Everything You Should Know About the Little People Toys from Fisher-Price

By Divya G April 11, 2022

The Fisher-Price company started producing the Little People toys in 1991. Some believe that the toys are a modification of an earlier version known as “Pre-Little People.” The latest toys had more prominent facial features.

The latest models were two times wider than the previous toys. The increased girth made the toys safe from children swallowing them. However, the height of the toys did not increase. 


Before the Little People

The Woodsey Cart Toys pioneered the concept of the Little People toys. Even though the Woodsey Cart had six variations, each set had a wooden hay cart attached to a wooden circus animal. The figure driving the cart probably evolved into the Little People in the future. 

Fisher-Price manufactured the Woodsey Cart only for a year. The company did not make anything similar for the next 18 years.

Figures Attached to Their Vehicle

In 1950, Fisher-Price began developing the first design. The #7 Looky Fire Truck was the first appearance of the toys. 

The company started making different variations like the Super Jet and Racing Rowboat. In each variation, the toy remained attached to the vehicle. When the Safety School Bus came into existence, the toys could be removed from the bus. 


Final Thoughts

From 1963 to 1972, the Little People underwent massive evolution. Some of the Little People also have names. The seven top toys in the Play Family model included Dad, Mom, Wee, Pee, Butch, Penny, and Patty.