Laugh Out Loud: 40 Comical Everyday Life Situations That We Can See Ourselves In

By Abigail T

This article was originally published on comicsenz

These next few comic strips should be filed under the hashtag #Relatable. Australian-based comic artist, Jess Rae, doodles comics and shares them with the world on her Instagram account @doodleysquatcomics. These illustrations are based on the artist’s experience of being a woman, mother, and partner. Jess’s simple, stick-figure style drawings allow her fans to follow the narrative easily. She actually confessed to being frustrated by drawing before she began her journey into comic illustration. That was ten years ago. Now, Jess’s comics bring entertainment to people worldwide who are just looking for a laugh or looking to feel a little less alone. Below you will find some of the funniest comics we have seen to date that actually made us laugh out loud!

Hair cut drama

People with a non-confrontational nature would rather stay silently stewing in their own disappointment than admit that they’re disappointed. The pain of having to speak up can be overwhelming for them. This is an especially non-beneficial quality to have when you’re getting a haircut.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

You come in thinking you know what you want. You show the stylist a reference hairstyle. But then they mess it up, and it doesn’t turn out the way you thought at all. So what can you do now? You say you love it, go home, and then cry.

Slipping into activewear

Activewear is specifically designed to allow maximum stretch and movement. As a result, it’s mostly pretty tight fitting. Getting into gym shorts and running leggings can be a workout in itself! This struggle is very accurately depicted in this comic.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Once you get into your leggings, you face another problem – muffin top and camel toe. You’ve already exerted enough physical energy getting into the pants; now, you also have to steel yourself to walk out in them emotionally. No, thank you!

Diet starts next week

Living with your partner can come with its perks. For example, you can both be each others’ accountability partners when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle. You can exercise together, diet together, and reach your goal weight together. Awesome!

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

The downside of living with a partner, though, is that when one of you falters in that journey, the other falls too! You can very quickly go from “diet starts tomorrow” to “diet starts next week.” We have all been there and dont that; most of us are still there to be honest.

The cat

As adults, we feel the need always to be productive. If it isn’t our job, there are plenty of chores and things around the home to be doing. But sometimes, you need an excuse to put those things off. And what better excuse than your cat?

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

When your cat comes up to you and cuddles up on your lap, you know that you have to write off the rest of your day. Cats sleep for ages, and they don’t intend to move when they’ve snuggled into a circle on your lap.

I’m not sensitive!

While sensitivity is a valuable character trait to have, it has been stigmatized as negative and troublesome for so long that nobody wants to be considered sensitive. We’d defend ourselves to the grave rather than admit that we’re easily offended.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

The thing is that in itself is already a sensitivity trait. Criticism is okay at times, as long as it’s the constructive kind that allows you to grow and be a better person! But we’re all learning, and it takes however long it takes.

The remote

Do you know that feeling of lounging on the couch after a long day? You’ve just come back from work, showered, and now all you want to do is rot in front of the TV until bedtime. But when you sit down on one end of the couch…

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

… you realize the remote control is on the other side! This is another reason why having a significant other comes in handy. You just have to call them in from the other room and ask them to hand you the remote. Nice!

Sock tan

Living with your significant other means that you always have someone to laugh with… and someone to laugh at on occasion. You know you’ve found a good one when you’re able to laugh at each other without the other person feeling offended.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Take this comic, for example. Jess illustrates what happens after a day outdoors with her partner. Farmer’s tans are inevitable, but most people forget about the farmer tan’s sibling – the sock tan! How are you not going to laugh at that?

Vegetarian relapse

We’re always trying to take steps to be greater citizens of the world. One of the things people often do is try out vegetarianism, and sometimes even veganism, to reduce their carbon footprint and live overall healthier and more conscientious lives.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

However, it isn’t easy trying to commit to an entirely new lifestyle. There will be days when we relapse. That’s where we need a support group for people who have retreated back into eating meat. Here is to tomorrow!

Sneaking around

Kids aren’t the only ones sneaking around their parents. Often, parents have to sneak around their kids too. This is especially true when any sweets are involved. The kids will want to get their hands on some chocolate if they see Mommy is having some.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

But the reality of parenting is you can’t ever hide from the kids. No matter where you are, which corner of the house you think is safe, they always somehow find you. And when that happens, you have to stuff down that bar of chocolate before they can have some.

