Twinning All the Way: A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Trueblue Twins

By Israel O

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Over the years, we’ve seen a bunch of twins strut their stuff on the global stage and become celebrity sensations. But let’s be real, nobody pulled it off quite like the TrueBlue twins. These gals aren’t out there acting or painting masterpieces—they’re just two drop-dead gorgeous girls with some seriously stunning eye colors.

Back in 2015, a mom shared a snapshot of her dynamic twin duo, and bam! Things take a wacky turn. These two chicas stand out big time, causing a whole bunch of commotion because they’re rocking one or more bright blue peepers.

Once Stephanie Boyd unleashed pics of Megan and Morgan Boyd on her Insta, the internet exploded, and hearts were stolen left and right by the “Trueblue Twins.” Fast forward, and these girls are now rocking a whopping 874k followers on Instagram and have a fanbase of over 60k subscribers on YouTube. People just can’t get their fill of these fabulous ladies. So, why wait? Let’s dive into their pics and soak up the awesomeness!

1. Birth Of The TrueBlue Twins

June 6, 2011, marked the arrival of Stephanie Boyd’s dynamic duo: Megan and Morgan. The moment those little peepers popped open, it was like a magic spell had been cast. Stephanie could feel it deep down—her heart skipped a beat.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

Stephanie couldn’t hold back her tears of joy when she saw her little ones. She felt an overwhelming rush of excitement and an unshakable certainty that she was destined to be the best parent to Megan and Morgan. As they gazed into those one-of-a-kind eyes, there was an undeniable magic—something enchanting about them.

2. The Reason Behind Their Names 

Megan and Morgan might be their official names, but when they first graced the world, their family had a different moniker in mind. Stephanie could have gone with something like “The Boyd Sisters” or even “M & M,” but she opted for a name as unique as their dazzling charm: the “Trueblue Twins.”

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A mere gaze into those enchanting eyes was all it took to tell them apart. The name became an instant hit and remained a beloved term of reference ever since their birth, lovingly embraced by both their mother and their entire family.

3. Beauty Worth Showing Off

Imagine having not one, but two incredibly stunning twins who radiate individuality from every angle. It’s like hitting the jackpot—you just have to show them off! That’s what happened in the 2010s when Stephanie shared a photo of her twins on the internet, and just like that, they skyrocketed to stardom.

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The Trueblue twins won everyone’s hearts with their captivating beauty and mesmerizing eyes. What made them truly stand out was the rarity of black twins having striking blue eyes—an uncommon sight within the black community. This unique trait became their defining charm.

4. Babies In Blue 

In no time at all, the twins found themselves catapulted into online fame. One possessed vivid blue eyes, while the other sported a captivating combination of a brown eye and a strikingly bold blue eye. Such an unusual and exceptional trait in twins was indeed a rarity.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

Looking at the picture, it’s clear why Stephanie chose to dub them the “Trueblue Twins”—they absolutely rock the color blue. Their constant sense of style is something we truly admire. A big shoutout to their mom for consistently making that happen.

5. Same Outfits Always 

We’re all familiar with the classic tradition of twins rocking matching outfits. And if you are lucky enough to be in the company of twins, you will quickly notice their knack for consistently donning coordinating attire, particularly when they’re of the same gender.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

The Trueblue twins follow suit—even when it comes to their hairstyles. Stephanie’s fondness for acquiring coordinated ensembles for her dynamic duo and styling them with flair remains unchanged. As a plus-size model with a keen sense of fashion, she undoubtedly ensures her twins are decked out in the finest.

6. Unique Eye Color 

Among individuals with black heritage, possessing blue eyes is a rarity. The occurrence of blue eyes in the black community is so uncommon that it stands out significantly. Despite its rarity, the outcome can be incredibly striking. However, in this particular case, there’s a slight twist to the story.

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Morgan Boyd’s right eye boasts a deep, rich brown, while her left eye adds a pop of brilliant blue. Meanwhile, her sister Megan rocks a dynamic duo of dazzling blue eyes. Morgan’s eye-catching situation falls into the “rarer than a unicorn” category, making up less than 1% of the population.

