40+ Hotels That Are Proof That There’s No Place Like Home

By Doreen R

Traveling for most is the reward of hard work and something we aspire to do at least every year or so. While most of us are creatures of habit, nothing beats a weekend getaway, a short vacation, or simply dropping everything and just traveling the globe. Sure, in most cases, getting some much-needed R&R is costly, and if we’re really fortunate, the cost isn’t a deal-breaker. Unlike how it used to be, making plans to get away nowadays is mostly done online. There are countless sites dedicated to hotels, resorts, spas, and holiday apartments. This allows us to check out what’s on offer and make an informed decision. Well, ideally, that’s how we think it should be. In reality, though, that’s not always the case. The saying ‘seeing is believing’ takes on a whole new meaning in this informative piece. The same can be said for ‘truth in advertising as we’re about to find out. Let’s sit back and see how some travelers’ search for the perfect accommodations stood up to the promises made in the adverts. If anything comes out of this, it’s that we’ll likely do some major fact-checking before plunking down our hard-earned money for our next holiday stay.   It’ll also let us appreciate what we already have and remind us that there’s truly no place like home.

This Place Offers a Pool

For many, hotels are chosen by the amenities offered. We know that five-start resorts are chock full of luxuries, but what about say, two or three-star establishments? This is where we need to do our homework. Check out this place that offered a pool in the description of features in their online advert.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Johnoplata

Technically the ad wasn’t false, but it was misleading. In all honesty, we have to admit this image is funny, and we did chuckle out loud. Finding a billiard table above what looks like a covered-up pool stings a little, but we’re finding the humor in it.

Balcony With Sea Views

This tip is going to be mentioned again and again here, so pay attention. Before choosing a hotel or holiday apartment, make sure to check visitor reviews and check out the photos posted by past guests. This so-called luxury holiday pad located within walking distance to the beach promised sea views.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Weully

This is where ratings from previous guests might have averted a major disappointment. Like it or not, it’s up to the consumer to do the legwork when it comes to choosing that perfect holiday destination. Here’s hoping that with honest reviews and photos, scenes like this can be avoided. Not to mention it would force owners to be more honest when making ridiculous claims about their so-called luxury accommodations.

Dramamine Needed

Motion sickness is real, which is why cruises aren’t for everyone. For many, choosing to stay on dry land is more preferable to those with delicate equilibriums. We did a double-take when noticing the carpeting of this hotel hallway. The mere sight of it was giving us funhouse vibes, and we felt the need to grab on to something just to get through it safely.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Majoranese

Admit it, it’s a cool carpet and does give the illusion that the ground isn’t flat. While it’s a great optical illusion, not sure it’s the best choice for a hotel where all walks of life pass through to get to their rooms. We will give it points for being a talking point.

This Hotel Has a Gym, Techincally

For many fitness buffs, a fitness center on the premises is a must. Whether it’s a business trip or a leisurely getaway, many of us consider keeping fit as part of our daily routine. For many travelers, a gym on the hotel grounds is a given and even more so when it’s advertised in the description.

Image source: Reddit / PineBadger

Here’s where demanding honesty in advertising is of utmost importance. Sure, this place advertised a fitness center, but the fact that it was transformed into a makeshift storage room is unacceptable. Unless this is some sort of new fitness craze and moving furniture has been proven to build muscle and burn calories, we’re hoping that the irate guests were compensated. We can’t stress enough how important it is to leave the proper review when it comes to issues such as these.

A Bathroom For The Vertically Challenged

Yeah, we were all at a loss when it came to this image. This visitor based his decision to stay at this B&B on the images posted on the website. All seemed okay; the place offered cozy rooms and seemed to be perfect for a weekend away. Considering he needed to kneel on his knees to do his business never came to mind when deciding to reserve this particular room.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nevernomuffintops

Sure it’s a design mishap and these things happen, but still, how was it not mentioned on the website? Surely he wasn’t the only one encountering this problem. The only thing that makes any sort of sense is that the gentleman in the picture is some nine feet tall, but we doubt this. If that’s the only flaw of this room, then it’s a great story to tell when he got home, but let’s hope an honest review was left for future tall visitors.

