The ‘Happiest Place On Earth’ Has Seen Happier Days According To Staff Stories

By Doreen R

When visiting Disney World or Disneyland, we conjure up images that can only be found at The Magic Kingdom. We have visions of Disney characters wandering throughout the park grounds, smiling children, and lots of happy thoughts. Visitors shell out a lot of dough to disconnect from the real world to be transported into a land of fairytales and happy endings. It’s sort of like visiting a popular restaurant. What we see from our table is far different from what the employees are going through in the kitchen. That is what we’re talking about here. What really goes on when we visit the happiest place on earth? The staff and management make every effort to hide the realities of what really takes place so we can walk away smiling, satisfied, and continue believing that all is well in the world’s most popular theme parks. Just imagine a fireworks show that’s gone bad, putting Snow White’s dwarfs at risk of 3rd-degree burns or catching a brawl involving Donald Duck, who broke character when things turned ugly. So let’s take a few moments and get a glimpse of the happenings from the point of view of those who know the place best.  

Yes, Even Dumbo Can Have An Off Day

Walking around the park is the best way for visitors to run into their favorite characters. They are spotted along Main Street and other park sections and are eager to shake hands and take pictures with visitors. One rule the employees must adhere to is never to break character or remove their costume, ever.

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Sadly, though, weather conditions aren’t always ideal, and the heat in these heavy costumes is just too much to bear. However, sticking to the rules, Dumbo decided not to remove the head of his costume and proceeded to throw up. This wasn’t the healthiest decision, but he is definitely passionate about his job.

Attention, Code Pooh!

Only parents with small kids can understand that when Jr. needs to go, he’s gotta go! One afternoon in the park, this was the case when a Disney staffer came upon a toddler literally doing his business on a walking path. The child wasn’t happy that he couldn’t control himself, but things took a turn for the worse when the employee approached him.

Image courtesy of ta.pooh.da.booh/Instagram

The child freaked out and began crying and running through the park without his pants on! People heard what the staff member said on his radio, “We have a code Pooh situation in the play area, and Piglet’s on the loose.” We’re not sure if that code has been officially implemented, but we appreciate the originality.

Fact: Everyone Farts

As kids, we make jokes about farting. Sadly, some adults find it funny, too. Public places are normally great for relieving pressure without having too many fingers pointing in your direction. However, sometimes things can get a little out of hand, which happened online at the Space Mountain ride.

Image courtesy of thumpsthegrump/Instagram

One visitor needed to relieve some pressure but didn’t have a break anytime soon. Visitors couldn’t help but get a whiff of the offensive odor and were quick to understand where it originated from. Considering the area was so crowded, there was literally no place to hide.

Another Bathroom Emergency Gone Wrong

All the Disney theme parks are known for having clean bathrooms that are easily accessible. However, sometimes there can be a line on busy days, and well, we just have to wait our turn. In some cases, though, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Many of us have been there, especially when our kids are in the picture.

Image courtesy of memoriesbox1/Instagram

One Disney staffer noticed a parent and child huddled in a corner near a shop. She witnessed the parent assisting the child going to the bathroom right there! Trying to remember where she was, she kept her smile plastered on her face but ensured that after the child and parent finished their ‘business,’ she called for a cleaner and kept visitors away from the area.

Now That’s a Real Disney Fan

Disney theme parks are massive and require a map to get around. Ask anyone who’s ever visited, and most would agree that getting around isn’t easy without proper directions. There are signs posted throughout, but nothing beats a map to find the best route to Main Street, Mickey’s Toontown, or Frontierland.

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One day, a park employee walked through the grounds and came across a gentleman who decided to walk around without a shirt. He was asked to put his shirt back on but first ensured that the employee saw his back. He sported a huge tattoo depicting the map of the park, complete with names. That’s one way to stay green and not waste paper.

Dwarfs and Fire Don’t Mix!

The nightly fireworks show is a tradition at all the Disney parks. Visitors of all ages enjoy them. Safety precautions are always adhered to, and it’s rare for things to go awry. One day in the fall of 2014, things didn’t go as planned. Sadly, some sparks from the show found their way to the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

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Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire that eventually erupted. Staff safely removed visitors, and firefighters put out the scary blaze. According to reports, the sparks landed on some plastic grass surrounding the ride, causing a fire. The ride was shut down for a few days for repairs. All the dwarfs have since returned to work.

