45 Nifty Granny Life Hacks That Have Stood The Test Of Time

By Ishita P

Have you ever thought about what life would be like without our grandmas? Burdensome and pale, just like a barren desert with no liveliness. The bond we share with them starts right from birth and ends only when we close our eyes forever. Yes, it’s true that they do not stay with us throughout our lives, but they leave a great loving touch, many words of wisdom on the reality of life, a few great recipes, some typical and lovely hand-woven sweaters, and a bucket full of evergreen hacks! Sometimes while you use those lovely, quickie hacks, have you ever thought, how magical those tips are and how simple it makes our lives? Or have you thought about how many generations that have been passed to that they are still alive? That emotional bond related to those lovely hacks is simply amazing. So, let’s take a nostalgic dive today into those genius granny hacks.

Messy, broken eggshells in your egg white is no more an unsolvable problem

Sometimes, when we break eggs, one tiny, stubborn, dreaded eggshell is never ready to let go of the yolk and egg white. It is more like the stubborn and disgusting exes in our lives who keep showing up and playing with our patience.

Image courtesy of spoonuniversity.com

But grandma knows the magic! One of the most effective granny tricks you can apply here is to break the egg on a flat surface. It lessens the chances of those chips coming in the way of your egg white. But, wait, is there still a shard? Well, then it’s time to get your hands wet! Simply wet your fingers and pick it up; easy!

Say NOPE to stinky, smelly shoes with grandma’s trick

When shoe deodorants and silicone sachets didn’t even exist, what do you think people used to get rid of stinky, smelly shoes? Washing it every day? No, that’s not a choice! Of course, grandma knew exactly how to do it.

Image courtesy of dwellinginhappiness.com

Most of us have seen our grannies put some clothes inside the shoes to get rid of that pungent smell. We usually thought it to be a cloth possessing some magical spell, but that’s just salt. Yes, you read that right. Just put some salt in a piece of fabric and insert it inside the shoe after washing it. The stickiness of your shoe will vanish as salts have the ability to soak up all the dampness and bad smell. However, do not forget to take it out before wearing your shoes.

Now, doing dishes every day is not a hassle!

Does your sibling always say, “It’s your turn to do the dishes tonight,” whenever they see some greasy, burnt pots and pans in the sink? Well, that’s truly unfair. But do not worry when your granny’s hack is there to help you!

Image courtesy of Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

Now, rush to the kitchen, grab some baking soda and vinegar and put that on the greasy pan. Let it soak for a few minutes, and the stains will loosen up automatically. After that, take some soap and wash it thoroughly, and you’re done! It’s that simple and easy!

Easy-to-make coffee stain removers for mugs

As lovely as our morning coffee is, it tends to linger, be it the taste or the stubborn stain left in the coffee mug. But, when you remember your grandma’s hacks are with you, you can easily win the fight against coffee. No, we don’t mean that your breath will improve, but you can quickly get rid of the stains.

Image courtesy of kinsfolkshop.com

Go with granny’s suggestion by using some baking soda. Just take a few pinches of baking soda in the mug and mix with some water. Now, shake the mixture in the mug for a few seconds and scrub it well. Tadah! You defeated coffee; your mug is now completely stain-free and smell-free.

Wash the old silver to get some brand new ones

Are you fond of silver materials? That shimmery touch on the surface of a silver necklace or ring is definitely worth stealing anyone’s attention. But the problem that we usually face is, with time, we miss the glow and shimmer of our silver rings that it had at the beginning.

Image courtesy of 101daysoforganization.com

Well, it’s not rocket science, just a simple trick that you need to follow like your grannies. Take out a toothbrush, apply some toothpaste, and brush it on the jewelry. The studs will turn black initially, but as you wash them, you’ll get brand new-looking silver jewelry!

Let bacon deal with splinters

Most of us have experienced those nasty and painful splinters, right? Every time you’re working with a wooden board or something similar that one tiny stubborn shard of wood is about to give you the last bite of its life.

Image courtesy of Peter Galvin/ Flickr

So, what would you do then, just curse that little piece of wood while groaning in pain? Well, no! Implement your granny’s hack. Take a bit of bacon fat, wrap it around your wound, tape it with a band-aid, and leave it overnight. The following day, you’ll see that the fragment rose to the surface or stuck in the fat of the bacon. Though the idea sounds crazy, it does work!

