Let’s Look Back Into The Tamagotchis Time

By Divya G May 30, 2022

While the adults felt that digital pets could harm their children, the kids were quite impressed with these little creatures. They felt like a responsible guardian while taking care of the Tamagotchis. These digital pocket toys with an egg-like shape needed continuous attention from their young parents throughout the day. These virtual pets craved junk food as well as healthy snacks.

Image courtesy of AJR_photo/ Shutterstock

A Little About the Virtual Pet Toys

Tamagotchis are small-sized dependent creatures that hit the market in 1996. After being released, about 40 million Tamagotchis were sold in just about every corner of the world for the next 20 years. Despite their enormous popularity, they were not free from controversy.

Psychologists raised concerns about fear-the children might go through a pretty intense mourning phase after the death of their Tamagotchis. If they failed to feed their virtual pets in a proper way or ended up not giving them enough attention, they might be left to mourn and deal with the guilt of a deceased Tamagotchi.

Image courtesy of omeus/ Shutterstock

What Happens After Their Death?

Well, Tamagotchis as well required eternal peace and rest after their death. Now, the readers might wonder what happened to a dead Tamagotchi? Will they be thrown away? No, this is not how it worked. Many owners insisted on burying them in a Tamagotchi cemetery after their demise. 

A little flower bouquet, a clean and small coffin, along with a brief service, was conducted for these virtual aliens. The parents were allowed to choose between an online Tamagotchi memorial and a physical Tamagotchi memorial since the second option might just freak them out. This overall feared and weird time of Tamagotchi existed for quite a few years before being replaced with the next trend toy.