40 Inspiration Ideas To Help Convert A Dull Garage Into A Chic Oasis

By Luisa K

Have you ever looked at your garage and thought about doing something useful with it? If you actually have a garage, it might be high on your list of priority features for your new home. However, as many people who have garages will tell you, they end up getting cluttered up with pointless junk and stuff you no longer use. For most people, a full-size garage is just an extra space where you can spread out your rubbish and items you don’t use but have yet to throw away. It’s not as though we have that much in our garages. Perhaps just a couple of bicycles and a few tools? Yet, with no clever storage solutions and lack of organization, this can occupy a huge space that you could put to better use!  So if you need some inspiration, check out these spectacular garage conversions. It just proves that you can turn your plain, old garage into a functional new room with a bit of imagination and creativity!

A Stylish Chill Zone

The first thought when you see this cool room is the masculine feel. The colors alone spell male dominance. In addition, there is a selection of games to play with mates. These items will keep minds occupied and possibly some friendly competitive rivalry.

Image Credit: miamidesignagenda.com

The transformed space into a sports room is the ultimate place for men or women to let off steam. Initially, it appears to be more of a man cave. But these games allow friends and family to gather and have some friendly fun.

If You Don’t Have a Garage, Convert Your Attic

Making use of every aspect of a house is a no-brainer. In this day and age, extra space is essential for relaxation, hobbies, and work. It might also be a valuable asset for a growing family by adding additional facilities such as a bathroom or bedroom.

Image Credit: houzz.com

If you have no garage to convert into extra liveable space, why not look to the attic? This area of a house can be tricky to transform since some parts of the ceiling are too low. However, with clever planning and decorating, they can be a valuable living space.

Check out that Double Garage Conversion

The final results of this design are excellent, and there is no way you would guess this was once a double garage. A lot of clever thought has transformed the vast space into a functional family games room. Plus, a bright dining room to enjoy eating with family and friends can’t be bad.

Credit: Love Property


If you are lucky enough to have an unused double garage, consider the valuable space you have to hand. While it can be costly renovating it into a livable space and adding heating and lighting, it adds value to a house.  

 An  Artist Studio at the Bottom of Your Garden

There is nothing like wood for natural living. This bright wooden studio looks like it has been here for years. It provides a cozy and practical atmosphere and is very pretty. The light, paintings, and plants bring life to the room, highlighting the owner’s creativity.

Image Credit: Love Property

But, this art studio was once an old wooden garage that is now a creative workspace in the garden. How convenient is this? The design results from upcycling where possible of old materials and items from dumpsters and sustainable sources.

Bright, Modern Home Office

Having the ability to change a garage into a modern home office is a dream for most people, especially after being stuck inside for the past year or so. Having a small and comfortable space away from the home environment to work is on top of many people’s agenda!

Image Credit: unadesignerpertutti.com

The principle of altering a garage into a home office might not be cheap, but it’s worth the cost in the long run. A lot of thought into light, heat, work areas, furniture, and comfort is needed. Here, even a false window provides a view.

A Teenager’s Dream Den

We all need our own space, and youngsters are no different. The alteration of a garage to a neatly decorated place to chill out, meet friends, and do homework is what many teenagers desire. This room is so cool and practical.

Credit: Love Property

Nowadays, reforming a garage into a living space is an economical and practical solution to creating more room. Creating this den-like space will give youngsters a feeling of independence from the main home. Plus, it is an area to entertain friends and not be annoyed by other family members.

From Garage to Indoor-Outdoor Terrace

Most people with a garage end up using it as storage or a dumping ground rather than parking the car in it. Converting an untidy garage into another area to entertain or relax provides more space to a house. Making the space into a terrace provides the outdoor feel with the indoor appeal.

Image Credit: Love Property

Changing the garage into an indoor or outdoor terrace gives your home a Mediterranean atmosphere. With this, the conversion provides shade and is easy to clean with the hard-wearing flooring. These spaces are adaptable and can be used by all to sit and relax, read, or dine alfresco. 

A Pretty Garden and Utility Room

The rustic room in this picture is the business. It is a practical room that we all want. It has hardwood flooring and a shelter to escape bad weather. In addition, it provides space for more domestic appliances and even a workable table.

Credit: Love Property

A lot of thought went into this utility space outdoors. Who would have thought it was from an old garage? You can see reclaimed materials provide a sealed shelter with a mini dining room in the garden. The space offers a multi-functional array of uses such as storage, cooking, and odd jobs.

A Country-Side Guesthouse

Rearranging a garage into a self-contained guest house must be at the top of most homeowner’s wish lists. A lot of thought has gone into this guest space. It has everything you could need for an overnight stay, from a usable kitchen and dining area to a bathroom and a cozy loft to sleep.

