Become A Millionaire By Exchanging Your Rare Old Pennies

By Divya G

Many of us have heard that it costs more to print a cent than it’s worth, but when it comes to some hard-to-find pennies, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. These coins can bring in serious cash! Many of these high-value coins share features with one another, so pay close attention and learn what you should look for every time you get change back at your local store.

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This 1944-S Lincoln Steel Penny is worth $373,750 because the person who produced it accidentally cast it to zinc-plated steel. It may not be one of the rarest coins, but this coin has an interesting story behind its value and rarity, making it valuable to collectors.

The 1943-S Lincoln Cent is the second of only two known certified coins produced by the San Francisco Mint and is considered one of the best.

In 2007, the Heritage Auctions team sold an 1872 Indian Head penny for over $100 thousand. The coin was listed as “excellent condition,” and it is thought to be one of only a few in existence with new die sets used during production.

The 1856 Flying Eagle coin marked the first time that the government reduced American pennies in size. It’s estimated only 2000 versions of this design type existed during its two-year run from 1856 through 1958; however, at auction for “mint condition” copies sold for an astounding $172,500 each.

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We have seen some rare pennies which will make a normal person millionaire, so people can search for a rare coin and can be a millionaire if they can find one.