Let your blender clean on its own

All of us like to get our work done with the help of smart machines, but to be honest, nobody wants to spend extra minutes cleaning them. Especially on holidays, when you are in the mood to chill, will you go and wash your blender? Instead, let it clean itself. Are you wondering how?

Image courtesy of superfoodslife.com

As grandma says, add a few drops of dishwasher soap to the blender and pour some lukewarm water into it. Then, run the machine for 10 seconds and rinse it off with clean running water. Thus, no more scrubbing is needed, yet you get a clean blender hassle-free!

Sprinkle some salt to deal with messy boiled eggs

Every day, it is a struggle to get those perfect boiled eggs on your platter before going to work. Most of us spend too much time in the morning making sure our eggs are boiled to perfection. If there is even a hairline crack in the egg, it will create a fussy mess with the egg whites.

Image courtesy of eatortoss.com

But, with grandma’s tips, your morning is about to become stress-free. All you need to do is add a pinch of salt to the water while boiling eggs. It will help the egg whites solidify faster. So, adopt this trick today, and no more dealing with messy boiled eggs in your breakfast!

Let a lemon clean up all your woes for the foul odor

Our grandmas didn’t only know some magic, but they also knew which ingredients best suited a particular situation. After all, those white hairs are not only the signs of aging but also of the wisdom to trial and error.

Image courtesy of duraclean.com

Stinky garbage disposal? Two slices of lemon will do the trick. How? Well, as soon as you get a whiff of a stink, take some freezing citrus peels of lemon and toss them into your disposal. It will help you get rid of the stinky smell and all the debris that might be stuck.

The next “best handwriting award” is yours!

Bad handwriting can really get on the nerves of your teacher? But don’t worry! Killing your chances of getting an A+ just because of your bad handwriting is not an option anymore when you learn it from your lovely grandma.

Image courtesy of missmancy.com

Here is a trick from her bucket that you can use any day to turn your bad handwriting into calligraphy. Just take a rubber band, tie it around your pencil, and then attach it around your wrist. Now, keep writing in the position you usually do. With a better grip over your pencil and improved control over your speed, you will write better.

Granny knows how to make your hands smell fresh!

To cook some tasty and lip-smacking dishes, garlic and onions are a must. But the more you use them, the worse your hands will smell. So, do you want to annoy others with that stinky smell of garlic and onion on your hands that doesn’t come off fully with regular soap? Nope!

Image courtesy of wikiHow

Just think about your grandma and get rid of that unpleasant smell with her smart and quick hack. All you need to do is take some cold water in a bowl, add some salt to it, and rub it on your hands. The salt will fight off the smell and exfoliate your hands.

A fresh microwave oven every day!

Well, cleaning your microwave oven is one of the trickiest tasks in the world. But for cleaning the oven, never use hard soapy chemicals; they will damage your appliance. Instead, just follow your grandma’s easy and natural cleaning tip.

Image courtesy ofsitstayforever.com

Juice half a lemon in a bowl full of water. Now, put this mixture inside the appliance to microwave it and sit back. Then, turn off the oven and let it sit for 5 more minutes inside the microwave. The steam of the lemon juice will loosen up all the grease. Wipe it off with a towel, and you’re good to go!

No more smelly fridge

With our hectic schedules, nobody has enough time to take out all the food from the fridge and clean it regularly. But, that doesn’t mean you will compromise the freshness of your fridge and deal with its bad odor every day. So, get prepared to do away with this problem.

Image courtesy of aceelectricfl.info

A quick and valuable trick from the granny’s magic book is baking soda. Take a bowl, fill it with some baking soda and keep it in one corner of your fridge. It will eat away the smell at the same rate you would eat a bucket full of french fries. Try this hack; it’s worth it!

Plan your plant’s water supply before planning for your vacay

Summer is here; hence, it is time to go on a vacation. But carrying your plants everywhere just for the sake of saving them is not even a choice. However, don’t worry; when you have no idea what to do, grandma is the savior.