7. Little Celebrities 

The moment the Trueblue twins’ picture graced the internet, they transformed into bona fide celebrities. Who could ask for a cooler way to roll through life than as mini-celebs? Stephanie, the proud mom, consistently ensures her kids are stylishly decked out and radiates self-confidence and positivity.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

Balancing the role of a busy mom, juggling family needs and happiness, Stephanie still manages to carve out ample time to outfit her little ones in charming ensembles and finesse their hairstyles. Their coordinated attire and infectious smiles have earned them an impressive following of over 800k on their Instagram account.

8. Meaning Of Heterochromia

We know you might be wondering why these twins have different eye colors. This is because Morgan has heterochromia, a condition in which the color of the iris in one eye might be different from that of the other eye.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

Take Morgan’s case, for instance, where one eye boasts a stunning blue hue while the other exudes a rich brown tone. Thanks to this uncommon genetic quirk, the twins don’t clock in at a full 100% identical, and it certainly simplifies the task of distinguishing between them.

9. Morgan’s Rare Eye Condition 

It’s enough that people stop and stare when they see the Trueblue Twins because they have a different eye color that isn’t common, especially for people of African descent. Their blue eyes are so vibrant and bold that they captivate even the coldest hearts.

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Morgan’s uncommon eye condition, heterochromia, doesn’t impair her vision. She’s had it since birth, and her left eye remains a striking blue while her right eye maintains its warm brown hue. Notably, there are other well-known individuals with heterochromia, including names like Mila Kunis, Alexander the Great, and Kate Bosworth.

10. Has Heterochromia Affected Her Modeling Career?

Well, if you ever imagined that this unusual condition might cast a shadow on Morgan’s journey, you’d be pleasantly surprised. In reality, this rare eye quirk has become her signature, setting her apart in the most delightful way. Instead of being a setback, people find it utterly enchanting and gorgeous.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

So, her modeling career remains unscathed by this trait. Interestingly, you’ll find that nowadays there’s a sprinkle of models sharing the same uniqueness, and they’ve managed to create their own special place in the industry. Just check out names like Naja Kirk, Mekhi Lucky, and George Griffiths for some prime examples!

11. It’s In The Family 

The blue-eyed charm of Megan and Morgan is actually a family affair, stemming from their biracial background and inherited from their Caucasian lineage. Their mom and paternal grandfather sport a pair of bright blues, turning this into a hereditary marvel that runs through the family genes.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

Moreover, they’ve got an uncle and a fabulous great-grand aunt who sport the delightful combo of one blue and one brown eye. It’s this quirky family trait that led to Morgan’s fantastic and rare eye colors. One can only imagine the double take they attract whenever they step outside their front door!

12. How Did They Become Famous?

Stephanie Boyd embraced the internet’s canvas to paint her kids’ stories with photos throughout the 2010s. With time, this simple sharing transformed into an online chronicle of their daily escapades. As Stephanie’s friends hopped on the photo-sharing train, the online community flourished, forming a platform where more and more folks joined.

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Stephanie’s social media presence was humming along, but it wasn’t until 2015 that things truly skyrocketed. All thanks to Deyonte Hunter, a groovy musician and talented tattoo artist, who posted a snapshot of the twins on his own social media page, and they went viral.

13. Their Video Had Over 6 Million Views 

The moment Deyonte Hunter shared a snapshot of Megan and Morgan, it was like the express lane to stardom had opened up. People from all corners started flocking to catch a glimpse of these captivating twins and their one-of-a-kind charm.

Image courtesy of

A dedicated fan took a trove of the twins’ pictures and stitched together a heartwarming video montage. Little did their father, Lovell Knight, know that sharing this video would set off an unexpected blast. And as fate would have it, the video clocked a cool 6.6 million views in no time at all!

14. Celebrities Became Huge Fans 

Beyond capturing the affection of countless fans spanning the globe, the twins also managed to sprinkle their enchantment on the hearts of various celebrities. The likes of Meagan Good, the actress from Think Like A Man, and the Comedian D.L. Hughley couldn’t help but be charmed by their unique looks and beauty.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

They both shared pictures of the twins on their social media accounts, which brought massive success for the family. Both celebrities said they were huge fans, and this exposure made it easier for the twins to start a modeling career.

15. An Artwork Of The Girls

But their popularity didn’t stop there! A tribe of authentic and heartfelt fans have continued to shower the twins with affection and adoration, expressing their love through creative gestures like this artwork here. The twins regularly receive drawings, paintings, and illustrations from their devoted fans.