Even Mickey Can Be a Diva

No one can argue that Mickey Mouse regularly tops the most popular character in the Disney stratosphere. Sometimes, however, he lets it get to him, and he forgets his roots. This is what happened during Disney’s 70th birthday celebrations.

Image courtesy of Lauren Turner/ Popsugar

During the parade celebrating the park’s 70th, Mickey displayed diva behavior that his colleagues weren’t digging. As he was leading the parade, Mickey slipped and fell. You’d think his pals would be quick to lend a helping hand, but nope, not even Minnie stopped to assist. He was left on the ground.

Snake Charmer Needed

Visitors at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are always thrilled to view the park’s many animals. It’s not uncommon to come upon animal handlers walking the grounds with snakes, lizards, and other creatures for guests to see up close. However, things don’t always go as planned. One day, a snake got away from its handler and decided to visit the guests independently.

Image Courtesy of

Thankfully, the park staff was on full alert and averted the panic. The employee witnessed a large 10-foot snake make its way out of a bush and begin moving through the crowds. The park attendant stayed calm yet tracked the snake’s every move. No one even noticed when the snake eventually found another bush and quickly slithered away from the crowd. It was eventually caught and returned to its habitat. Whew.

Crusing the Park with Tom Cruise

In 2003, mega movie star Tom Cruise and then-girlfriend Penelope Cruz visited the Magic Kingdom. Staff and visitors alike were all gaga over sighting the star of the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise. The attendant manning Space Mountain decided to offer the star VIP treatment. When returning from the ride, the employee offered Cruz and Cruise another spin in the teacups.

Image courtesy of Splash News

While Tom and Penelope were ready for another turn on the ride, the rest of their party thought they were getting off. Only when the ride started to inch forward did they realize not everyone was securely fastened. Alarms sounded, and the ride was stopped before anyone got hurt.

Even Walt Disney Can’t Control the Weather

We get it. Nothing bad happens at a Disney park. Many feel that everything can be controlled, ensuring the perfect visit. That sadly isn’t the case, and it’s a reality check for some guests. On one rainy day at the park in Anaheim, CA, a guest walked up to a park employee demanding that the rain be halted. By the way, this isn’t such a bizarre request.

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One rainy day in Florida, a mom of three came up to one employee, requesting that the dome stop the rain from coming into the park. That employee just looked at her, wondering if she was serious. She was serious and was shocked to find out that no such dome exists and weather conditions couldn’t be controlled in the park.

Warning to Snow White, Don’t Eat the Apples!

Some stories are just so insane they can’t be real. We wish this were the case, but reality sometimes is far scarier than most fiction stories. One fan, obsessed with Snow White, took things too far at a visit to a Disney park. When the Disney princess was strolling the park, the fan approached her, offering her a red apple.

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Snow White accepted the apple and smiled at the guest. The guest pushed Snow White to try the apple, but she wasn’t feeling the love. She refused, and when the guest got irate, staff called security, and the guest was apprehended. It turns out she filled the apple with poison. We’re not sure what happened to the ‘fan,’ but thankfully, Snow White was unharmed.

Lighten Up, Lady!

Some kids are die-hard Harry Potter fans. No one’s disputing this. Some kids even dress up as their favorite characters from the books or films. It’s also a fact that Harry Potter is a work of fiction and needs to be treated. However, this was not the case one day at a Disney park, where a fan of HP was seen casting spells on those coming and going.

image courtesy of PotatoPusher/ Reddit

One mom was not a fan of J. K. Rowling’s novels, the mother freaked out, and panic erupted. The mom was sure that the young boy, dressed as Harry the Wizard, was really casting spells on her family. To make a long story short, a physical brawl took place. Mom was subdued by security yet lost a tooth when hitting the ground. Chill out, mom!

The Day Pluto Was Pushed Too Far

Let’s try to understand this, seeing Disney characters walking through the park is similar to mega movie stars showing up at the Oscars. They are treated like celebrities and are chased endlessly for autographs and pictures. Similar to movie stars, Disney characters also have their fair share of stalkers and obsessed fans.

Image courtesy of twoevilsdan/ Twitter

Sadly, one family’s obsession with Pluto took a turn for the worse. One family was getting impatient and wanted some of Pluto’s undivided attention. They were getting antsy and couldn’t wait any longer. They decided the popular pooch needed to cool off. One member of the family decided to push Pluto into a nearby water fountain and hurl obscenities at the poor dog. Needless to say, the family was dealt with appropriately and removed immediately from the park.