Image courtesy of scissorsandsage.com

We have seen our grandma yarning water for plants. So, now, it is time to re-implement that idea. Take a pot full of water and grab some yarn. Now, put the pot near your plants and connect the threads of the yarn with the plants. Thus, in this way, they will keep sucking the water they require to survive. So, worry no more and go on a guilt-free vacation!

Use grandma’s trick to remember how many days are in a month

We understand that remembering the number of days in a month is quite tricky, especially when the numbers come in a shuffled order of 30 and 31 with a 28/29 in between. However, grandma will make it easy for ya!

Image courtesy of roastedbagel/ Reddit

The secret is in your fist. Just make a fist, and count the knuckles as 31-day months. The depressions in between will be counted as months with 30 days. Start with the knuckle of your pinky finger as January, followed by the first depression as February, and proceed henceforth.

Get a bowl with some lemons every time you are not happy with your nails!

“What! 50 dollars just for clean and pretty nails? Hold my tea, dear, and let me handle it.” This is exactly what your grandma will say when they hear that you are spending your well-earned paycheck on a salon just to get your nails done.

Image courtesy of artifactgirl.com

But guess what, grandma is right! Why would you go to a salon when you can boost the natural beauty of your nails at home? Simply mix lemon juice and water and soak your fingers in it for 10 minutes. It will augment the natural growth of your nails and whiten them, making them look shinier.

Wear your sleeveless tops with no worries anymore!

While wearing sleeveless tops, you might not feel confident enough due to the dark patches in your armpits. Hyperpigmentation in the underarms is very common as your skin barely gets the chance to breathe, and the accumulated sweat serves as food for bacteria, darkening the skin.

Image courtesy of tipsmake.com

But a simple, inexpensive hack from our grandma’s beauty book can save you loads if you’re thinking about undergoing a cosmetic treatment. Just cut a few slices of potatoes and rub them against your underarms. Potatoes have a great reputation in the field of skin lightening, so it might help.

Get two kitchen cleaning sponges out of one!

People belonging to the older generations valued every single item. They knew exactly how to make the most out of a thing. And this is what adds meaning to our lives. So, why not try out your granny’s hack with a simple item like a kitchen cleaning sponge?

Image courtesy of Imgur/Frugal

Instead of using a whole large sponge, you can simply cut it into two equal pieces. First of all, you will get two sponges out of one, meaning they will last longer. Also, it will be easier and flexible enough to tackle a smaller sponge than a larger one. Besides, small pieces dry faster, preventing mold from forming.

Gum in your hair?

Getting chewing gum stuck to the hair is a horrible nightmare for anyone. It’s a common thing that most of us might have faced at least once in our childhood. But, no one is promising that it will not happen to you in your adult years.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

If this happens, just take a sneak-peak into your granny’s life hacks book and find uses for peanut butter. All you need to do is slather some peanut butter on the affected area of your hair and sit back. The oil from the butter will loosen up the gum, making it easier for you to pick out.

Grab some salt for your greasy T-shirt

Cooking and eating are fun unless some oil or grease splashes on your favorite t-shirt. The washing machine alone will not save these greasy stains. You need to get a bit saltier this time, if you know what we mean.

Image courtesy of Ana-Maria Stanciu/ The Spruce

Just grab some salt and spread it over the greasy stain; it will soak the oiliness and help your T-shirt reive to its old self. Once it’s done, give your shirt a regular wash or just brush off the salt. Another simple yet effective granny’s hack!

Bunk the weather app, be your own expert

Nothing can be more disheartening than planning for a great trip due to unexpected weather conditions. Well, try to predict the weather for a day even without using any weather app. Then, plan your trip accordingly! No, we are not talking about astrology, but a great Grandma experience.

Image courtesy of theoddysseyonline.com

Take some time out of your day and look at the distant cloud to determine its nature. If the cloud seems to get bigger as it approaches you, then you might want to plan on doing household chores or taking some photographs of the rain in your backyard. But if the cloud tends to get smaller as it comes closer to you, have fun packing for your trip.

Clean your couch with an effective homemade solution

Are you running out of couch cleaner and forgot to buy it yesterday at the supermarket? Are you dying to get that spaghetti stain out? Don’t worry; let your grandma’s knowledge help you clean it up with a magical homemade solution.

