Cringe-Worthy Fashion Trends We Don’t Miss From Previous Decades

By Kanyi M January 24, 2022

These trends for clothing and accessories from years past are cringe-worthy, making us think of how quickly fads come and go in the world of fashion. Sometimes they’ll come back, sometimes not, but we’re giving them a farewell with these top 6 “trends.” Let us know which trends you miss and which ones you don’t!

1. Men’s jumpsuits

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Men of the 60s and 70s rocked jumpsuits, including worn in just about any color, fabric, and pattern you can think of. Although these men wore them in the woods where it was probably more practical (not to mention fashionable), we know better than to rock one on a regular day out.

2. Fringe jewelry

Fringe is still popular today, but not quite like the 80s when every piece of jewelry became increasingly more beaded with fringe hanging off of it. It was almost like wearing the entire animal on your body instead of just its skin!

3. Parachute Pants

Similar to jumpsuits, parachute pants gave men a very relaxed and comfortable look especially for those who had more than one child. As far as we can tell, they fell out of popularity because you couldn’t really go to the grocery store or do any other regular daily activities and still look presentable.

4. Baggy jeans

It’s pretty clear that baggy jeans were very popular in the 90s (and to this day for some people), but also very frowned upon. There was just something about all of those dark blue jeans so big around the ankle and so small around the waist that makes us cringe.

5. Sweatpants printed on the butt

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Thanks to LeBron James and other professional athletes today, sweatpants are still a very popular apparel choice. Back in the 90s, though, sweatpants were printed in just about any place imaginable, including the butt.

6. Neon color clothing

Sometimes bright colors are in fashion, but in the 80s neon was everywhere! From bright pink, to bright orange, to bright yellow, there was no way to miss it when you walked down the street.  The thing is though, when you’re at a party and everyone looks like they walked out of a rave or club with their neon clothes on, you definitely stand out.