That’s One Way to Save A Few Bucks

We’ve all been to the gift store in theme parks. They’re expensive. No one’s arguing that. Sure, we don’t like to be suckers, but sometimes, it’s okay to splurge, really. We’re not talking about overpriced trinkets, but sometimes, it’s okay to spend a few bucks if it means a more pleasant experience.

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One dad entered a gift shop at the park and checked out the prices of those spray bottles since he was blistering hot. The dad was angry at the price and refused to be taken advantage of. He decided to be creative and took a big gulp of water and then spit or spray it at his kids’ faces. We’re hoping the kids returned the favor and helped dear dad cool off as well. 

There Are Legit Reasons for Height Restrictions

This is a cautionary tale to parents who think they know best. Space Mountain and other rides have minimum height requirements for a reason. Primarily, height requirements are intended to keep guests safe and secure. They didn’t come up with the rules to upset their guests. We wish this next mom took these rules seriously.

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Reportedly, the child didn’t even want to go on Space Mountain, and he was even too short. But mom had a brilliant idea. She got her darling boy to wear her heels and act normal. Thankfully, the staff at Disney is well prepared for even the lamest of parents. While rolling his eyes and sighing at mom with an ‘are you for real’ gaze, staff removed them both from the line.

Come On Guys, Behave!

It’s hard to get a park full of people to be on their best behavior. Staff at all the Disney parks are on constant alert, but you can’t be everywhere. This crazy mishap happened one night in Disneyland in California during the nightly fireworks show. A couple of guys were getting rowdy, and it didn’t take long for things to go bad.

Image courtesy of Kiwi Report

One guy was playfully punching his pal when he missed and punched a young girl right in the mouth. Sure, accidents happen, and it wasn’t intentional. They reported that the dad was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds. Security was able to stop the scuffle before they sustained too many injuries.

Hey Lady, Lighten Up

Few things are more annoying than standing in a long line for hours to have someone just cut in front of us. We get it, but sometimes there are exceptions to this. For example, when a worthwhile organization like the Make a Wish Foundation is fulfilling the dreams of a critically ill recipient. This happens from time to time at the various Disney parks, and for the most part, we’re happy to wait a few more minutes in line. But one particular ‘lady’ wasn’t feeling too generous.

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When a child was being pushed to the front of the line by the organization, a woman began cursing and complaining. She was booed and hissed by others. This horrible human had the audacity to attack the park attendant assisting the young boy while demanding he wait in line like everyone else. Thankfully, common sense prevailed, and sanity was restored. The ‘lady’ was removed from the park and banned from re-entering any Disney theme park for life.

Wow, Man, TMI!

There’s a time and place for everything. Disneyland and airing one’s dirty laundry don’t mesh well together. One night, at King Stefan’s restaurant in Cinderella’s castle, a husband and wife were seated for dinner with the rest of the family. All of a sudden, the husband stands up, shushes the other diners, and taps on his glass as if he’s ready to make toast.

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Once he had everyone’s attention, he shared with all the diners that his wife of 15 years had been cheating on him. The silence in the restaurant was deafening. The wife burst into tears, the kids were in shock, and the staff wondered what they’re supposed to do. While it’s a great story to tell your friends at work the following day, we feel bad for the kids. Here’s hoping the dad has enough funds to cover the years of therapy that they will need to get them through this mess.

Some People Should Never Procreate

Disney is synonymous with families. At least that’s what we thought. This tale is even worse than the hubby calling out his cheating wife in front of strangers. Get ready to pull out the tissues. One park attendant’s tale had us near tears as he recounted a child with special needs left alone in line for a ride in Tomorrowland. The child, who was about 10, appeared helpless and alone. After some time, he realized the kid was alone and offered to help him find his family.

Image courtesy of Disney

After locating the child’s family, he headed to one of the stations to page the family, but that yielded no results. After a couple of hours walking through the park, they found the boy’s parents waiting in line for another ride in a totally different section of the park. They didn’t hear the page, nor did they wonder where their young son was. We’re too shocked even to express our opinion on these so-called parents. All we can say is ‘shame on you!’

Come on Ladies, Behave

We’ve all seen those images splashed on screens of the thrilling rides. Take, for example, Splash Mountain. Before boarding the ride, you can view the visitor’s faces of excitement and fear experiencing the thrill ride on the screens. Sometimes, though, women have a little too much fun knowing the cameras are aimed at them.

