Celebrities Of The Bygone Era: Where They Are Now

By Divya G

You may have been wondering what happened to some of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. We will be discussing the top 10 celebrities and their latest news in this post!

Julia Roberts: She is now a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and the face of their luxury line, LV Style.

Image credit: deadline.com

Kiefer Sutherland: He has been busy with his television series Designated Survivor which airs on ABC. His latest movie, The Commuter, will be released in January 2018.

Lea Michele: She recently released her first solo album that is a mix of pop, soul, and R&B. You can find it on iTunes or Amazon!

Jennifer Lopez: She has been busy with her clothing line and television series Shades of Blue. She was also one of the judges for the season of American Idol.

Kim Kardashian West: Her latest book Selfish is now available on Amazon! You can also find it at Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore!

Victoria Beckham: She is now a successful fashion designer!

Image credittheguardian.com

Emma Watson: You may have seen her latest movie Little Women. It was an amazing film that you’ll be sure to enjoy if you haven’t already watched it!

Cameron Diaz: She was recently seen in Charlie’s Angels, released in 2019. 

Hilary Clinton: As Secretary of State, she was America’s 67th secretary of state under President Barack Obama. She also ran for president in 2016 and won the popular vote but lost to Donald Trump in electoral votes.