Dinner fail

Some women can cook, and some are skilled in other areas. It doesn’t make one kind of woman better than the other. There’s nothing bad about not being able to cook or bake—that’s what takeaway and delivery are for! Otherwise, we totally love a man who is a chef as well!

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

We love that the partner here already knows that his girl will fail even before finishing the dish. Sometimes love means accepting your partner’s flaws and misgivings and rolling with the punches. It’s a good thing they could order pizza that night!

Just being polite

As much as our parents try to be supportive of our endeavors, sometimes the generational gap is just too vast. In this comic, Jess shares her mom’s reaction to one of the comics that she posted online. At least she wants to show her support!

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Even though Jess’s mom didn’t understand the comic, she was still polite and supportive by liking the post. Anything to contribute towards the engagement of Jess’s content! Have to love and appreciate supportive parents. They barely know how to do anything online, but they will also be the first like on every one of your posts.

Shrek starter pack

You know how you think you’ve found a good outfit while you’re out shopping? You can’t wait to get home and try it out. You have an image in your head of what it will look like, and you think it’ll look so cute.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Then you get home, and you realize that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. You’ve basically purchased a Shrek starter pack – peasant shirt, vest, and plaid trousers. Well, only one thing to do now – return everything or save it for Halloween.

Just be cool

We all know the struggles of walking past a group of attractive people. All you want to do is look cool, maybe so cool that you manage to turn heads. You want to be that captivating, mysterious person walking by.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Often though, when you’re overthinking trying to look “cool” and “chill,” chances are you will end up looking like a fool. You’ll turn heads for sure, just not for the purpose or reason you intended. And no, you definitely did not nail it!

Bathroom diva

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all pretend to be pop stars in the bathroom. And no, it’s not just by singing in the shower. It’s also by pretending that our towel is a gorgeous gown that we’re wearing on the red carpet.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

If you haven’t wrapped your towel around your body and pictured yourself in an off-shoulder dress rocking the red carpet or rocking the stage… you’re lying. This fantasizing is precisely the reason why girls take so long in the bathroom.

Kitchen accidents

A kitchen is actually a dangerous place for accident-prone people. You’ve got sharp knives, heavy pots and pans, gas, and fire in one space. It’s no wonder that kitchen accidents happen more often than not. It seems inevitable most of the time.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

You should probably stop cooking no matter how much progress you’ve made if you’ve accidentally grated off a part of your thumb. But hey, maybe that would actually add flavor to the dish. This family doesn’t seem too phased by it.

Kids have no filter

Parents will know that before bringing your kid to a social event, you have to brief them. No running around, no ice cream, stay by Mom and Dad at all times. And the golden rule – no unsolicited comments ever.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Without a set of ground rules for what is allowed to be talked about, kids will say literally anything. And it will come up so out of left field that you’ll be left agog and embarrassed, trying to save face before anyone judges you too harshly.

House plants

Say what you want about how easy it is to take care of house plants. There is still a particular group of people who cannot keep house plants alive no matter how straightforward the care instructions are. Green thumbs don’t always run in the family.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Okay, maybe they won’t disintegrate at first touch. But this comic is still representative of the way it feels to buy a new house plant, only to have it die on you a couple of days later! Maybe we should stick to plastic plants.

Entertaining the kids

Even when your kids aren’t making sense, up to a certain age you just have to entertain what they do. Take this little girl Immy here. She just opened a shop where one house plant costs $6, but another costs $79.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Does that make sense? Absolutely not. Nor does “weed tea” made of cat poo in a watering can that costs $90. But you gotta just play along anyway, because who can resist that cute little face? Which type of currency do you think she will accept?

Restrictions lifted

Mainly having stayed home for the past two years, the news of lifted restrictions will come as a comfort for many. But it does mean that we have to return to regular personal upkeep, which can be dreadful. Don’t forget about the mascne that you have been developing for the past few years too.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

We have to start waxing the ‘stache again. We have to buy new makeup products because the ones we have are expired. We can’t take meetings in our pajamas, so we probably need to revamp our entire wardrobe for work.