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One person is in charge of ensuring that all images of women flashing their breasts on the ride were removed and had no chance of being posted on the screens. Yep, this was a real occurrence at the park and required a dedicated person to sift through the images to remove.

Watch Out, Donald’s Got a Temper

One of Disney’s most popular characters is, without a doubt, Donald Duck. Donald is known for being quick-witted but also short-tempered. It’s what makes him so endearing. From this tale, we’re assuming that even those portraying the characters throughout the park need to fit the typecast. This alone explains what happened when one park employee crossed paths with Donald.

Image courtesy of Hiroshi/

The employee headed towards one of the offices and didn’t realize Donald was right behind him, accidentally shutting the door on the beloved duck. Donald was angered at what he perceived as downright rude and lunged at the employee. What ensued was a fight between Donald Duck pouncing uncontrollably on a human who isn’t sure how to defend himself. Good thing this didn’t happen in front of the park’s guests, who would have been traumatized by such a scene.

Smuggling Infants Onto Rides, Yup, It Happens

We get it. Every parent counts the days till their kids are old enough to enjoy all that Walt Disney created. Sometimes, though, we aren’t patient and need to learn to curb our urges. There’s a reason for all the safety features, height, and age requirements in the Dinsey parks. They’re there to ensure safety.

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One parent seemed to think she knew better than the Disney staff. She thought nothing could go wrong by smuggling her baby under her bulky sweatshirt and getting on the Space Mountain ride. Yeah, we’re shaking our heads right about now too. Thankfully, the disaster was thwarted when the baby began to cry just as the ride was about to start. This mom isn’t going to be receiving the Parent of the Year award anytime soon.

Marital Spats Exist in the Magic Kingdom

While happiness and Disney parks go hand in hand, it’s not the cure-all for a bad marriage. It’s not uncommon for families to be broken apart in the happiest place on earth. One such is simply heartbreaking. Get this, one day, a woman was searching for her husband. She asked for the staff’s help, not realizing the day would end the way it did.

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While the family was in line to board the popular Indiana Jones ride, the dad claimed he needed to use the bathroom and would be right back. When a few minutes turned into more than an hour, the family decided to go to the parking lot to find dad by car. Only the car wasn’t there. It was clear that the dad left the family for good. Park employees have spoken of families and marriages falling apart at the park, with the excuse that it’s easier to digest if it happens at a Disney park.

Warning to Parents

This tale is a great warning to parents who push their kids too hard sometimes. Parents, listen up. If your kid says he’s afraid of this ride or that, don’t push it. Sometimes it’s okay to err on the side of caution, and in this case, it would’ve been preferable.

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One time, a child on a somewhat scarier ride asked to get off, but dad thought he knew better. He convinced his child to toughen up and get over his fears. The attendant realized he should’ve trusted his gut and removed the child, yet he didn’t. To summarize, the kid freaked out to a point where he pooped himself, but it also shot out of his pants and hit a guest who was wandering around the area on the ground! Dads, please listen to your kids!

You Better Treat Minnie with Respect

Mickey and Minnie are, without a doubt, one of the universe’s all-time favorite couples. We see them together and can’t help but feel the love. Heaven helps anyone that disses Minnie, especially if Mickey’s in the vicinity. Consider yourselves warned.

Image courtesy of DisneyCharacterGuide/ Twitter

The loving duo was in their dressing room, getting ready to greet the park’s visitors. Minnie, for once, was ready before Mickey and was waiting patiently outside for him to come out. A few passers-by thought Minnie looked excellent that day and thought nothing of the whistling and comments flying in her direction. Mickey heard the commotion, stormed out to defend his boo’s honor, and threatened anyone who dared to disrespect his lady.

The Legend of the Towel Baby

This story is too remarkable to make up, and it’s been reported numerous times over the years. We’ll leave it to our readers to judge for themselves the validity of this tale. In the early 2000s, a couple with an annual pass to the park was spotted toting a baby swaddled in towels. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that there was no baby. Rather it was just towels wrapped to look like a bundle of joy. It’s believed the couple lost their child and were unable to accept reality.


image courtesy of

They would regularly arrive at the park, the same as any other family. They would dine at the park’s many restaurants, always asking for a table for three. It’s believed that the mother fell into an inconsolable depression after the loss of her own child. Staff would always treat the ‘family’ with care and kindness. Whether it’s true or not, this story touched our hearts, and we had to share it here.