Image courtesy of

From time to time, the twins share these creations on their Instagram page, giving everyone a chance to gaze upon and appreciate them. It’s not far-fetched to imagine them becoming celebrity twins of the same stature as the Olsens—fame awaits!

16. Nationally Famous 

Their popularity doesn’t just stop at the neighborhood corner; it’s spread across the entire nation. The incredible part? They achieved this without even breaking a sweat. We’re all aware of how challenging it can be to gain fame, let alone achieve celebrity status.

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The twins practically had their path paved with gold. Their distinct and captivating looks and cheerful personalities have been the driving force behind their success. While they weren’t born into the spotlight, they’ve carved out their niche in the modeling world and made a name that shines just as bright.

17.  Supportive Stephanie 

Megan and Morgan are fortunate to call Stephanie Boyd their mom. She’s not just their biggest cheerleader but a significant pillar of their accomplishments. Stephanie recognizes that with their blossoming stardom, her kids need to be out and about more, and she wholeheartedly supports their journey.

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That’s why Stephanie was careful not to nudge them into something they weren’t at ease with. She had an open conversation, explaining the scenario and posing the question about whether they wanted to kickstart a modeling career. They heard their mother out and still decided they really wanted to do it.

18. They Are Mini Bosses

The thing we love most about the twins is their unwavering comfort in front of the camera. They love to represent girl power and confidence with adorable outfits like this. This one reads mini-bosses, and we definitely agree with them.

Image courtesy of

It’s hard not to adore the self-assured vibes they radiate, especially considering the rapid success they’ve snagged in such a short span. These mini-bosses should definitely wear their pride on their sleeves, as they’ve got every reason to be proud!

19. Their Father Is Very Protective 

Their dad, Lovell Knight, is the perfect example of a protective father—just as any dad should be! Little did he know that sharing that wonderful video of his kids would set off a viral explosion beyond his expectations. That video took the internet by storm!

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Like any parent, he had moments of concern about the growing attention they were receiving. Every now and then, he steps into the protective parent role, because despite their fame, he wants them to savor a regular childhood and relish life just like any other kids out there.

20. Camera Lovers

Their parents used to snap countless photos of them back when they were toddling around. Shyness around cameras? Not in their vocabulary! With lots of adorable snapshots gracing their Instagram account, they’ve actually grown more at ease and confident in front of the lens.

Image courtesy of

Their aunt, Ebony Morris, playfully claims they were “born this way” as they effortlessly channel their inner models, striking poses with ease whenever a camera is around. This natural knack has opened doors to numerous modeling opportunities over the years.

21. They Love Makeup

Scrolling through their Instagram posts, it’s clear that they occasionally dabble in makeup. Their affinity for all things makeup is undoubtedly inspired by their mom, who often sports some herself. In one particular snapshot, they proudly show off their Frozen makeup kits, all set to practice and perfect their cosmetic craft.

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Sure, while some folks have chimed in that they might be a tad young for makeup, there’s no harm in the twins testing their makeup prowess every now and then as they blossom into young adults. We’re all for it, as long as it’s done in moderation and with a touch of fun!

22. Their Parents Completely Adore Them

Another thing that warms our hearts is the unwavering love and backing the twins receive from their parents. Despite recognizing the innate specialness and uniqueness of their kids from an early stage, the parents have shown remarkable restraint and integrity by never capitalizing on their children’s charm for personal gain.

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They have instead embraced their children’s special looks and provided them with genuine love and support. Lovell and Stephanie are always looking out for the best interest of their daughters and are confident they would achieve a lot in their lives.

23. They Have A Little Brother Called Chris

Here’s a fun tidbit—they’ve got an utterly adorable baby brother! The twins relish their time with him, enjoying the role of teacher as they introduce him to the world’s wonders. When this snapshot was captured, the trio was savoring a delightful hometown escapade in Philadelphia.

Image courtesy of

Their brother might sport a different eye color with his lovely brown eyes, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that there’s an uncanny resemblance between them. Whether you look at the contours of their faces, noses, or even their radiant smiles, it’s clear that they’re all cut from the same sibling cloth!

24. Fans Love to Take Pictures With Them 

Sporting a whopping 874,000 followers on Instagram, these twins have effortlessly ascended to celebrity status. Their immense fan following has reached such heights that merely stepping out and about often leads to fans spotting them and requesting snapshots with the girls.

