Carolyn Jones: A Glimpse Into the Life of a True Star

By Divya G March 14, 2023

We immediately associate Carolyn Jones with her iconic role of Morticia Addams. But her brilliance isn’t restricted to the matriarch of the fictional Addams Family. She might have left for the heavenly abode in her 50s. But people still keep talking about the marvelous woman. This article honors the actress by unveiling some facts about her. /NBC Television /Public Domain

A Small Town Girl

Jones had a difficult childhood with a financial crisis after her father left. Being a patient with asthma, Jones mostly stayed indoors. Even though she could not attend the movies, reading Hollywood fan magazines helped her keep in touch with the cinematic world. The magazines encouraged her to pursue the dream of becoming an actress. When she was 15, she got admitted to Pasadena Community Playhouse despite being three years younger than the acceptable age.

Her Love for Acting

After joining the Playhouse, Jones did incredibly well on stage. She immediately landed roles in films like Turning Point and House of Wax. We have also seen her work in television shows like Burke’s Law and Wagon Train. Her long black locks are probably her best features. But Hollywood required her to change her look. She once bleached her hair and got a nose job to land more roles. 

Ready1377 /Reddit

The Addams Family

In 1964, she got the chance to star as the most iconic character in the history of 20th-century television. She hid her bleached hair with a long black wig to portray the character.