Indecent Proposal, at Disneyalnd?

While researching this article, we were somewhat surprised that not everything at a Disney park is G-rated. We were even more surprised to discover that there are secret hangouts, just for the wealthy. Go ahead, Google it yourself, Club 33. Yup, Club 33 is a swanky members-only club that charges some $33,000 a year in annual fees.

Image courtesy of Disney

One time at the club, a member had a unique request. He wanted to spend the night with a Disney princess. While customer satisfaction is key to keeping the members happy, not every request is fulfilled. She politely refused the member’s kinky request. We’re not gonna lie. We’re somewhat happy that Disney princesses get to keep their stellar reps in check.

On High Alert

For those who aren’t aware, Disney has some of the best security systems in the world. While they’re ready for any situation, we find it reassuring to know we’re protected. Staff is properly trained to keep an eye for even the slightest mishaps and anomalies. Thankfully, in the majority of instances, security is deployed needlessly.

Image courtesy of

One employee was ever vigilant when he spotted a guest toss something in a nearby bush. The witness treated it as instructed and called security right away. The area was promptly evacuated, and the bomb-sniffing dogs were deployed. It was reported that in this instance, a guest tossed a harmless stuffed animal into the bushes. Imagine the eye roll emoji right here.

Pluto’s Nose Never Fails

In a post 9/11 era, bomb scares are not out of the ordinary, even at a Disney park. In another incident, an employee found an unattended bag near the Space Mountain ride and immediately called security. The park, experienced in these kinds of situations, has a bomb-sniffing canine unit just in case. If the dog sniffs and sits by the bag, something’s up, which is exactly what happened when Pluto sniffed this bag.

image courtesy of Kent Porter/ PD

The area was cleared out, and the bomb squad promptly arrived. We’re happy to report that the bag was, in fact, forgotten by a guest, and no bomb was found. Pluto planted himself by the bag because it contained beef burritos, and he was hoping to get a treat before the owner showed up. Gotta love a story with a happy ending.

Money’s No Object for True Fans

Get ready. This one might sting those who aren’t showering in endless supplies of cash. One day, a relatively rich guest arrived at the park’s Star Wars gift shop and couldn’t believe his luck when he found an autographed picture of his favorite character from his all-time favorite film. The cost was a whopping $10,000.

image courtesy of

Price wasn’t an issue for the superfan, and he proceeded to purchase two collectible framed and signed pictures for a total of $20,000. The gift shop employee offered to have the large pictures delivered to the customer. The store clerk was flabbergasted to hear that delivery wasn’t necessary as the guest had his own plane waiting for him at the airport.

When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go

There’s definitely a pattern emerging here, and it’s all about Disney needing to consider installing more bathrooms. We get it—nature calls. The parks play host to thousands of visitors a day, so when the urge to go hits, standing in line for a toilet isn’t going to cut it.

Image courtesy of Disney

One visitor at the park had the best intentions when asking where the nearest bathroom was. When she realized the line was far too long, she had no choice but to let nature take over. While in line, she removed her pants and underwear and relieved herself, right there in line. Security was called, and she was removed. We’re reserving judgment here and will attempt to understand her distress. 

Hey, Hey, Slow Down!

Amusement parks and throw-up seem to go hand in hand. It’s not unheard of to lose one’s lunch during a ride at Disney. There’s staff on hand to clean up these gross messes and warn guests to keep away until everything is removed and cleaned. This story is worthy of a mention only because the visitor has no one but himself to blame. Staff was busy cleaning up someone’s vomit by a garbage can when they noticed a guest dressed in white approaching the area.

Image courtesy of Mariah Tyler/Travelandleisure

Attendants tried to warn the dude to keep away, but he was in show-off mode and planned to impress his pals by jumping over the trash can. He missed his landing and ended up butt first into the gross mess that hadn’t yet been cleaned up. Oh, we forgot to mention, the sick guy threw up his marinara-laden pasta that was blood red. Yup, you get the picture now.

Talk About an Adrenaline Rush

We’re not sure what happens to some people on a Disney thrill ride. For some, adrenaline kicks in, and reason flies out the window. That’s the only explanation we could come up with after hearing about a Space Mountain ride that went totally wrong.

image courtesy of

One visitor wasn’t feeling great when he boarded the ride. Staff saw his apprehension and gave him the chance to remove himself, but he claimed he was fine. The ride proceeded normally. However, halfway through, the emergency stop was deployed. The ride came to a halt, staff rushed to the car in question, but the passenger was nowhere to be found. He jumped off the ride, fled, and was never found. No one knows what happened, and the mystery remains unsolved.