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Even as their celebrity status soars, Stephanie’s lessons have been crystal clear—no posing for photos with unfamiliar faces. Megan typically nods to photo requests but always with her mom’s seal of approval. On the other hand, Morgan occasionally takes a pass, especially if she senses any discomfort around the person in question.

25. They Still Live Normal Lives 

At the age of 12, these kids are still beaming with their unique charm. Their Instagram posts regularly gather tens of thousands of likes and attract numerous comments from their dedicated fans and followers. However, this hasn’t put a damper on their ability to enjoy life as regular, everyday kids!

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They continue to enjoy living normal lives and doing normal kid’s stuff, like eating candies, playing with friends or even simply playing dress-up. We are glad they didn’t have to grow up too fast and are enjoying every bit of their childhood as they should.

26. How Do They Handle Fame?

As they’ve grown older, the kids have come to understand the concept of popularity. They realize that they stand out from their peers due to their distinctive charm. Despite acknowledging their potential fame, this newfound recognition hasn’t altered them in the slightest.

Image courtesy of

They’re a pair of absolutely adorable cuties, and observing them is a delight. Stephanie, their mother, recognizes the internet’s duality—its positives and negatives. Out of this awareness, she oversees her daughters’ social media profiles until they reach an age where they can manage it on their own.

27. Fabulous Art 

Like we mentioned before, the twins boast an enormous fan following, making it only natural for people to wholeheartedly invest their interest and express it through the creation of stunning artwork. Here’s a prime example—a fantastic piece by a fan named Millixi.

Image courtesy of

This one is an absolute gem in our books. Those eyes are absolutely spot on! The delightful touch of adding butterflies around them adds a whimsical charm. And guess what? There’s more where this came from! Their social media accounts are brimming with similar creations from other fans.

28. It’s A Season To Be Jolly

Christmas, the season of love and gift-sharing, holds a special place in our hearts. It’s that magical time when kids of all ages eagerly await presents from the one and only Santa Claus. And guess what? The twins are right in the mix, bubbling with excitement like any other youngsters.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@stephboyd24

Ever since they entered the world, a heartwarming tradition has been in place—an annual Christmas photoshoot decked out in matching ensembles. If you’re curious, last year’s festive snapshots are waiting for you on their Instagram account. They look adorable in this red plaid dress, white socks, and matching braids!

29. Mother The Manager 

While both parents play an active role in their daughters’ lives, their mother takes on an added role—overseeing her daughters’ modeling journey. Stephanie happily shares that she thoroughly enjoys this responsibility, finding it a task she can easily handle without any stress.

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She’s always open to calls and emails for booking her twins for modeling gigs. When you have daughters as stunning as Megan and Morgan, quality is the name of the game, and that’s what truly matters. Plus, she’s thrilled that her girls are making the most out of the opportunities that come their way!

30. Different Personalities 

Even in the world of identical twins, there’s always something unique that sets them apart. Perhaps it’s their personalities that do the trick. In this delightful duo’s case, it’s a delightful blend of their looks and personalities. Yep, they’ve got slightly different flavors of charm that make them their own!

Image courtesy of

Morgan’s heart flutters for fashion shows, and she’s the queen of pretend catwalks. Meanwhile, Megan’s all about getting her hair styled just right before their photoshoots. But you know what’s even more charming? Despite these distinct personalities, they’ve remained the closest of buddies, cementing a tight-knit bond that’s unbreakable.

31. Photogenic Twins

We weren’t kidding when we mentioned the twins’ knack for striking a pose that’s camera-ready. Whether they’re in front of their mom’s lens or facing a professional photo shoot, they exude unwavering confidence. It’s like second nature to them—they effortlessly give their all, making it look as easy as pie!

Image courtesy of

Both girls adore getting their hair done and flaunting their poses for the camera. Even though they occasionally sprinkle in some goofy expressions, like in this particular snapshot, they remain utterly charming and totally photogenic. Being natural, they effortlessly deliver fantastic poses requiring little to no training—they were born for it!

32. Little Fashionistas 

Megan and Morgan are the cutest little fashion icons in the making. Hailing from a family of style aficionados, they’ve got fashion running in their veins. Since their early days, their mom has always decked them out in fashionable attire, and now that they’re a bit older, the fashionable saga continues!

Image courtesy of

Given their professional modeling gig, their wardrobe is nothing short of fabulous, overflowing with an incredible array of clothes. What’s even more exciting is that they often get to keep some of the outfits they’ve strutted down the runway in, keeping both themselves and the brands thrilled by flaunting them in style!