A Makeshift Barn Door Gone Wrong

When remodeling and skyrocketing expenses prevent us from fixing our holiday rentals, being creative might be the solution. The owner of this AirB&B apartment needed to fix the issue of the broken bathroom door, but spending a lot of money wasn’t feasible. While searching the internet to figure out a quick fix, he came across the growing popularity of barn doors and thought he had found the perfect stylish solution.

Photo Credit: Reddit / reckless7

This solution, in theory, could’ve been a winner, but this has gone terribly wrong. Granted, most hotels have proper maintenance staff to repair issues, such as carpeting stains or problematic doors, this isn’t the case with holiday apartments. Sure, the owner of this place should’ve splurged for a real fix, but then we wouldn’t have this image to smirk at and cross off our list of potential places to stay.

When in Rome…

When traveling to another country, it’s always best to brush up on the cultural dos and don’ts. This vacationing family traveled to China and found this notice waiting for them in their hotel room. While we appreciate the hotel’s attempt to warn guests of the laws in their country, we strongly suggest that they hire a proper translator and update their ‘Warm Notice.’

Photo Credit: Reddit / code0011

We like how the welcoming note greets the guests but were a bit taken aback at the mention of how to conduct ourselves in this part of the world. While we’re sure the message was totally lost in translation, we agree wholeheartedly about the dangers of drugs and other extracurricular activities.

Do Not Disturb

The majority of us expect the basics when choosing a hotel. For some, that might mean a pool, room service, or complimentary shampoo and other toiletries. For the most part, we don’t think that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is something we would ever need to look for. It’s the standard in nearly all hotels, right there with towels and the Bible.

Photo Credit: Reddit / stephanieplum77

Well, here’s where assuming might prove to be disappointing. This guest realized quickly that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign wasn’t in the room, nor was one available after calling the front desk. This guest took it upon herself to make sure she wasn’t disturbed by creating her own sign and placing it on the door outside her room.

Planning Required Before Using the Toilet

Most people find out after a remodel where they went wrong. This was surely the case when this hotel bathroom was completed. We can’t for the life of us fathom why the toilet paper is so far from where we need it most. It’s obvious that this bathroom is impressively large, although we’re not giving it points for practicality.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Chappssss

This is obviously a case of saving a few bucks on utilizing a designer. There’s no other explanation as to the placement of the toilet paper vs. the placement of the loo. We giggled at this one but can imagine the guest’s initial shock when first using the toilet and realizing some planning was required before copping a squat.

Cool, a Hotel With a Movie Theater

Just imagine the kiddie’s excitement when they hear that the hotel they’re staying at has an indoor movie theater. Now imagine their faces when they stroll into the theater and find this screen on the wall. This could’ve been such a treat if just a bit more money and attention to detail was given. On the flip side, if it was perfect, it never would’ve made this ‘Hall of Shame’ list.

Photo Credit: Reddit / syrupdash

While the idea is great, proper execution wasn’t a priority. This can still be solved, by simply installing a huge screen, thus resulting in positive reviews and returning guests. Shame that this wasn’t better planned since the seating and surroundings do look impressive, and it really had the chance to be a crowd-pleaser.

That’s One Wacky Elevator

One might feel a Ph.D. in mathematics is required to operate this seemingly simple hotel elevator. Forget the sign for a sec, and look at the numbers listed; we’re puzzled. We get that most buildings don’t have a 13th floor for superstitious reasons, but we can’t figure out the thinking behind this.

Photo Credit: Reddit / c0ffeeman

While we usually don’t put too much thought into operating an elevator after entering, the sign and placement of the buttons made us question our comprehension skills. We’d love to understand why there’s not a button with the number 2 on it- at least the hotel realizes it’s out of the ordinary and apologizes.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Few things are more enjoyable than getting away to a spa hotel where massages and full-on pampering are on the schedule. We all can get on board with comfy slippers and soft luxurious robes, while we await our hot stone massage. That is, if the robes are as comfy as they appear on the hooks.