Period pain

Cis men will never understand having to go through period pains every month for at least 30 years. Even if we try to demonstrate period pains, it wouldn’t accurately represent everything women go through. Have you seen those videos of men doing a cramp simulation? Those are amazing!

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

There are physical period pains—cramps, headaches, and soreness. Then there are the emotional period pains, where our moods shift drastically even though we don’t want them to. Intrusive thoughts, dysphoria, you name it! It’s not always fun being a woman.

Sewings scissors

Everyone knows that sewing scissors should only be used for sewing purposes. Blunt sewing scissors won’t function well. So when you have a pair of sewing scissors in the house, you make sure you keep them safe and away from everyone.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Oh, men. If they were taught about sewing, we guarantee that instances like this wouldn’t happen because they would understand! Now that the scissors are blunt anyway, there’s only one thing to do. Don’t worry; it won’t actually do any damage. It’s blunt.

Cookie dough

It may not be healthy to eat raw cookie dough, but it’s still arguably the most delicious thing to snack on. Sometimes you just have to disregard your health for some pleasure. There’s no need for judgment when this happens.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

If we were Jess, we would also become monsters if someone took away our cookie dough. Who cares if we never intended on baking that cookie dough? Who cares if we made that bowl only to eat it raw? Give us the bowl, and no one gets hurt.


When one person in the household is sick, it falls on the others to take care of them. When you live with your significant other, and they fall ill, you’re the one who needs to cater to their needs and nurse them back to health.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Usually, you’re at their every beck and call. Whatever they need, no matter how small, you’re there to provide for them. It can get a little tedious if they get demanding, though. It’s times like these that your love and patience are tested!

Ordering flowers

Ordering anything over the phone comes with its risks. The connection can be bad, and sometimes your voice just doesn’t come through well enough on the other line. There is always a great chance that the establishment will get your order wrong.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

See, this mix-up wouldn’t have happened if they had ordered the flowers online! Jess would have been able to spell the name for herself. Now it just looks like Geoff and Jeff sent the flowers. Who the heck is Jeff?

Robbery-proof phone

Having an old phone model can come with its challenges. They’re usually really slow, and they don’t function as well as you need them to. You’re also probably experiencing FOMO because your phone is outdated, while everyone else has the shiny new models.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

But at least no robber would want to steal an old phone! The iPhone 5 practically has no value now that the newest model is an iPhone 13. If you go out and get an iPhone 13, you’ll probably be a more likely target for a robbery.

Mask faces

With mask mandates slowly lifting all over the world, here’s a throwback to the absolute power we had when we were required to wear masks. Not only could we pull faces at random strangers, but we could also literally mask our emotions.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Admit it. We’re all guilty of mumbling under our breath behind our mask about someone who just cut us in line. Nobody will ever hear or see it under there. Nobody’s even going to know that we’re talking to ourselves!

Typical cats

Why is it that all cats have such chaotic energy? They can be super chill one moment and then pick a fight with us the next for no apparent reason. You never know where you stand with a cat. You can only hope you’re in its good graces.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

This cat Nina is just like every other cat. All Jess wanted to do was pass by, but somehow walking down the hallway resulted in a showdown. We don’t know why cats can’t just leave us be, especially when we’re walking!

Shameless behavior

Living with your significant other means that you’re privy to each others’ habits, both the beneficial ones and disgusting ones. There is no hiding or pretending to be perfect when you spend 24 hours seven days a week in the same place together.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

This creates such a level of comfort that you feel free to be disgusting around each other. That includes just randomly farting in front of the other person. This kind of shameless behavior just becomes acceptable over time. All bets are off!

Dietary preferences

More and more people are switching to healthier, more sustainable diets and living methods these days. More power to those who have managed to give up things like meat and dairy. This lifestyle is definitely not for everyone but some changes here and there are also good.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

This is probably what happens when a vegetarian/vegan and a carnivore are in a committed relationship. A lot of disputes surrounding food and diet! One of them wants bacon and eggs for breakfast, while the other wants a smoothie bowl.

Other way around

We’d like to argue that the realities posed in this particular comic are actually the other way around. It’s not men that have a higher pain tolerance; it’s women! Women could be in labor dilated and still remain somewhat composed.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Meanwhile, we’re willing to bet men can’t even handle the period pains that women have to experience every month. There are actually multiple YouTube videos proving this! The roles in this comic should be reversed. Perhaps Geoff does have high pain tolerance, but then men in our lives do not!