Image courtesy of deepcleanrugs.co.uk

Take some water, baking soda, alcohol, vinegar, and fabric softener. Now, mix these ingredients well to prepare a fine solution and apply it to the stains on your couch. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then wash it off properly. It will not only clean your sofa but also give it a brand-new look.

A perfect slice of bread can make your plate look lovely!

The taste of a fresh piece of bread is hard to match with anything else in the world! The fluffy and soft texture of bread can double your hunger just by thinking about it. But, slicing fresh bread evenly can be challenging. So how did our grandmas cut those crumbly loaves of bread so flawlessly?

Image courtesy of lilluna.com

Well, there’s a little secret behind this. You need to take a knife and put it in some boiling water until the blade gets warmed up. Now, take out the knife and bring out your inner baking skills to slice the fresh bread to perfection.

Easy-to-prepare fragrant homemade cleaner

The store-bought commercial chemical cleaners not only ruin your appliances but also leave tiny amounts of chemicals on them, affecting them in the long run. Also, such cleaners are unhealthy. So, this is when you need to stick to your grandma’s idea of making eco-friendly, homemade cleaners.

Image courtesy of homemaking.com

You can easily make your granny’s magic homemade cleaner with just two simple ingredients. Take some orange peel and soak it in white vinegar overnight. After that, strain the mixture and put it into a spray bottle. So, now, you can simply use it as a freshly scented white vinegar cleaner for your home. 

A clogged showerhead not an option!

After you install a new showerhead, you’ll only receive a few months of enjoyment from consistent water pressure. After that, it might become a congested showerhead due to mineral build-up from all the moisture. But, we have some great tips for you, approved by grannies.

Image courtesy of Dale Smith/ CNET

So, all you need to do is, again, is grab one of grandma’s favorite ingredients, i.e., vinegar. Take some white vinegar in a plastic bag and immerse the showerhead in it, wrapping the bag tightly around it. Now, leave it for 2-3 hours while you take a power nap. After that, simply take off the bag and run the shower on hot to let it vomit out all the deposits.

Don’t forget to try out granny’s special baking soda beauty hack!

One thing that keeps us wondering is how our grandmas managed to look picture-perfect throughout their entire life. Well, it undoubtedly means that they did have some effective secret beauty hacks in their treasure box, which kept their looks timeless and beautiful.

Image courtesy of readanddigest.com

Baking soda was a huge part of their beauty regime. We already told you that our grannies couldn’t ignore the magic of baking soda, nor can we. So, wherever you feel rough patches on your skin, just make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the affected areas, followed by thorough rinsing. Also, this mix can work great to help you fade your temporary hair color.

It’s time to revive your stained table cloth

Did you spill some way that perhaps stained the most expensive table cloth in your home? We warn you not to call your mom in this situation, as she might nearly kill you. Or maybe, she might just stop talking to you for the next 7 days. No! You just can’t take that much of a risk!

iIage courtesy of TheSpruce

So, granny, the superwoman, is the only one whom you can rely upon in such situations. Your granny will usually suggest you take 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dish soap and mix them in warm water. Then, simply apply the mixture to the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. After that, dab a soft sponge gently on the area and rinse it well to obliterate the stain.

No need to scratch anymore for mosquito bites!

We, humans, hate mosquitos. Not only do they hum their boring music near our ears while napping, but also those little pests can bite us badly, causing deadly diseases. But grannies have some crazy hacks to deal with this situation, too. And the weapon they use is a simple, half-cut potato.

image courtesy of discoverlifestyle.com

The hack is to set the inner part of a half-cut potato over the area of your mosquito bite and tape it around to keep the potato in place. Yes, we understand that it’ll look a bit weird, but at least you won’t have to scratch yourself like a wild chimpanzee.

Red wine and carpet – An unfinished love story when grandma is here!

Well, every time there’s a red wine party at home, spilling the drink on the plush and cozy white carpet and getting a dirty stain on it is always your uninvited guest. Most importantly, removing that stubborn stain is way more challenging. But, worry no more, as a simple grandma-style hack can save your day as well as the carpet.

Image courtesy of TheSpruce

So, first, collect the ingredients, i.e., grab some salt and a towel from your kitchen. Then, dab the towel to extract as much moisture as you can from the red wine stain on your carpet. After that, put some salt over it, covering the area properly. And finally, vacuum it!