Image Credit: wherearease.info

The space here is charming. While it is small, it has everything you need and is additional practical accommodation for guests. Again, to reduce costs, the design shows many salvaged materials used to make an exceptional tiny guest home.

Home Office and Playroom in One!

The space here spells multi-functional, from housing a desk for work, bookshelves, a comfy chair to sit into a safe space for children to play on a rainy day. The room is bright, clean, and secure. The minimal design makes it easy to adapt to other uses.

Image Credit: Love Property

Making a garage into an extension of living space is clever. The extra room provides space for almost anything. The simple design layout here looks like a room in the home. You could have an additional bedroom, bathroom, or study.

An Impressive Cinema Room!

There is no way you will find this much comfort in your average cinema no matter how much you search. The dream cinema room here has everything you need for comfort, from oversized soft recliners to a bar for refreshments when you need a break.

Image Credit: designwebi.com

To transform a double garage into a state-of-the-art home cinema could be on many people’s wish list. The design is modern and exposes comfort and relaxation. The vast screen and bar top it off as a luxurious place to have in the home.

Every Soccer Mom Needs One of These Mudrooms!

This laundry room is massive and is a mom’s dream. The simplicity means it is easy to keep clean and provides a space to tackle dirty tasks in the home and what comes in from the outdoors. The functional area offers room for laundry and keeps it in one specific place.

Image Credit: homify.cl

The clever conversion of a garage to a valuable room for laundry and dirty jobs is brilliant. Having this type of room close to the home to deal with mud and dirt after outdoor activities saves time. It means the main house can stay clean. Plus, it doubles up as a laundry room.

Calm and Cosy Study Area

Having a unique and peaceful space to study means the results will be better than those struggling to concentrate amid a houseful of family members.  The conversion here provides a great area to chill out and focus when the need arises.

Image Credit: matuisichiro.com

The design proves you can create more space within a space. The valuable study area is part of the garage roof and provides a bright and calm study and workplace. Spaces like this created in the garage can have many functions and uses as a general living area.

A Design Studio of Dreams

It is so smart when you see this room, simply because it has absolutely everything you need in a home.  There is a kitchen, dining area, lounge, desk area, and even access to a bedroom via ladders. The studio is small, but every part of it is used to its full potential to provide all you need for living and working from home.

Image Credit: mollyfreydesign.com

The studio is a double garage transformed with stud walls to give it a modern layout. The studio has an open-plan feel, and every part of the space is to its maximum potential. The office area, to all of those working from home, is in the ex garage space.

A Split-Level Self-Contained Apartment

It is hard to believe this split-level living area used to be a garage. The room is so modern and bright, with all the features of a modern studio apartment. A lot of creativity is in the design, and every part of the garage is used to its potential.

Image Credit: myhomegarden.co.uk

The modern layout of the studio provides space for a modern sunken galley kitchen to a higher area for living and sofa bed. The open gas fire and TV instantly make it a home. The floor lighting that separates the two floors gives the false impression of a bigger space.

A Teenager’s Hangout Pad

As children grow, they want independence, and this room gives them just that. The design of the space covers everything a teenager could want. The room has everything many adults would like as well, like clever storage, a gym area, TV, a sofa, and a study area.

Image Credit: www.dixib.com

The garage conversion is super cool for older children. It provides an area for independence. The concept of making an area for teens to chill out or work out is ingenious. Plus, there is plenty of space for friends to watch TV or play games.

A Full-Size Luxury Studio Apartment

There are so many great interior design products around today to mimic real-life materials. Here, it is the false brick wall. The studio is astonishing and provides an illusion of space. It is a super clever creation with all you need for a comfortable place to live.

Image Credit: lightingnews.net

Modern design materials come into play when renovating a garage into a living space. There is such a good choice of products out there to perform these creations. They trick us into thinking more room and separate living areas. While this was once a garage, it certainly has no resemblance after the conversion.

Spacious Luxury Bathroom

It is hard to imagine that this large, luxury bathroom is a garage conversion. Most of us don’t have this luxury in our homes. Generally, bathrooms are small and usually not enough in a home for families! The bathroom here has all you could dream of when you want to relax.

Image Credit: petitsuite.com

This bathroom that was once a garage is 100% total luxury. It is hard to believe it was once a cold parking space for the car. The considerable space with an oversized bathtub and plush fittings is all you need when you want to chill out.

A Basic Bedroom Conversion

Space is essential these days, and most of us don’t have enough. Having an additional bedroom is so helpful for extra siblings of big families and guests. The rustic style provides a modern and stylish bedroom space that most people would be happy to stay in.

