Savoring The Silliness: Texas Restaurant Serves Side Dish Of Laughter With 30+ Signs

By Sachin P

This article was originally published on funniesnow

In Austin, Texas, a Tex-Mex dining establishment called El Arroyo, known as the “last queso stop before a bunch of yoga studios,” has become renowned for more than just the food on its menu. El Arroyo’s outstanding signs are what make them so famous. According to the restaurant, “it’s kind of a big deal,” which is why it has a dedicated Instagram profile boasting over 34k followers. The daily display includes tributes to pop culture, sardonic declarations, odd assessments, and several jokes. Fans can even submit suggestions by sending them an email! Now, how about that? Want to know what messages they’ve been passing to customers and road passers alike? Wonder no more as we have compiled some of their most outrageous signs. Indeed, this eatery does more than serve good food with its A-tier board game.

Peak humor

Now, what makes a mountain funny? Is it the geographic formation or its surroundings? It could resemble something or have a name that became funny as time progressed. There could be a myriad of reasons we are not aware of.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Also, the second sentence says that they are “hill areas.” Well, of course, they are hilly areas. They are elevated, aren’t they? But wait a minute, hill areas? Hilarious! It’s a pun, that’s what it is. A very clever pun at that!

Now, where’s the logic in that?

This is something that irks nearly everyone who uses an ATM card. Not many of us want a receipt; we are delighted with the message on our phones. It has details on how much money is taken and left in your account.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Now we don’t have to pay to withdraw our own money! What’s the logic behind that? Banks would be out of a job if people didn’t deposit their hard-earned money in them. We strongly believe that this has to be addressed in due time.

Know the difference

This reminds us of something. Stop looking at the kettle if you want the water to boil quickly. When you want something done promptly, not looking at it being done actually helps. Saves you from being worried, too. Again, we don’t have the answers.

elarroyo_atx / IG

But, when it comes to hitting the snooze button on your phone, the effect is inverse. You hit the snooze button, close your eyes, and bam, the alarm rings again, or you sleep for another few hours. There is no in-between!

Timeless MLK

Dr. King was a legendary human who never failed to stand up for what was right. That is why he ended up paying with his life because, as we all know, there is no room for the truth and what is right in this world.

elarroyo_atx / IG

This quote, attributed to him, gives off a potent sentiment. There is no better time to start doing the right thing. If the opportunity is there, don’t let it go. And yes, it doesn’t matter if somebody or nobody sees you doing what’s right.

If you know, you know…

Now, this hits a sweet spot that most of us can relate to on a very personal level. There is nothing like chatting or having a heart-to-heart with one of your close friends or significant other in a parked car.

elarroyo_atx / IG

There’s no one else to overhear whatever you’re discussing, so you can let your emotions out and cry if needed. What follows is a session that will leave you feeling light as a feather and happy for the time spent in great company.

Learning to be strong is a necessity

Insecurity can creep up on anyone when least expected. It can drag you down to the depths, but as you mature, you learn from your experiences and handle your insecurities better. C’est la vie for all of us, even passwords.

elarroyo_atx / IG

But when it comes to a password, make sure you use the entire arsenal of symbols available on the keyboard. Don’t just use “123456” or “password” as the password. Make sure to include some numbers as well as alphanumeric symbols in there.

Why would an atom lie?

What transpired for this to be said? Maybe a physicist studying the structure of atoms got the wrong data because of some random event that couldn’t be predicted. We’re not surprised, and we can’t say we expect anything less from the little rascals.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Atoms are the building blocks of matter, so, of course, they would make everything. It’s a nicely constructed joke, and whoever thought of this deserves a free meal. Is it the staff who came up with this, or was this a fan-submitted joke?

Lovely day, lovely day

Who doesn’t like to have a good day? Even though we forget to admit it, it is one of the reasons that gets us going in this life. We want things to go our way at least once in a while.

elarroyo_atx / IG

So, what does the earth’s rotation have to do with this? Ah, now we get it! A new day begins when the world makes one complete rotation around its axis. So technically, the earth’s rotation does make everyone’s day. Did that make you smile?

