History Of The Easy Bake Oven

By Kanyi M October 25, 2021

The Easy Bake oven is a famous toy oven – a reliable and adorable kitchen appliance. It’s a small oven that runs on two regular light bulbs and enables kids to bake their own treats. Its popularity has enabled Kenner, the company that makes the Easy Bake Oven, to remain profitable for nearly fifty years. The first Easy Bake Oven was sold in 1963, and it has sold more than 3 million units since. It is still a popular item on the market today, as new generations of kids continue to be introduced to the world of Kenner’s Easy Bake Oven.

Image courtesy of latimes.com

The construction of the original Easy Bake Oven was fundamental – two large light bulbs and a specially designed heating element were used to create the baking conditions inside the oven. The way this worked was that one light bulb would illuminate and heat one side of a metallic dome inside the oven. While this was happening, the other light bulb would illuminate and heat both baking pans inside it at once. Cookies or brownies that were placed inside the oven would bake in a matter of minutes.

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The basic design of the Easy Bake Oven has changed very little in its long history. The oven still runs on a pair of light bulbs and uses special pans to cook the food items it bakes. However, many minor design changes have been done to it over the years, such as the color scheme and small cosmetic changes to the exterior.