Bugs: The Most Famous “Bunny?”

By Kanyi M

Cartoons are a common entertainment medium for many people, but what many people don’t know is that Bugs Bunny isn’t really a rabbit. The famous rabbit first appeared in the 1930s as an anthropomorphic cartoon character but later discovered that he was actually a bipedal hare. This loss of innocence came about due to the discovery of the Snowshoe Hare, which looks like Bugs Bunny and has similar features such as large ears and big eyes. Scientists believe this misconception may have led to the surge of hares seen today, including Bugs Bunny himself. Aside from him being a hare, here are other things you didn’t know about this ‘rabbit.’

Image courtesy of Shutterstock
  1. He was supposed to be a ‘duck in a rabbit suit’
    Bugs Bunny’s original animator, Friz Freleng had planned on making Bugs a duck in a suit, but later changes made him rabbit-like.
  2. Bugs’ voice was supplied by the same man who voiced Daffy Duck
    The late Mel Blanc also did the voice of Daffy Duck (he voiced 496 different animated characters). He also did the voices for Porky Pig and Yosemite Sam.
  3. His first appearance was on the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes short “A Wild Hare”.
    Bugs’ first cartoon appearance was on Looney Tunes ‘ wild hare’, with his first cartoon titled “A Wild Hare” which aired October 18, 1940.  However, Bugs was not named then he didn’t have a role or any lines for that matter.
  4. He later starred in “Bugs Bunny Rides Again” in 1952.
    Bugs Bunny’s first starring role was in “Bugs Bunny Rides Again”, this was the same year he appeared on the cover of Time Magazine
  5. He’s an author, too!
    Although Bugs doesn’t have any book to his name, he did star in the book, Rabbit Rampage. Bugs Bunny also made himself an author by writing his autobiography called, What’s up Doc? The story behind Bugs Bunny is very interesting because over time, people found out that what they believe about him is a misconception.
  6. He was one of the main characters in “Space Jam”
    Bugs Bunny made an animated cameo appearance in Space Jam which starred Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley among others .
Image courtesy of Google Place/Bugs Bunny in The Looney