You know yourself, better than anyone

Don’t get us wrong. It’s lovely if you have the energy to remain optimistic even when things aren’t going your way. We know that it is not easy, but we must also understand that as much as they’d like to, not everyone can do that.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Some people want to be left alone so they can recharge as needed. These people know they must disconnect to recharge their batteries, and it is a sign of respect and empathy that we let them be when they ask for me time.

As far as jokes go…

If we are to guess, this board is talking about making others experience a slice of someone else’s life. We know it sounds a little far-fetched. But there is just something so familiar about this exact choice of words. What could it be?

elarroyo_atx / IG

Wait! Is this a wordplay joke made from a Papa Roach song? We’ll be damned. They have changed the first two lyrics of the song Last Resort to hilarious effect. No wonder this sounded all too familiar when we read it out loud.

Dr. Dogtor, at your service

As far as missed opportunities go, this indeed takes the cake. This could be the perfect title for a veterinary surgeon specializing in ailments that affect dogs. We already have the name; the only thing we need now is the person.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Indeed, this is one of the catchiest handles a veterinary surgeon can use for their social media profiles: The Dogtor or Dr. Dogtor: Veterinary Surgeon. If you are a practicing vet, by all means, help yourself to these. They could set you apart from the rest.


The importance of a good, sturdy cup holder cannot be understated, especially if you need to place your hot drink somewhere safe inside a vehicle. The best ones have depth and are situated right behind the gearbox, making them easy to reach.

elarroyo_atx / IG

In a sense, like the signboard says, they are cup-cups, because instead of holding a beverage or a food item, they end up bearing cups. Sort of like a cup-ception, if you ask us. El Arroyo really knows how to formulate a good shower thought.

Taco about size!

This had us in the first half, not going to lie, though. When we saw the words “size matters,” we expected something else, but looking at how this ended, we felt relief. It’s okay parents; this is a kid-friendly joke.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Of course, unless we are talking about a new kind of tapas, no one would like to have a small taco. It’s always the bigger the better, especially with food portions. Everyone loves a big taco with juicy fillings, fiery sauce, and zesty toppings.

Better put some machine oil on those eyelids

People are different from one another, and that’s what makes life interesting. Imagine how dull this world would be if we all liked and disliked the same things. You grow by learning from folks you meet in life. You follow the good stuff and avoid the wrong.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Speaking of the latter, sometimes you come across people who are so despicable that they make you cringe on different levels. They make your eye rolls sound like a door with a rusted hinge. Otherwise, how else can you subtly express your displeasure?

Et tu, El Arroyo?

It’s a bit macabre, but it’s true: you don’t need to be an expert on Roman history to know how Julius Caesar met his end. His rather unfortunate demise was brought about by the people closest to him. They decided they needed to save the republic from his clutches.

elarroyo_atx / IG

The method they chose to dispose of Caesar was brutal. He was stabbed to death, and his assassins were people he worked with. Of course, this didn’t prevent the enduring legacy of the man. William Shakespeare ensured that people would know about him for centuries to come.

Need abs? Follow this

If you want to achieve your dream body, you have to be willing to sacrifice. You have to put the effort in, and as the saying goes, “No pain, No gain.” Doing crunches would toughen your core but wouldn’t give you abs.

elarroyo_atx / IG

You have to stick to a consistent diet to see results, and that’s the most challenging part, not the exercises. How can you resist brownies and New York cheesecake? Wjhat about steak? Don’t be like this guy who did abs……olutely nothing.

Aww, thank you!

If we were heading to work on just another manic Monday and saw this, it’d instantly make our day. The power of a positive affirmation should not be taken lightly. A little kindness goes a long way. Try it some time, and you’ll notice a huge difference.

elarroyo_atx / IG

The board here is spitting out facts. It contains nothing but absolute truth. You are unique in your own way, just like the rest. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Today you are you; that’s truer than true. There is no one in the world that is youer than you.”

“I like good jokes, and I cannot lie.”

