Interesting And Unknown Facts About Prince

By Toby Tunwase

The mid-1970s witnessed Prince emerge as a musical innovator of his generation. This eccentric performer captivated his audience with his absurd guitar skills, as well as his unique falsetto voice. Nevertheless, some information about Prince isn’t widely known, including what his signature color means.

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In his youth, Prince Rogers Nelson didn’t care much for the name he was given. His mother at the time called him Skipper, so he wanted everyone to call him by that instead. Prince’s mom gave him this nickname because he was such an adorable baby. When he began recording music, however, he returned to his given name.

The singer replaced his name with a strange symbol in 1993. Almost nobody realized that the symbol had a name: “Love Symbol #2.” Instead, they called him “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.” In late 1999, when Warner Bros. terminated his contract, he reverted to his original birth name.

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Prince’s heels were a fashion statement, but more than the artiste needed them. Prince was actually a short man, and he wore heels to boost his 5-foot 2-inch frame. Even though he was short, he was very athletic, playing baseball, football, and even basketball.

A signature purple color was created in honor of Prince by Pantone Colour Institute in August 2017. A nod to Prince’s symbol as a stage name, the color was appropriately dubbed “Love Symbol #2” after the musician’s purple piano. Prince’s affiliate believes the color is synonymous with the artiste’s identity.