Photo Credit: Reddit / The_Trip_Doctor

This specific spa seems to have forgotten that we’re not all created equally. The offering of one-size-fits-all terry cloth robes should have been rethought. This image funnily shows why getting the guest’s size in advance is the right thing to do. Here’s hoping the treatments were so relaxing they forgot that hubby’s robe was a good several inches too short.

A Room Without A View

Oh man, this fail is just tragic. Yes, there’s an AC, but nothing beats fresh air and sunshine when on vacation. We get that some views are better than others, but to not have even the option of a view is just not something we ever want to encounter in a hotel or BnB. We’re sure this guest was peeved when realizing there was nothing behind the closed glass windows.

Photo Credit: Reddit / JohnIsPogi

Let’s be honest here; it would’ve been better to nix the window altogether. This is just so wrong on so many levels. This is exactly the time that a proper description of the room can prevent loads of negative reviews that were sure to follow. Another item to add to our checklist when choosing a place to stay, windows that fit the bill.

Proceed With Caution

This is admittedly a scary staircase. So many things here can go wrong. Let’s hope this hotel’s insurance is paid up because we’re sure that more than a couple of guests have taken an unfortunate tumble down those. We get squeamish just looking at these stairs. Imagine having to actually tackle them.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Zvek_Eagle

Our only advice is not to attempt these in high heels or after a couple of drinks at the bar, and pay special and close attention when going up or down. Holding the handrail is a must, and running should be avoided at all costs. This has disaster written all over it, but it is a sight to take in. We’re here talking about it, so the creator of this did something right.

Another Example of Poor Design

The only positive here is that the door closes. That’s about all that we can say about this obviously disastrous design. It really is a problem that proper measuring would have easily avoided. Another plus is that this is taken at an AirB&B and not a proper hotel, so it’s slightly more acceptable.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Mercureeeeeee

The one big downside is the opening in the door, even when closed. Full-on privacy isn’t achieved here, but we guess it could be worse. Nah, it can’t be much worse unless there was no door at all. Thankfully this flaw was clearly stated on the host’s page, and the rate is considerably lower because of it.

A Juliet Balcony Isn’t All That Great

In Europe, Juliet balconies are a thing; we get that. But from understanding that to stating a room has a balcony leaves us slightly peeved. A Juliet-style balcony is literally just for looks and not what we expect when renting a room with a balcony. Come on, seriously, we expect a balcony to have chairs and a table to lounge around on and enjoy the views.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Eidahl

There is something disappointing about checking out the room and seeing that breakfast on the balcony just isn’t going to happen. We just wish more places were upfront about what we will really be getting when booking a certain room. We’re pretty sure Juliet herself would agree with us on this.

Stain Remover Needed ASAP

Before choosing a hotel, it’s imperative to do your research. Sure some places have impeccable reputations and high prices to boot. There’s a rating system for hotels with five stars being the highest level. Note to remember, even the most luxurious hotels can miss things. Just look at this chair in one of the better hotel chains across the country.

Photo Credit: Reddit / iFoundSnape

If you’re grossed out by this, you’re not alone. Besides changing the sheets and towels, a good cleaning to every part of the room needs to be done regularly. This pretty much turned our stomachs, and we’re not even going to delve into how a stain like this occurs. Safe to say, this sight pretty much ruins the overall vibe of an otherwise luxurious room. Here’s hoping this hotel addressed the problem and it never is allowed to happen again.

Common Sense Wasn’t Considered Here

This is probably the most common downside to renting holiday apartments. Unlike hotels that have to abide by certain standards and safety restrictions, private homes aren’t subject to the same regulations. Let’s not even discuss the stupidity behind this bathroom setup. Even at home, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Vast-Comfortable

Having a hairdryer within inches of the shower is insanely dangerous; that goes without saying. We applaud the guests who brought this hazard to the attention of those considering a future stay. This is where the internet can be seen as a lifeline and a way to prevent a preventable catastrophe.

This Fad Needs to Disappear

We get that styles come and go. This recent design fad is so wrong, yet it’s sticking around for the time being. Many hotel guests over the years either ooh and ahh about this one or are just grossed out. We’re talking about the whole open space thing common in design today. Many hotels are jumping on the bandwagon where bathrooms are now more visible, and privacy isn’t a consideration.