Ahh! The 1990s were the best time to be alive. Everything was at its peak in that era—especially entertainment. Where entertainment is concerned, the music scene of the decade was really something else. Take Sir-Mix-A-Lot for an example.

elarroyo_atx / IG

His hit single Baby Got Back was immensely popular and was played everywhere, even though most of the lyrics couldn’t be said aloud today. But, like with the Papa Roach song, El Arroyo found a very ingenious way of making it relevant again.

Ultimate shower thoughts

When you think about it, we are pretty rhythmic creatures. Sometimes, we snap into a song without even knowing it. In most cases, it happens almost instinctually. Some folks burst into a song without realizing it, and that’s pretty neat, although a little embarrassing.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Clapping is quite an easy way to tap into a rhythm. It’s a way of sowing immense pleasure for something by hitting ourselves, and that’s a little weird. Here’s a brainteaser for all of you. When you’re clapping, is your left palm hitting the right or your right palm hitting the left?

Where is that darn lid?

This is something that nearly most of us can relate to on a spiritual level. To understand this, you must have your own apartment or house and be nearing 30 years of age, which means you have started adulting full-time.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Because when you live by yourself, you realize why your parents were quite fussy when it came to missing Tupperware lids. Also, it can drive you up the wall when your Tupperware gets returned without the lid. They’re never the same.

Patience is the key to an eggcellent omelet

Flipping an egg or an omelet is not an exact science. All you need is to pay attention and be patient until the process is complete. When one side is almost brown, and the egg feels firm over the spatula, it’s time for the flip.

elarroyo_atx / IG

This sign is not lying. If you flip two early, you’ll end up with scrambled eggs, and that’s not bad. We’ll eat eggs, be it boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, or omelet. There’s no wrong way to serve eggs in our book.

All dolled up

Who remembers having matryoshka dolls? The wooden dolls with another set of dolls within them can be described as some sort of doll-ception. They are apparently considered fertility symbols in Russian culture, representing a mother carrying a child.

elarroyo_atx / IG

So what’s with the allegation by El Arroyo that they seem pretty haughty? They can’t be because they are inanimate. What do they mean by… oh, now we get it! Full of themselves because there is a doll within another doll. Now that’s clever!

Know your rights

The chances of your boss having been in the same employee position as you have are high. So, it is not rocket science for them to determine whether your leave request is genuine or bogus. You better be truthful when you ask for time off.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Also, you are entitled to a certain amount of annual and casual leave as an employee. So, if you have plenty of vacation days left and have already sorted out your work schedule, there’s no reason why you can’t be upfront with your boss.

Averaging isn’t that bad

Most of us had that one teacher who inspired us to be the best version of ourselves. Then there was that one teacher that we didn’t like as much. Not just because of their vibes but because we did not like the subject they taught.

elarroyo_atx / IG

This rings especially true for something like mathematics. But looking back at what this teacher has said, it’s not that bad. Averaging in something means you’re good at something. Also, now only we realize that this is a pun as well.

Cake for all occasions

Ahh, there’s nothing like a good cake. Delicious chocolate cake is food for any occasion and has the added benefit of considerably improving your mood. When offered another piece, most of us lose the willpower to resist. Our minds tell us no, but our taste buds tell us to get another helping.

elarroyo_atx / IG

So El Arroyo is preaching the truth with this signpost. It makes us want to have a piece of cake, now that we think of it. We could be on a strict diet, but we can still make some room for cake on our cheat day.

Mystery solved?

Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men was a bopping hit that took the world by storm in the early 2000s. It was everywhere, and even today, after almost two decades, the song’s popularity does not seem to wane. We occasionally hear it played at parties.

elarroyo_atx / IG

While acknowledging the fact that it has a very catchy beat, the song’s true meaning—well, that’s for another time. But thanks to El Arroyo, now we know who let the dogs out. Or do we? Is it really the sign guy?