No ice, no problem!

Are you thinking of gifting a bottle of expensive wine to host a party? Well, that’s a great idea. But forgetting to chill the bottle in your freezer before hurrying to the party is not going to make you happy to go. However, by following your grandma’s easy hack, you can learn an excellent way of cooling wine bottles instantaneously without a fridge.

Image courtesy of Danny Kim/ Bonappetit

All you need is a tea towel. Wrap it around your wine bottle, and run cold water over the wrapped bottle for a few minutes. Trust us; this trick will work like magic. So, no need for ice anymore to get that icy cold wine in your glass; it’s just a simple grandma hack you need to follow.

Ketchup and copper – The best couple ever!

The usability of copper pots, pans, and other utensils is simply unbelievable. But, what’s tricky about owning and using copper utensils is retaining their shine for a long time. A regular wash with dish soap and a sponge will clean it but won’t make it shine.

Image courtesy of whatsupfagans.com

So, just grab some ketchup. No, don’t spread it over your sandwich, but this time, pour it on your copper pans or pots. Then add some salt on the top and use it to polish your copper utensils. Well, the result will shine right in front of your eyes.

Two glasses stuck together?

Unmindfully, we sometimes put two glass cups together, and it stubbornly gets stuck. So, while trying to separate them, people’s first mistake is to apply pressure on them. But, unfortunately, this might result in cracking one or both of the glasses. So, grannies suggest, instead of being harsh, be gentle.

Image courtesy of flusterbuster.com

You simply need to apply everyday physics here. Just fill the upper glass cup with cold water and place the lower one in a pot full of lukewarm water. Watch the science unfold before your eyes. The upper one will pop up easily without you having to use force.

It’s time to save your jars and vases

Are you a creative person who loves to use old jars and vases to add lovely ornamentation to your room? Then protecting the jar or vase from falling and shattering into pieces is one of the trickiest things to do. But an easy grandma tip can help you here too!

Image courtesy of 101daysoforganization.com

Fill the bottom of your jars and vases with some sand. It will add extra weight to your vases and help them stay grounded, preventing them from falling and breaking apart. So, now, you can keep decorating your room with such beautiful jars with peace of mind.

Try salting-out burnt pots

No matter how amazing your cooking skills are, you can still potentially burn your pot due to the uncontrollable flame of your oven. Yes, we know how tough it is to keep calm when you know a burnt pot is waiting in your sink for you to clean it.

image courtesy of spoonuniversity.com

But after reading this, you can easily sort out the issue with just a pinch of salt. Simply put 2-3 tablespoons of salt into the burnt pan and add some water to it. Now, boil the mixture in the pan. You’ll see the burnt patches loosen up, and you don’t even need to crack your wrist to do it.

Use your fingers to tell the time of sunset

Yeah, you read that right; you can tell the time of sunset just with your fingers. Well, it’s nothing unusual, you just need to learn the trick, that’s it! Have you ever wondered how people managed to comprehend time back then without clocks? They did it with their fingers! So, now, try it yourself.

Image courtesy of natureoutside.com

Just look at the setting sun and place your hand in between the sun and horizon line, excluding your thumb. Now, count each of your fingers as 15 minutes, which will make it easier for you to know how long is left before the sun completely sets. Sounds interesting, right!?

Unclog your nail polish in just a few seconds

Your nails look pretty when you paint them with lovely and vibrant colors. But how disgusting does it feel when air gets trapped in your nail polish, making it feel goopy and sticky. No one can handle painting their nails when the polish is in this kind of state.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

But grandma knows it all! She will just take out a bottle of acetone from her magic box and add a few drops of it to the nail paint. After that, she will give the bottle a wimpy shake to save the life of your polish. And, it’s done! She revived your nail polish!

Here’s another silver hack for you!

It’s undoubtedly tough to maintain the shine of silver jewelry for a long time as it tarnishes with time and wear. But why visit a jeweler to polish and restore its luster, especially when you can do it in your home at your own convenience?

image courtesy of mom4real.com

According to grandma, you will only need some baking soda, aluminum foil, and a liter of water. Now, just boil everything in a pan and leave your silver jewelry in that mixture for a few seconds. Who knows, you might revive some treasure!