Liquids Not Allowed On Rides

There’s a reason liquids are not allowed on rides. A parent decided that bringing an empty bottle for her child to relieve herself was a time-saving solution to finding a bathroom. When the parent arrived at one of the rides, the bottle was detected, and when it was found to contain urine, the parent was refused entry to the ride. The mom was quick to place the bottle in her purse and stood in line again.

Image courtesy of Disney

Yep, you know where this is going. Thinking she had the bottle of pee secured in her bag, she and daughter got on the ride, and as fate would have it, the bottle shook just enough to loosen the cap. By the end of the ride, the offensive liquid ended up all over mom and child. The moral of this story is to follow the rules.

Crazy Man Spotted at Fort Wildnerness

It’s only natural that now and then, the less hinged visitor will make an appearance. This is exactly what happened one fine day at Fort Wilderness. The area’s campground is located in Florida and is a popular destination for visitors. There’s a family restaurant on the grounds, and one visitor felt the need to strip down to his red boxers, by the way, and proceed to dance around to everyone’s dismay.

Image courtesy of

Security was alerted to the scene, and the visitor high-tailed it out into the woods. He was chased for a while but was faster than those chasing him. Once he was deep in the woods, security gave up and returned to their post. The visitor was caught, but only after passing out from exhaustion. He was found in a shed-like structure on the grounds, all scratched up but basically in good shape.

The Lion King Would Definitely Disapprove

It’s not uncommon for guests to feel transformed into another world when visiting a Disney theme park. It’s how we act and how far we take it that’s key to this story. One father identified a little too much with the Lion King story, and things got out of hand. While on the seemingly safe Dumbo ride, one dad felt like King of the Jungle and decided to reenact the famous scene where Simba is held up in the air for all to see.

Image courtesy of Disney

The dad thought nothing of removing the safety harness and lifting his infant son up in the air while some 20-feet above the ground. Staff immediately stopped the ride to prevent a disaster from happening. They took the entire family off the ride, authorities were called, and the father was arrested for child endangerment. Reminder, jungle laws don’t apply in Disney parks.

One Fan’s Creepy Obsession with Alice

Fans of Disney characters are a given at any of the parks. It’s not uncommon for kids to react with excitement when coming close with their favorite Disney character. But, when an adult fan has taken their obsession too far, we hope the staff is on full alert, for everyone’s sake. Poor Alice was the victim of one such fan.

image courtesy of abelle2/ Flickr

The staff at one park noticed that an adult guest was a regular visitor and constantly seemed on the lookout for Alice. On one particular visit, this fan overstepped the mark and thought it was totally okay to whip out some scissors and cut a lock of hair from Alice’s head. Thankfully, an employee was eyeing the regular visitor and caught her before anything else happened. The superfan was escorted to the exit and never allowed back into the park again.

Sad Endings Can Happen, Even at a Disney Resort

Sure, we can laugh about people passing gas or relieving themselves in Disney parks, but sometimes things can be downright tragic. One housekeeper at a Disney hotel came upon a tragic scene when doing her rounds one morning. Upon opening the door to a room, she was met with a lifeless body. She immediately called for backup and was shocked to learn that the guest had decided to end his life in the hotel.

image courtesy of Disney

The hotel tried to downplay the event and decided cleaning signs were preferable to police tape. Guests realized something was afoot when police and other authorities were seen around the hotel. Hotel staff were on full alert and did their best to avert attention away from the tragic events of the day.

Disney is a Popular Final Resting Place

Some people think of a Disney theme park as the ideal place to spend all of eternity in. What’s not to like? It’s a land filled with happy people and critters. For the most part, it’s a place filled with happy children where everyone is promised a happily ever after ending.

image courtesy of Mariah Tyler/

It also tops the list of where people would love their ashes spread after they leave this earth. While it’s not allowed to spread ashes in the park, it does happen. The most popular spot in the park is the Haunted Mansion, which makes sense when you think about it. If someone is caught dispersing ashes through the park, they are stopped, and the remains are cleared away, which pretty much defeats the purpose.

