Exciting Facts About Jurassic Park

By Toby Tunwase

Jurassic Park remains one of the most popular and ground-breaking movies of all time. In its first year at the box office, the movie was the year’s highest-grossing film, making $912 million worldwide. However, beyond its popularity and sales numbers, there are a couple of exciting behind-the-scenes facts and tidbits that people don’t know about the movie. They include:

Image credit: piknu.com
  1. The Sunroof of the Ford Explorer Wasn’t Supposed to Break.

An extremely frightening scene in Jurassic Park shows a Tyrannosaurus rex breaking through the sunroof of the Ford Explorer. It so happens that the kids, Lex and Tim Murphy, are in the car at the time, and they start screaming all that they can. The truth is that those screams are not staged. Apparently, the sunroof wasn’t supposed to break. As a result, the kids were utterly shocked when the glass fell on top of them, resulting in their screams of terror. The film used that cut because it was very realistic.

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Jurassic Park’s Lex Murphy, played by Ariana Richard, is an unforgettable character. Particularly because of her screams, which follow everything going to chaos every other minute. We later find out that screaming ability won Richard the role of the young girl. Steven Spielberg made the actresses scream in the audition for the part of Lex (which makes sense since the part involves screaming). Apparently, Richard’s pitch-black scream caused Spielberg’s wife, who was napping down the hall, to wake up! Richard definitely snagged the role after that.