33. They Act Goofy Sometimes 

Just like every other person out there, the twins love Snapchat filters. They use these filters and make funny faces with them. We love how innocent and cute they look here. Even though most people condemn filters and say they change a person’s appearance.

Image courtesy of

We’ve got no qualms about folks enjoying filters—in fact, we find them downright enjoyable! One of the twins’ cherished pastimes is getting playful with Snapchat filters. Seeing them having a blast is just heartwarming, and it’s one of the many delightful things we adore about them!

34. They Love Anything Fashion 

It’s no surprise that the Trueblue twins love fashion. It wouldn’t shock anyone if they ever decide to delve into the fashion industry much later. We honestly feel they would be awesome as they have a natural flair for fashion designing and anything fashion-related.

Image courtesy of

They love to choose their outfits, and according to their mother, they love fashion a lot. Stephanie even recalls a time when they stayed up late because they were trying to create a new look for their jeans by adding holes and frays to them.

35. Always Trying New Hairstyles 

One of their many trademarks has to be their beautiful hairstyles. We commend Stephanie for the efforts she puts into making sure her daughters look impeccable. She tries different looks for her kids, from braids to bows, Bantu knots, and even going all-natural.

Image courtesy of

The twins love their hair getting styled for photoshoots. Most times, their hairstyles serve as inspiration to their followers, who look forward to new hairstyles to see what hairstyle they choose next. In case you didn’t notice, the twins always have matching hairstyles.

36. Brand Influencers 

They have started promoting several products. Although they are pretty young, it hasn’t stopped them from influencing. Their mother carefully selects brands that can be trusted and have the best products. She strikes a deal with these brands; the twins influence and endorse their products.

Image courtesy of

Given their large followers, they often get lucrative offers from various brands, but their mother selects those that fit the Twins’ brand. This shows how quickly someone can become famous. The good thing is that they can start saving their funds for their future.

37. Rihanna’s Lookalikes 

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but there’s a hint of resemblance between the twins and Rihanna. And that’s not all—since Stephanie is a massive fan of the singer, she occasionally styles Megan and Morgan’s hair to mirror Rihanna’s iconic look.

Image courtesy of

This hairstyle is the Bantu knot, and it requires braiding and twisting the hair into a knot. When fans of the twins saw this resemblance, they were excited. Fans hope that one day, the girls will grow up and see Rihanna as an inspiration.

38. Halloween Look

Not only do they style their hair like Rihanna, but they also love to dress up like her. They decided to dress like her for Halloween. They used her poster for the ANTI World Tour as inspiration. The braids, dark lipstick, and suit are classic Rihanna style.

Image courtesy of

We must commend them for the effort they put into pulling this off. The resemblance is hard to skip. We would love to see some baby pictures of Rihanna. We are sure there’s a striking resemblance. Imagine looking and dressing up like your favorite celebrity.

39. Always Ready To Strike A Pose

When we say these kids are naturals, it’s not a joke. It doesn’t matter where they are; they are always ready to strike a pose. This is because their parents take pictures of them, so they are used to cameras flashing in their faces at any time.

Image courtesy of

This photo was taken when the family was at Walmart, and their mom wanted to take a photo of her girls. They took no time in striking a cute and adorable pose for the camera. Megan looks so cute holding the phone to her ears. She isn’t doing much, but the picture still looks adorable.

40. Fantastic Fur

Megan and Morgan are all about rocking stylish attire, but they’re just as adept at donning cute and sophisticated ensembles. Imagine them in matching furry vests—the result is nothing short of fabulous. Their infectious smile and captivating beauty make this picture a favorite of ours.

Image courtesy of

It captures their innocence and what they love doing. Their remarkable features also make the picture look very realistic. At such a tender age they have continued to melt the hearts of thousands of people. We can only imagine what the future holds for them.

41. The Future Is Bright

These beautiful little ladies have everyone in awe with their lovely Instagram images, and while we can’t say for sure what the future holds for them, we can say that they have what it takes to become famous and we wish them the best.

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We’re brimming with anticipation for all the wonderful moments that lie ahead for the Twins. Blessed with remarkable parents who provide unwavering support, we send them our heartfelt wishes for a life filled with joy and success. Their parents should be proud and content with an incredible son and such delightful daughters by their