G.O.A.T Bikini Worn By Raquel Welch In The 70s

By Divya G April 12, 2021

Sometimes the most enjoyable way to view history is through a tiny sheer lens – like that of Brigitte Bardot wearing a bikini in “Girl in the Bikini.” From Raquel Welch’s iconic bikini-clad poster pushing millions of boys into puberty, all the way up to Halle Berry appearing as Bond girl Jinx with James Bond (Die Another Day) – not much else besides bikinis has spanned modern history.

Image credit: worthpoint.com

After some hesitation, the man who created one of America’s most enduring images accepted Fox studios’ offer to create a poster for their new dinosaur movie. The idea had been unappealing, but Zanuck was not sympathetic and made it clear that Welch would regret saying no if he did so because this particular project could be his big break into Hollywood stardom. 

It took only six days after reading an article about dinosaurs in National Geographic magazine before creating what we now know as “Jurassic Park” iconic image: A T-Rex looming over two terrified children against a dark background with orange flames licking at the edge of frame like hellfire just waiting to consume them all.

Image credit: i-love-vintage-actresses.skyrock.com

Raquel Welch’s revealing attire in One Million Years B.C., her enduring personality, and the film’s location on a volcanic island off of Africa all contributed to its box office success! As Raquel remembers, “We were so far from civilization. I mean, there was a hotel at the bottom of the volcano near the sea.” Apparently, she really suffered for her stardom due to freezing temperatures and lack of material – but it sure made for an unforgettable movie experience!