Elephant on the Loose

One popular Disney destination is Animal Kingdom in Florida. It’s home to the most exotic animals in the world. The park prides itself on its humane treatment of animals residing on the grounds. Many guests ooh and aah when given a chance to get as close as possible to their favorite animal. However, coming upon a wandering elephant was never a part of the plans.

Image courtesy of

On one such guided tour, visitors were learning about elephants and heard tales of Willy. Willy is one of the park’s more popular residents, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to roam unattended. This is exactly what happened when guests were listening to stories from the guide when they noticed Willy left his secure paddock and was now in front of the visitors. Willy is known for his calm demeanor, and no one was injured, but he was returned quickly to his area.

It’s Not Easy Being a Princess

Disney princesses are for sure one of the must-sees when visiting the park. There are so many of them, and it’s hard to choose our favorites. It’s not so simple for these members of the royal family. They are expected to be poised, smile, and never show emotion, much like real-life members residing at Buckingham Palace.

Image courtesy of Disney Parks/ Today

Much like real royalty, security needs to keep an eye on Disney princesses as well. Thankfully, security was paying attention one day when a visitor decided to abduct one of these damsels in distress literally. He literally threw the princess over his shoulder and attempted to flee the park. Whether it was done as a joke, we’re not sure. We do know that man was stopped after a few feet and arrested. Charges were made against the guest, and he was barred from ever revisiting the park.

Even at Disney…

We’re starting to see how many incidents could have been thwarted if people just held on till they reach the bathroom. You see where we’re headed, but this tale has an awkward twist. On one seemingly normal day in one of the park’s theaters, a visitor didn’t want to miss a moment of the show and decided to relieve himself in the corner.

image courtesy of

On this particular day, a young child decided to wander in every part of the theater when he came upon a foreign object in the corner of the theater. The child picked up the soft log and thought he found some chocolate for the taking. Yep, that’s what really happened, no need for further details. Thankfully the child’s mother wasn’t too far away, and it wasn’t long before the poop hit the fan. Someone swears he heard the child’s father blame the child for this unfortunate mishap, not realizing that an adult was in fact at fault.

Alien Invasion

One of the more popular attractions at the park was located in Tomorrowland and was the Alien Encounter theater experience. We use the past tense here because it no longer exists, and we think we know why. Having an alien land in your lap might be cause for alarm and reason to shut it down.

image courtesy of Disney

Just to be clear, an alien landing on a visitor’s lap wasn’t supposed to be part of the experience, but aliens aren’t predictable, and stuff happens. One day during the show, a technical glitch occurred, and one of the aliens came flying into a guest’s lap. The guests naturally became alarmed, havoc ensued, and the staff tried to save the day. Rumor has it that guests were compensated with gifts and refunds issued. They were even asked to not share the news with the press. The guest on the receiving end of the alien invasion was even gifted with the alien that ruined their experience.

Tweedle Dumb and Dumber

So, here’s a story that made us giggle. One afternoon the Queen of Hearts was out and about the park visiting her subjects. She demanded those that wish to pose with her bow down and remember her position in the Magic Kingdom. Joining her on her daily stroll were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They weren’t feeling the love that day.

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Nearby, where they were posing, the brothers saw a non-functioning water fountain that had been emptied of water but not of coins. The twosome decided to snag some of the coins in plain view of the Queen and the tourists in the park. The duo must have forgotten their clumsy costume, as they got caught on the metal fence and basically fell into the fountain face first. They managed to get up and dust themselves off eventually. We’re not sure if they picked up any coins that day, but it was a sight to behold while it was happening.

Kids Being Kids

Not all kids are angels. It’s a fact. Some kids refuse to follow the rules, regardless of the reasons those rules are in place. At Disney, there’s a reason for height limits on some rides. Several rides are not meant for younger kids or those that don’t meet the height requirements. Space Mountain is one of those rides, and staff does their best to follow the rules, but sometimes things go wrong. One day a sister promised to watch over her two siblings who didn’t meet the height requirement for the ride. This was when the staff’s judgment flew out the window.

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The three siblings were strapped in, and all appeared fine. When the ride returned to the drop-off point, only one came back. The staff freaked out, and the search for the missing kids unsued. They abruptly stopped the ride, and staff began searching. They came upon the two kids soon enough but found them lying face down on the tracks. Panic naturally set in, and authorities were called in to assist. The kids then got up and started laughing, screaming, ‘Gotcha.’ Thankfully, no one was injured, but the prank did cause said employee to be severely reprimanded. Damn, kids!