Image Credit: cowsultants.com

There are elements in this space that still resemble a garage, but it is a quick fix to create space when needed. The effects are incredible, and while it might look like a garage from the outside. On the inside, it is a warm and cozy space to stay over.

A Homely Family Room

At first glance, most people would be happy to pay for this room in a hotel. It is comfortable and cozy and has everything you need for a night’s stay. The area is plush and is a place to relax and enjoy an evening.

Image Credit: houzz.com

The stunning room is the result of a double garage conversion and is simply an amazing design. The fake beams and massive sliding glass doors add the finishing touches to create a beautiful space for families to enjoy time together.

Super Modern, Spacious Lounge

Having a massive space is excellent for so many reasons like family time, eating, storage, and more.  Using what’s at hand, such as unused garage space, is ideal for creating this extra living area. While it can take extra money to renovate a lot of the time, it works out less expensive than moving to a bigger home!

Image Credit: wayfair.com

The vast lounge area here is an example of what you can achieve when you have redundant space that isn’t used to its full potential. With time, creativity, and effort, the garage can become a place that feels like a part of your home. You can style the extra room in a design you want using the latest materials and features.

An All-in-One Living Area

The design here is clever and practical as they are getting the most out of the small amount of available space. The fact that everything the owner adores is in the same space is creative. Most of us struggle to fit our belongings into bigger rooms, but it is managed excellently here.

Image Credit: rentandgo.co

The message here is the owner doesn’t want to move and instead has designed a place for every particular belonging they own. It is a neat design and a space designated for everything from the dining table to the motorbike and pet dog!

An Extra Living Area

Creating extra living space takes planning, and a lot of thought into windows, heating, insulation, and ventilation is needed. Especially if you are converting a cold area like a garage, the living space design here proves you can convert an unused area into a beneficial living space.

Image Credit: Love Property

The intention with this garage makeover is obviously to create an add-on to the original home. Much work has been done here to style the room to be a comfortable part of the house to enjoy. While it has a modern look, it is practical.

Bring Your Car Inside Your Home

Instantly, this space looks like a car showroom. It looks pristine and clean to park a vehicle. The design is ultra-modern, and this is one lucky car that lives here in the white-washed walled space. Or, it could be a shared studio with the cars’ owner!

Image Credit: snoopit24.com

The space is bright and modern and looks like a shared living space with the car. While this garage conversion idea is a great idea to keep the vehicle clean and safe, it is obvious the owner is sharing the space with other homey ideas.

Tiny Living Paradise

The small space here proves you can turn a disused building into a small space to live in. While today’s modern living is generally small, this is tiny. But, it is effective in what is possible when you put your mind to it.

Credit: archive.curbed.com

The miniature modern home is the result of only part of a crumbling garage. It is incredible what you can develop from parts of a falling-down house. The contemporary feel is delightful and has a light, and airy atmosphere to spend time in and enjoy.

From Double Garage to Spacious House

The conversion here is massive, and it’s hard to believe a garage can be that big. The fact that this modern space is more extensive than most people’s city apartments is mind-blowing! It looks more like a modern mansion than a makeover.

Credit: www.newsnow.co.uk

The actual garage was a double one and covers a massive 2900 square feet. The result is a two-bedroom conversion with a fully-equipped living space, art, and photography studio. So, the owner has a living and workspace all in one.

Cute and Colourful Leisure Room

At first sight, this modern style is a reminder of a holiday villa simply because of the decor. The vibrant colors, style, and furniture provide a summer look that we all adore. It is a wonderful example of creating a space with a holiday feeling.

Image Credit: newgenerationimprovements.com

The conversion is a colorful renovation but only because of the furnishings and plants. The simple whitewashed walls give the living space a modern and bright feel. Therefore, the outcome is a living and kitchen space for enjoying with family and friends.

Wood-Clad Studio Apartment

The first thought with this wood cladding studio is it looks so warm and cozy. We associate wood with those who live in cold parts of the world. But, realistically, wood is universal and makes a place look so comfortable.

Image Credit: fotos.habitissimo.com.br

The apartment here is the result of a lot of second-hand and salvaged materials.  It has everything you need like a bathroom, kitchen, dining space, and raised area for a bedroom. The fact it is wooden means it probably has good insulation and is long-lasting.

Serene Screening Room

It is hard to think this ultra-modern space was once a garage. Now, it has everything in one area like a bathroom, bed, bar, and kitchen. There are many modern accessories here and plenty of storage. It is a bright room to enjoy anytime.

Image Credit: www.3th.us

The room was once a four-car garage until it had a complete make-over.  There are many ingenious screens to create the illusion of space, plus clever lighting to appear roomy. Now, it is a modern, clean area used as a guest room and extra space.

