, theories, and teachings. However, he did make one wrong step that he shouldn’t have taken.

Image credit: A Sharma/Shutterstock

Prior to World War II, Einstein had decided to leave Germany because of rise of theNazi Party. He got in touch with Leo Szilard, an amazing physicist, and sent a letter to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The U.S.Department of Energy: Office of History and Heritage Resources acknowledges the fact that several scientific developments were potent enough to put the world in danger. 

The letter also warned that “Immensely powerful bombs can be constructed.” This enabled Business Insider to understand that the Scientists have been successful in unleashing nuclear fusion. This new discovery can potentially pose a serious threat to Mankind. 

The Genius’s Big Mistake That He Shouldn’t Have Made

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This persuaded Albert Einstein to request President Roosevelt provide enough coordination and funding. However, during this time, the Manhattan Project took place, and ultimately, the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki finally put an end to World War II. Albert Einstein had signed the official letter to Roosevelt letting him know that atom bombs could be made-and; this was the major mistake that he had committed in his life, unintentionally, of course, but his work with atoms ultimately changed the course of history for all time.