Superman doesn’t need alcohol for a super time

Batman was the one who had the best idea about Superman. He is the ultimate Boy Scout because he stands up for what is right. And you won’t be wrong at all if you believe Superman to be a teetotaler.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Maybe he’ll down a few glasses if he’s dressed as Clark Kent and attending a cocktail party with Lois Lane in his arm. Nah, we can’t imagine that happening. But how about a soft drink? Not just ice… oh my days, another pun!

Rules to live by

This signboard reminds us of something we have encountered on social media. If it happens to be something they could fix within five minutes, like something on their teeth, discreetly point it out. They will end up thanking you, and you’ll feel good about it.

elarroyo_atx / IG

If it is something they can’t fix within five minutes, like their weight, keep your opinions to yourself. If you can’t be nice, the best thing you can be is funny. But not at your expense or anyone else in your vicinity’s expense.

Things that make you go, Hmm…

Indecision when it comes to where to eat is something nearly all of us have experienced, especially women. Don’t ask us why. We may be fully functioning human beings, but when we have to choose where to have lunch, we go all bluescreen.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Drawing lots is an ideal solution. If people had thought of that earlier, divorce rates would have been much lower. Write all favored restaurants on separate pieces of paper, and tell the person who suggested eating out to pick one. End of story. Relationship saved!

We’re short of breath from laughing so hard.

When Steven Spielberg directs, and John Willams oversees the score, you know you’re up for a magical time. This is the case with E.T. It has been 41 years since the release of that movie, and it still amazes us until now.

elarroyo_atx / IG

He was named E.T. because he is an extraterrestrial being. We have no idea what his rather short legs have to do with his given initials. Or do we? By now, it should be pronounced that it’s a joke. Short, as in, not the acronym but the height.

Visualize the body you want

Getting into shape takes a lot more effort than we think. Most of it has to do with our diet. If we can manage what we put into our bodies and if we condition our minds, the battle is already half won.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Having said that, you can’t help but admire the fact that this signpost is absolutely hilarious. Winter fat is turned into spring rolls, but it’s not referring to the food item; it means the extra weight gained from enjoying the holiday feast too much.

A good lunch followed by a nap? NICE!

We can relate to this on a level that is so personal we can’t even put it into words. As little kids, we were encouraged or forced to take midday naps. Sometimes, we liked it, but most of the time, we didn’t because it meant less playtime.

elarroyo_atx / IG

But as we became adults, we realized the effect a good nap has on a tired soul. It helps you to reset yourself so you can start fresh again. A good rest where you wake up a little disoriented is a luxury as you age.

Just act natural, you haven’t done anything wrong

Well, they actually do. Not that dogs are quite vocal or articulate about it, but they undergo a similar situation. After all, they are similar to humans. It mostly concerns the training police dogs get from their trainers and handlers.

elarroyo_atx / IG

They are trained from a young age to look alert, and intimidating and that body language could put household dogs off. So yeah, when normal dogs see a police dog, they almost have that thought (or whatever the dog equivalent) in their mind.

To all teachers who tried, thank you!

We’re back to the topic of teachers. Well, considering that most of the world celebrates Teacher’s Day in October, it’s no surprise. A teacher who actively strives for the betterment of the students is a blessing to their students. They couldn’t ask for a better gift.

elarroyo_atx / IG

So there is no wonder when we get the same warmth we do at home from a teacher, we end up addressing them as “mom.” That’s because, more often than not, they readily shoulder that responsibility out of love and understanding of their wards.

What’s in a name?

This is a genuine question that most of us would love to know the answer to. Dogs have enough intelligence to perceive that there is this one specific sound, which, when heard, means that the master is requesting its presence.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Even though we don’t know for sure, maybe dogs have a specific sound they might use to address us. We can only hope that it’s something endearing, not something like ‘jerk’. If you happen to have a rather vocal dog breed like a husky, you may be able to find out.

Just another manic Monday

Everyone from schoolchildren to adults likes it when a national holiday falls on a Friday. This means you have three full days to recuperate from your work week, either in the comfort of your home or vacationing elsewhere. No bosses or teachers for three days!

elarroyo_atx / IG

But, if the holiday falls on a Monday, it feels much more enjoyable. That’s because you know that this Sunday does not signal the end of your vacation. There is another whole day to expect. Plus, it makes the work week feel shorter, too.