Gluten temptation

Some people give up gluten, whether it’s for health reasons or just a dietary preference. This means that they can’t have regular bread as well as many other food items. But sometimes, it’s just so tempting! Especially when butter is evolved.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Butter on toast just makes everything so much better. We can understand why this would be tempting for a gluten-free person. The decadent butter on the bread is almost enough to make anyone give up their strict diet for a bite.

Social distancing

From the subject of this comic, we can tell this was probably made early on in the pandemic. Restrictions have since eased up, but here’s a throwback to what paying for groceries was like when social distancing was still mandatory.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

It looks like we’ve got ourselves a Karen here! Technically, the line only says to “please keep a safe distance.” It doesn’t say, “please stand behind this line.” We’re sure the lady in the green dress is still a safe distance away. We’re more concerned that neither of them is wearing a mask!

Dodging the gym

It’s almost impossible to avoid coming home without some sort of flyer for the gym whenever you pass by it. Some people even end up with a membership even though that was never their intention! These promotion people are just really adamant.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

We’d be surprised if anyone managed to pass by one of these gym salespeople unscathed. No matter how much you try to dodge them or try to lie and tell them that you’re already a member, you’re still going to get caught.

Chip on her shoulder

Here’s a fun take on a commonly used idiom. Have you ever heard of the phrase “chip on their shoulder”? Well, what if it was taken literally, and it happened in a party setting? Jess imagines what that would be like.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Someone with a chip on her shoulder should have come with a dip. Does she expect the party guests just to eat the chips alone? What is a chip, if not a vessel for a delicious dip? The complete package is a woman with a chip and dip on her shoulder.

Cat lap

Yes, this is yet another example of not functioning once the cat sits on your lap. It’s not exactly the best excuse, but how could you disturb the cat when he’s asleep? So that you can make a cup of tea?

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

If you have someone else in the house that can make the tea for you, why should you get up? By staying seated, you get to rest, and the cat also gets to rest, making you both very happy and warm campers.

The spectacled debacle

While glasses these days are pretty chic and come in great styles, there’s no avoiding feeling a little nerdy sometimes. If you wear glasses, you’ll know that some days you switch it up with contacts so you can look a little less geeky.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

But why do people always have to comment on appearances? They think that you look nerdy with glasses on, then you switch to contacts, and they still criticize! People should learn to keep their opinions to themselves regarding this matter.

We don’t talk about Bruno

If you’re a parent or someone who has seen Encanto, you’ll understand that there is no way to get this song out of your head! It’s always playing in the stores. And if you’re a parent, then Encanto must be on repeat in the house for you.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

Funnily enough, unlike other songs from children’s movies, this one isn’t at all sickening after countless repetitions. It’s such a vibe, all the raps flow so well, and the all-skate is incredible! It’s no wonder even the sun here wakes up with it.

Smelly sit ups

Whoever thinks doing a couple’s workout is a good idea should reconsider. It’s all fun and games until you’re doing sit-ups face to face and one of you is gassy. With every sit-up, flatulence is released, and before you know it…

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

This is embarrassing for the guilty party and totally unpleasant for the other person. No matter how close you are to your significant other or how long you’ve been together, nobody wants to smell gas. But why didn’t they change moves?

Another lockdown

Everyone’s glad that the restrictions are lifting and that covid will soon be treated like an endemic. But we can’t help but think back to just last year when lockdown restrictions kept being lifted, reimposed, and adjusted. Will the next one be for good?

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

It was so bad we couldn’t even catch up. One week you could be walking around carefree, and then the next week you’d have to be working from home again. It definitely made everyone go a little bit insane and lose their cool.

Oh, kids

Kids really do say the darnedest things. There’s no knowing what is going to come out of their mouths at any given point. And we don’t know why, but everything they say has to be related to exclusively gross things.

Image courtesy of Instagram/doodleysquatcomics

If it’s not boogers, then it’s poo, fart, or something of the sort. There’s no telling with these guys. Sometimes you don’t even know how to respond. Like, how are you supposed to respond to this comment? Imagine that darling!