Baby Boomers’ Childhood Habits That Gen Z’s Will Never Understand

By Toby Tunwase

Every generation has certain aspects that everyone can relate to, like going through an awkward phase or arguing with your parents. Some things, though, can only be fully understood by baby boomers. Younger generations can’t relate to boomer experiences which were the normal thing then but now seem other-worldly today.

Here are three strange things those baby boomers were used to:

1. No dating for girls

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Girls still follow dating guidelines set by their parents, but it is no way as strict as when the boomers grew up between the 1940s and 1960s. Girl boomers started dating much later in their teenage years, or even as adults, ready for marriage.

Kids can hook up with or without their parents’ knowledge today, thanks to the multitude of communication and dating apps available. But back then, it wasn’t so.

2. Getting Enlisted

War affects all generations, but boomers have been impacted differently because of the draft. In the 1960s, as the baby boomers reached adulthood, the draft was just around the corner.

This means that in their youths, boomers saw relatives get drafted and grew up envisioning getting drafted themselves.

3. Driving Without Seatbelts

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Various safety protocols are implemented these days, but in the past, not every car was subject to them. The seatbelts on older vehicles were not as durable as those on modern cars when boomers were growing up.

The result was that many drivers neglected to wear seat belts. Children hardly even used car seats in the ’60s since they weren’t yet popular.