Photo Credit: Reddit / I_watch

Don’t give us the zen and feng shui excuse, no one needs to see their partner using the toilet. There’s nothing good that can come of it. Bathrooms have doors for a reason. Privacy and alone time in the bathroom is a must, and we don’t need to share too much with our significant other. The same rules apply to milky glass doors that still allow us to see what’s going on. The term TMI caught on for a reason.

It’s All Perception

The majority of us are self-taught when it comes to selfies and using filters. We have become experts at showing only what we want others to see. Check out this image of what appears to be an in-ground swimming pool, and you’ll see how angling the camera just right shows gives us just that illusion. Imagine the guest’s look of shock when finding out what the pool really looks like.

Photo Credit: Reddit / robot_accomplice

This specific image was taken for an AirB&B home in the French countryside, with the promise of a pool in the backyard. Technically the owner didn’t lie, but he did stretch the truth. Needless to say, the guest wasted no time in posting the real view to the host’s rating page. This page has since been corrected to reflect the truth, and the price has come down considerably as a result.

The MIni Bar Takes on Whole New Meaning

Many of us seek out certain amenities when deciding on a room to book. Many places are great at accommodating special requests. Whether it’s a roll-away bed or a stroller, usually all one needs to do is ask. Most places want to please the guest and will go out of their way to get your satisfaction. Although, sometimes, we need to be specific in exactly what it is we’re asking for.

Photo Credit: Reddit / MeddlingMike

The guest at this hotel asked for a minibar to be in the room. The hotel was happy to oblige and said it would be in the room upon arrival. When the guest entered and saw the minibar-style fridge, he was a bit shocked at what he saw. Imagine his surprise at a miniature version of the minibar most of us are familiar with. While the hotel tried to accommodate this guest, they failed. To be honest, we didn’t know that there are fridges so small that they can hardly hold two bananas.

Yet Another Bathroom Fail

We told you this was a thing, and this confirms it. In no way is having openings to view the goings-on in the bathroom okay. We’re not buying the flow and feng shui philosophy, not when it comes to the bathroom. Sorry, not happening. If it was acceptable, we wouldn’t be seeing so many snaps of shocked guests posting these online.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Misterpeaceguy

The really sad part is, this one design has been copied so many times that it’s almost considered acceptable these days. People are now doing it in their homes, and that is also not a good thing. We never thought this would be a tip, but there’s no getting around it. It’s now advisable to check out the bathroom privacy when booking a room. We get that some don’t care, but that simply can’t be the majority.

People, There’s Spellcheck For a Reason

We get that not everyone in the world speaks, reads, and writes in English, that’s not our gripe. However, hotels need to look professional and do the bare minimum to avoid embarrassment. This hotel in Asia was going all out to welcome a couple on their honeymoon and had the best intentions.

Photo Credit: Reddit / joshuabrose

The effort put into the swans made out of towels has us all going ‘wow.’ The rose petals were a nice touch too; the only faux pas is the misspelling of the word ‘moon.’ We giggled when we read it, and while it’s not really that big of a deal, it is unfortunate. The entire effect was ruined by not bothering to google the word ‘honeymoon.’ Sadly, the image was posted online for all the wrong reasons. Better luck next time.

We Said There’s a Pool, We Didn’t Say What Kind of Pool

By now, we’re in agreement; it’s up to us to check out where we’re staying and not rely on what the hotel claims. Fair enough, we’ll take this to heart. Here’s more proof that just because a place says it has a pool doesn’t mean it’s what you’re expecting or that you will be able to swim in it. If we’re being technical, this hotel does have a pool. The fact that it’s not fit for humans wasn’t clarified at the time of booking.

Photo Credit: Reddit / jasonsmithatlanta

Had the guest asked prior to booking if the pool was in use, he might have been warned as to the real status of the facility. Let’s be reasonable, we are not expected to consult with a lawyer before booking a room, and some liability has to fall with the hotel making less than stellar claims.

Um, Hold On , This Isn’t Right

Parking illegally in an accessible parking space is an expensive mistake, and rightly so. Much thought and design go into making areas accessible to those in wheelchairs and other mobility-related devices. Well, in theory, much thought should go into making bathrooms accessible to all. Something tells us that not a whole lot of planning was done in this case.

