Jackie Kennedy: Things You Probably Didn’t Know

By Divya G

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the first lady of fashion. From her clothes to her accessories, Jackie had an eye for style and trends that are unmatched in today’s society. She kept a secret, too, though- one hidden right before our eyes! The secret? Jacqueline concealed it within what she wore on top of those feet: shoes! So go ahead and keep reading to learn more about how this iconic woman hid ideas from public view with such ease.

Image courtesy of historybyday.com

Jackie Kennedy is known for her exemplary style. From the pillbox hat to strands of pearl necklaces, she always looked ready to pose on a magazine cover. But now there’s new information that has come to light; Kathy McKeon revealed this secret detail in her book entitled “Jackie’s Girl: My Life with the Kennedy Family.”

Kennedy was the master of dressing up. She loved to try new clothes and experiment with her look, but people never noticed when she wore shoes that were a little too tight or heels that felt like they might fall off — it seemed like no one cared about something as simple as footwear in comparison to Kennedy’s unmatched style!

Image courtesy of townandcountrymag.com

Jackie Kennedy’s style was so iconic and fashionable that the Western world wanted to embody her as well. As such, many designers around the globe worked hard at recreating some of Jackie’s more popular looks, including shoes. However, they didn’t know about this tiny little secret she had. Most people thought of recreating her high heels in different colors, which then became a huge success!