Fabulous Family Kitchen

There is nothing better in a home than a large family kitchen. It brings the entire family together. Whether it is to cook, eat, chat, or do homework on the extra breakfast bar, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Image Credit: houzz.com

The renovation and ultimate result is this beautiful, practical kitchen. It is large enough to accommodate family and friends anytime. There is a lot of useful space here to seat a large crowd. Plus, there is plenty of kitchen area to make delicious meals.

Micro Bachelor Pad

We are all aware that living costs are expensive and rising every year. So, therefore, this space that was created for a single person is just the thing many people need. While it is small, it has everything to create a space the owner can call home after work.

Image Credit: houzz.com

This garage was purchased to change into a living space for a career person. When money is tight, it is the modern solution to finding affordable living accommodation. Clever designers made use of the small space to form a one-bedroom apartment.

Bright and Light Games Room

This room looks as if it was intended for youngsters as a game room and to have fun with friends. However, there must be many envious adults wanting a similar space in the home.  The room is bright and spacious and just waiting for guests to enjoy.

Image Credit: houzz.com

Renovating a garage into a game room like this is a dream for many of us mere mortals. The spacious, bright area has everything you need to enjoy some games. The all-American bold colors make it a cheerful place to visit anytime.

A Studio for Woodcarving Projects

This neat wooden studio looks like business. It seems as if this space is the creation of a person who enjoys working with wood. The room is outstanding as a renovation project and is a lovely and warm work of art.

Image Credit: Love Property

This old garage was revamped is into this beautiful wood carving studio. A lot of work has gone into this room. It is an impressive space, and if the owner wants to show off his wood crafting skills, he has certainly done it with this example.

Movie and Music Room

At first sight, this room looks a little messy and unkempt. But, this is probably the artwork that is causing this effect. The guitar suggests it is a musician who enjoys the space in this room. The dog looks like he enjoys the comfort here, too.

Image Credit: data.handyrettung.at

The conversion here is to create a home theatre and enjoy the room with others. It is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of seating. The room provides plenty of space for music and fun. But, with its simple style, it can convert to extra living space at any time.

Gorgeous Garden Guesthouse

A garden room is a valuable space to use any time of the year. The design here is universal and provides a lot of comfort, whatever the weather may be. You get the best of both worlds sitting outdoors among the greenery and having the home comfort of an indoor sanctuary.

Image Credit: houzz.com

The garden house created from a garage has a small kitchen, bathroom, living area, and loft bedroom.  The design allows the doors to open wide to enjoy the warm sunshine or closed if it is chilly outside. It is a home in the garden.

Luxury Home Gym

Having a gym in the garden means you have no excuse not to do a daily workout. While it might cost initially to set up a home gym, it could save money long term. Plus, you can use it as often as you want.

Image Credit: fllow.me

Transforming a garage into a gym means you can keep in good shape. It can be your personnel space to do exercise without sharing with others. The design means you can enjoy a bright and airy environment to work out. 

Utility Room and Mini Kitchen

It isn’t easy to believe this modern mini kitchen was transformed from a garage. But, having this extra space is valuable and certainly an advantage when the house has many guests. Ultimately, this conversion is a bigger job than others but certainly worth it.

Image Credit: Love Property

The garage conversion to erect this mini kitchen and the wet room takes a lot of planning. A lot of work is involved in the renovation by adding electrics, and plumbing, and decor. But, the result is simply marvelous with space and easy to clean flooring and heating.

Cosy Studio Apartment

The space here is delightful, even though it’s small. Everything needed for living is in a small area. It has a fitted kitchen, bathroom to a loft area with a bed, not to mention plenty of storage. It is a welcoming living space and practical.

Image Credit: 24ur.com

It’s hard to believe this studio was once a dilapidated garage, but now a modern studio. It dons everything simple and modern and an excellent living area. Most of the materials were salvaged, along to give a cool room to live in.

Creative Art Studio

The space here is earthy and artistic, providing a functional area for a creative person. It is hard to think you can turn a dull garage into such a bright area. The room has been used to its full potential and has adequate storage and shelves to store equipment and showcase artwork.

Image Credit: Love Property

This room is not as modern or as luxurious as others but when you think that this was once a garage, it’s amazing to thing how much this space has been transformed. Light is so essential for this creative work, and it has been achieved here in this renovation.

Family Games Room and Bar

Creating a vast recreational space for the entire family to use and enjoy is top of most people’s to-do lists. Having an environment for a collection of favorite games that can be enjoyed together any time of the day is marvellous.

Credit: www.gladiatorgarageworks.com.au

The renovation from a massive garage to a substantial family games room and bar here is delightful. The space is modern and provides plenty of light and airy space. Its design means every game and apparatus is in one place, having competitive fun together, followed by a comfy spot for enjoying some refreshments.