Interesting Unknown Facts About The Beverly Hillbillies

By Kanyi M November 15, 2021

CBS ran all one-hundred-seventeen episodes of “The Beverly Hillbillies” from 1962 to 1971, and it remains the most-watched show in TV history. In fact, more people watched Jed Clampett and company than tuned into “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” or even “M*A*S*H.”

But The Beverly Hillbillies weren’t just a funny and wildly popular TV show — they were an American institution! Here are five facts you (probably) don’t know about the beloved series:

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1. It had a different title

The TV show was to be called “The Hillbillies of Beverly Hills,” but James T. Aubrey and CBS executives decided to go with “The Beverly Hillbillies” instead.

2. The Clampetts were actually from the Ozarks

Though fans may have assumed that the family was from West Virginia, they were originally from the Ozarks region of Missouri. There is an actual town in Missouri named “Mountain View” (though Jed’s home wouldn’t have actually been located there), and it is not far from Branson, Missouri (the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the Ozarks).

3. They were seriously considering moving to New York

The Clampetts were seriously considering moving to the Big Apple and accepting an offer from a Broadway producer. However, it could have been too expensive filming in NY, so they ended up staying in Oregon.

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4. CBS made several copyright mistakes

First, they forgot to renew the copyright for the first 55 episodes. Second, they had a disagreement with Max Baer Jr. over the character Jethro that ended up being settled in court.

5. Nancy and Buddy didn’t get along

Actress Donna Douglas was unhappy on the set, and she didn’t get along with Buddy Ebsen at all. She actually walked off the set multiple times.