Photo Credit: Reddit / fildakoch

This hostel is showing a lack of consideration and forethought for those not able to climb stairs. While we applaud the attempt at creating an accessible bathroom in this establishment, we just can’t figure out how it’s to be used. This bathroom stall is obviously for those in wheelchairs, yet the stairs in front of the door seem to make the trek inside impossible. Here’s hoping the proper authorities were alerted to this mishap and that it has since been resolved and a ramp installed.

Another Carpet, Another Optical Illusion

We’re understanding that there is a thought process when choosing to carpet a hotel. What we’re wondering is why are they selecting to use patterns that confuse us? Look, it’s a fact when in a hotel, we let loose, and some of us partake in more alcohol than we do in our regular daily lives. That alone should be a factor when deciding on a carpet pattern.

Photo Credit: Reddit / pookiemon

This pattern on this staircase is giving the illusion that the stairs aren’t properly aligned. Some of our staff keep alluding to the risk of injury and potential lawsuits. You’d think someone in the hotel would be thinking the same thing and focusing on guests’ safety above all else. Unless this too was a decision based on pricing, we’re confused at the choice of this specific pattern where it is impossible to see where one step ends and the next one starts.

The Pool Stories Just Keep Coming

Yeah, we found this image and are still trying to figure out what’s going on. This hotel is geared for the younger crowd, where the focus is more on booze and hooking up and less on water sports. That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it. There’s no other explanation for an inflatable pool inside an empty in-ground pool.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Shents

We did giggle at the floaties lying outside the smaller pool. It’s possible that’s it’s used as some sort of make-shift jacuzzi, but we’re not feeling it. It’s very possible the pic was snapped during the off-season and is totally different in the summer months. Yeah, let’s go with that explanation.

Resembles a Crime Scene

At first glance, this carpeting in this hotel looks like it’s smeared with blood. We’re getting creepy crime scene vibes from these strange streaks running along the carpet. It took a few moments to realize it’s the design of the carpet, but still, we’re wondering why this was the design they decided to go with.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nick_Coffin

We’re led to believe that money came into play here. The only logical explanation here is that this design was on clearance and priced to sell. If that’s the case, hotel management should have reconsidered and saved money elsewhere. The appearance of blood streaks in a hotel isn’t making anyone feel all warm and fuzzy.

Well This is Awkward

Here’s another example of a design layout that should never have been approved. The thought process is beyond baffling, and we’re not sure why it was completed in such a strange manner. We can’t picture brushing our teeth or anything else for that matter.

Photo Credit: Reddit / I_watch

The only lesson to be learned here is how not to design a bathroom. Admit it, readers, it’s painful just looking at this. Let’s hope that it’s a one-off bathroom and that the others fared better. Yeah, not digging this one.

Time to Call Ghostbusters

This story isn’t a hotel mishap, but it’s funny nonetheless, so we included it. The guest of this hotel came for a bachelor party weekend with his buds, and things got a little out of hand. As a prank, some of the housekeeping staff decided to scare their less than perfect guest and placed a ghost-like creature made out of towels and a bathing suit. They named the ghost, Casper, appropriately and waited for their victim to return to the room.

Photo Credit: Reddit / andydith

After an afternoon drinking by the pool with his friends, he went to the room to get washed up and was freaked out by what greeted him. Thankfully this happened during the day, and he was able to compose himself. Hate to think if the room was dark, and he only saw the outline of what could be perceived as something far more tragic. Funny one, guys!

Another Example of Good Angling

Much like the pool in France, this image shows how angling the camera just right makes all the difference. This image was taken in Poland by a guest who viewed the top image on a travel site. His decision to stay at the hotel was based on this same image. He envisioned the pastoral countryside of this quaint village and couldn’t wait to start his vacation.

Photo Credit: Reddit / 0SafeBit

This was what he saw when he and his family exited their cab. They just stood back staring and questioned if they had arrived at the wrong location. Sadly they were in the right place. They also realized quickly that the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is more prophetic than previously thought. They also learned to rely on Google satellite maps before booking their next stay.