Abide by granny to control a grease fire

The first and foremost thing that discourages us from cooking is a grease fire! And the worst part about it is that regardless of your cooking skills, it can happen to anyone. But granny is there to protect you!

Image courtesy of 1069thex.com

If a little fire catches, just dump some baking soda in it. However, granny advises never to move the pan or add water to it, as the flaming oil can become bigger, making it much more dangerous. If the first idea doesn’t work, just cover the fire with a metal pan.

Nourish your baking skills

The art of cake making and cake decorating excites every cooking enthusiast. But all your ideas might turn into a flop if you are unable to cut them into layers. So, granny is here to save you with her idea.

Image courtesy of delicious/Youtube

All you need to do is take some toothpicks and stick them on the side of the cake, maintaining an even distance in-between. Now, use dental floss and run it through the middle of the cake until you get two even layers using the toothpicks as your guide.

Now, fix your dirty iron with salt!

Residue build-up on the heating plate of your iron can weaken the performance of the appliance over time. But instead of buying a new one, granny recommends reviving the old one with her special tip, one that is useful for many things, as we’ve already seen!

Image courtesy of wikiHow

Simply place a towel or a piece of foil on top of your iron table and put some salt on it. Now, all you need to do is set the highest possible temperature of your iron and run it over the salty towel. The salt crystals will help break the accumulated residue and get your brand-new iron heating plate back to its original state.

No more greasy hood filters!

It’s well-known that the sole purpose of a range hood filter is to collect grease. But after collecting all the grease over time, it also deserves some pampering so that it can go on doing its mission properly. So, it is essential to keep the filter clean regularly.

Image courtesy of onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Well, thanks to grandma’s hack book, she says that you will need only 1⁄4 cup of baking soda and liquid dish soap as ingredients to clean the hood filters. Then boil these components together in a large pan, and submerge the filter to eliminate all the grease. Finally, take it out and give it a simple wash!

Grandma’s special pancakes

Every morning is a struggle to make a breakfast that will be tasty yet easy. You also don’t want to get bored making the same things. But when grandma shares her recipe, there is nothing to worry about at all!

Image courtesy of spicepaw.com

A quick recipe from granny’s book is making an easy pancake with just bananas and eggs. Smash the bananas in a bowl and whisk them with eggs to form a smooth batter. Remember to add only 2 eggs with 1 banana. Now, simply put it in butter or oil to fry it properly. Lastly, add some maple syrup or honey to it to enhance its taste. Tadah! Your tasty breakfast is ready!

Let’s plan an egg party this Sunday!

While cooking for a party can give chills down your spine, doing it smartly can make it fun. Thus, grandma has a secret to share with you to make your cooking more enjoyable and simple. We bet that you haven’t thought of this one before!

image courtesy of purewow.com

Firstly, take out your muffin tin. Brush some oil in the slots and crack eggs in each of them. Then, add some seasoning and other ingredients into it and put them in a preheated oven. Just wait for 10-15 minutes and congratulate yourself for cooking 6 or more eggs all at once! So simple!

Beetroot and lemon – enemies forever!

Do you know that you can take advantage of two famous enemies, i.e., beetroot and lemon, to make your life easier? Yes, you heard that right! The bright pink color of beet looks great on dishes but not on your hands. Moreover, it is a bit stubborn to get rid of.

image courtesy of evolvingtable.com

But don’t worry, this is where its biggest foe, lemon, will help. Soak your fingers in lemon juice for a few seconds to get rid of beet stains, and then wash your hand thoroughly with soap. You’ll see no more shades of pink on your fingers! Easy, right!

What about eating bowls?

No, we are not asking you to turn into a bowl-eating monster. But you might want to become one when the bowl is edible and granny knows how to turn a bowl into palatable food. And it’s not just food. It’s a dessert!

Image courtesy of culinaryserendipity.com

Do you have some pastry dough or cookie dough at home? Well, then cut it into a circle and turn your pastry pan upside down to stick that dough evenly on the domes after greasing it. Now, bake it as usual and serve the edible bowls by filling them with ice cream, chocolate, or maybe both. No, don’t thank us, thank grandma and her hacks!