Servings are mentioned for a reason

Just like everything else, eating should be done in moderation. However, there are instances where you can’t stick to that discipline. The food smells and tastes so good you have to make an exception, and you end up helping yourself as much as you want.

elarroyo_atx / IG

This stands true, especially with a dish like Mac and Cheese. If you use good-quality cheese and macaroni, you’ll end up with a delectable dish that takes you on a journey from your first bite. Sounds like bliss until you feel all bloated or look pregnant.

Take time for yourself

Sometimes, you need to take some time and avoid the crowds. Irrespective of the period, we sometimes need that solitary period spent alone to recharge. Family and friends are there for you, but sometimes you must figure things out.

elarroyo_atx / IG

This can actually be termed as “partial social veganism.” That is because, like vegans who avoid meat and animal-related products, those who practice partial social veganism need that time alone to “do a system checkup,” if you will. They must avoid meeting people.

Be happy the way you are

Most of the time, society tries to sell an idea or body image that is not sustainable or impossible to maintain, all because of consumerism. Because of that, the more people are insecure, the more products can be sold for profit.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not in good shape. Even round is a shape. Take it from El Arroyo; they know what they’re talking about. They might not preach gospel truth, but they make a lot of sense. You know better about yourself than any standards that society has to offer.

Now let us address the elephant in the room

Elephants are just amazing, aren’t they? Though we sometimes come across good news regarding their population and habitats, the bad news sometimes outweighs the good. Poaching remains one of the main threats to their survival, making us hate poachers even more.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Such things are not irrelevant and have to be… wait, now we get it! Whatever doesn’t concern an elephant is, of course, irr-elephant! But let this joke not distract you from the fact that we need to ensure they have a better tomorrow.

Yeah, we would like this option!

We would really like it if this feature was available. Sometimes, we would not mind engaging in small talk to pass the time, but there are instances when we would be left alone with our thoughts and not be disturbed.

elarroyo_atx / IG

We hate to be a total snob, but sometimes we are in a hurry to get to our destination and have a lot in our minds, such as a meeting or an important presentation, and we prefer silence so that we can think and plan.

Have a rest when you need a rest

Absolutely. Unless it’s a life-and-death situation or something urgent is happening, you should leave sleeping folks alone. You have no idea how their day has been or what they are dealing with. Maybe they are using this nap to recharge themselves.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Napping reboots is so that we do not function irrationally. Everyone likes to tackle their day with a fresh take, so if you see someone slepping, let them be. There’s also the possibility of them gouging your eyes out if you disturb them.

Nobody had a 20 on 2020

2020 was the year that tested the resilience of the entire world. Not that we like to go into detail (not that we need to since everyone knows what we’re referring to), but the pandemic really did a number on us for almost two years.

elarroyo_atx / IG

We still can’t process the fact that the COVID pandemic peaked three years ago. Being unable to socialize and being stuck inside homes for months at a time took its toll on people’s mental and physical well-being. So yeah, 2020 needs a reset.

Off to a rocky start here

Being fascinated by cool rocks is a universal thing. From being kids who would take home weird-looking pebbles seen on their way home to fussing over the best granite for our kitchen remodel, rocks will always be a part of our lives.

elarroyo_atx / IG

This joke is quite appealing because geology deals with the rocks itself. Geography is the science of these rocks’ location and their effects on their surroundings. Guess we will never outgrow this phase. We will always be fascinated by them regardless of our age.

One-of-a-kind joke

What is this now? Being a decent human being has become a competition. Well, this is the first time we have heard of something like this. Our viewpoint is that kindness should be learned, not forced and shouldn’t be a contest.

elarroyo_atx / IG

Also, what makes German children so much kinder than little ones in other places? What… Wait a minute! We smell a pun or wordplay here. And we’re right! Kinder is the German word for children! Now, that is a world-class joke.