Oh Wow, This Could’ve Been Prevented

Sadly poor planning can result in a lousy hotel stay. In this case, it wasn’t the guest that made the error in judgment, no it was the hotel. Just look at this shower and the doors that don’t close properly. While we’d never accept this in our private lives, we also shouldn’t accept it when staying as a paying guest in a hotel. This is just wrong.

Photo Credit: Reddit / dmichaelmyers

This shower should never have been okayed, yet it was. The result is water splashing all over and steam escaping from the opening, making for a humid and muggy room post-shower. While the guest complained, nothing could be done at the time. Let’s hope that the problem was addressed eventually. It’s not as bad as things of the other blunders on this list, but still, it’s not okay.

Nothing Is What it Seems

This one is so ridiculous yet ingenious all at the same time. We say it’s ingenious because we weren’t the victims here, thankfully. Check this out. This guest booked this room because of the image online that promised a view of the city and waterline, understandable. It’s what he found when he checked in that is where the genius lies- and we mean that literally!

Photo Credit: Reddit / Nevoska

After opening the door, laying his bag down, and drawing the curtain, did he realize he’d been duped. The window is facing a humongous billboard depicting the skyline and water, that’s got him to book it in the first place. He admits he laughed when he saw what he booked, but that didn’t prevent him from complaining. It also didn’t stop him from warning future travelers about staying in this particular hotel.

Don’t Feel Bad, We Also Can’t Figure This Out

Heaven help the guest looking for room 310 or 305. Let’s hope that there’s a bellboy at this hotel to help guide the early family just looking to get into their room and freshen up after a long day of traveling. By the way, this is the case on all of the hotel’s 20 floors, and we’re sure that reception is constantly asked for a guide to direct them to the correct room.

Photo Credit: Reddit / belleri7

We’re trying hard to understand the thinking behind the room numbering system in this hotel. Nothing makes sense, and other than confusion in finding your room, we don’t understand which direction we need to go in. The arrows make no sense, nor do the numbers beside them. This remains an unsolved mystery.

Well This is Original

This particular AirB&B residence is ideally suited for a single person unless you don’t have any need to privacy. We’re dumbfounded as to why the owner of this place felt the need to install a bathroom at the top of the stairs. There’s simply no logic to it. It’s beyond creative but it is also beyond kooky.

Photo Credit: Reddit / sandepants

To be fair, this ‘bathroom’ was clearly shown on the site, and the guest didn’t complain. The visitor also though wasted no time in sharing the outlandish set up on his social media and garnered a lot of responses. We admire the host’s honesty but also question the thought process. Talk about making use of every spare inch.

Tip: Sleep With One Eye Open

When planning a trip and accommodations, security is pretty high on the list. We all look forward to retiring in our room after a long day of sightseeing. We hope the bed is comfortable and we’re safe and sound in our room. Some of us take these things for granted. Check this room out.

Photo Credit: Reddit / tastes_like_thumbs

One traveler who checked into his room found this sign on the back of his door. Not very reassuring, to say the least. We’re all for conserving energy and turning off the AC when leaving the room. However, when instructed to barricade the door, it’s only normal we question our choice of hotel. Needless to say, the guest quickly found an alternative hotel and was quick to demand a refund.

Wait, What?

We love images of oddities that make us look harder trying to figure out what’s really going on. This shot was taken at an AirB&B apartment, and that’s when the fun began. After the guest spotted this, she decided that something wasn’t making sense. What is plugged into the outlet, and what is behind the wall?

Photo Credit: Reddit / sexybeast8209

Initially, she contacted the host to better understand but was given an unsatisfactory reply. She then proceeded to post online, and viewers were loving it and having a blast trying to decipher what was really happening. In all honesty, if this is the only issue with the apartment, great, but it’s still a mystery as to what exactly is plugged into the outlet.

Forget Those Plans for Long, Relaxing Shower

After long hours of traveling, nothing is more relaxing and invigorating than taking a hot shower. For the majority of us, this includes endless hot water and a strong stream of water to rinse the travel yuck away. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for this weary traveler, not a by a longshot. Some of us just rolled our eyes at imaging showering under this lopsided trickle.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Epp-1-Steim

Thankfully, nearly everyone has a handy smartphone with a decent camera nowadays. This is the perfect snap to post on a hotel’s review site to warn potential guests about what’s in store for them. However, we urge you to try to sort out the problem before plastering incriminating images for all to see. If the problem is sorted out, yay, if not, then feel free to voice your displeasure for all to see. In this specific case, the guest’s complaint about the faulty shower went unanswered, resulting in the image making in on to our shame list.

Water and Electricity Don’t Mix!

Thankfully the guest caught this hazard and hightailed it out of the room. This is a serious risk to anyone in the vicinity and should never have happened in the first place. The fact that water is leaking from the lighting fixture through the ceiling is alarming enough, it’s how it happened in the first place that is the real puzzle.

Photo credit: Reddit / TheGreatHatsby24

Hopefully, the issue was sorted out, and no harm resulted. It’s exactly these types of scenes that make it to the establishment’s website and review section, and that’s great. Imagine how many hazards would be looming if we didn’t have the web to post these to. Nothing beats a negative comment or review to get a hotel to sit up and take notice and hopefully, get their act together.

Damn, Wasn’t Expecting That!

This original piece of art is worth a laugh and a place on this list. This particular hotel has a great sense of humor, as seen in this image. Imagine using the stairs and coming across this as you head up to your room. Needless to say, the man standing against the wall in a bathrobe made more than a few guests do a double-take.

Photo credit: Reddit / Westonhaus

We love the detail in this life-like painting that looks a bit too real, just ask the guests. More than a few visitors were heard gasping and then giggling when realizing it wasn’t a real man. Kudos to the artist on the originality and placement of this ‘guest’ who appears to have been locked in the stairwell, waiting to be rescued.

Poor Planning

Door stoppers are needed. They prevent damage to walls and/or furniture. It’s a common ‘thing’ to have a door stopper at home, in the office, and even in hotels. However, basic common sense is required when placing the door stopper. This had us cringing just picturing how often guests must accidentally step on this protruding piece of metal.

Photo credit: bored panda

We strongly hope that guests complained, as this is an easy fix. Simply replacing the hazard with a round and smooth door stopper would solve the issue. It is now is simply a lawsuit waiting to happen. The placement of the hooks on the wall makes it nearly impossible to avoid bumping into this painful-looking protrusion.

Not All Art is Subjective

We get it, art is in the eye of the beholder. No one can fault someone for digging one thing, while another thinks it’s pure garbage, but this piece of art is truly questionable. While we’re not debating its place in the art world, we are positive that this piece of art shouldn’t be placed in the dining room, period.

Photo credit: pupperish

For some bizarre reason, this hotel thinks it’s completely acceptable to place this work of art, made of human hair, in the hotel lounge, where drinks and food are served. This just makes us queasy, and all agreed it was in poor taste. Maybe by staring at the image above the table, we won’t notice a hair in our salad. Just a thought, but this questionable masterpiece should be placed far away from eating areas. That’s just our opinion, and probably that of the health department as well.

In Case of Fire, Keep Quiet and Don’t Disturb the Guests

Yeah, here’s hoping the local authorities came across this sign and questioned the hotel’s intent. While fire safety rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times, this sign went totally wrong and has since been replaced. Thankfully, it was snapped and posted online before it was taken down for our pure enjoyment.

Photo credit: sciencephiles

We get that this door is also the exit used, but the signage wasn’t written too clearly, which is why we’ve added it to this lineup. Let’s just hope that proper sprinklers are in place and that in the event of a real emergency, no one will think twice about making a bit of noise when exiting this hotel.

Lost In Translation

It’s always a treat when we come across failed translations from other countries. If anything, this teaches us to not rely solely on online translation apps and to do some proper homework. If that was done, though, we wouldn’t have this hilarious menu that was found in a restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Photo credit: boredpanda

The waiter had a hard time explaining how Chicken Dump Truck was prepared or what to expect when ordering ‘A Period of Masters.’ We totally get that some phrases and dishes can’t be translated perfectly, but Worried and Heep Sheet don’t sound too appetizing. Here’s hoping the kid’s menu was easier to decipher.