Mother Nature Trying Her Best To Be Interesting

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on therocketsscience

To say that Mother Nature is boring is a crime. Some things in nature make us squeal with delight, while there are others that make us want to run for our dear lives and swear off hiking in the woods again. The last thing that nature can be is boring. Nature is like a room with great oak doors that guard the secret to wondrous surprises you won’t find elsewhere. To say that nature is lit is an understatement. However, there are times when nature and things found in it are just mildly interesting. This is a compilation of such things. They may not be as awesome as other great discoveries, but they are nonetheless fascinating, and they all deserve to be mentioned.

A Stygian Owl That Would Surely Be Scary at Night

For many people seeing a Stygian owl, the experience can be unnerving. It is considered to be a medium to large bird and sports ear tufts that are prominent. The forest owl is commonly found high in the mountains, and it mostly hunts in habitats that resemble the savannah.

Image courtesy of okypak/Reddit

However, the most unique thing about the Stygian owl is its red eyes.  The brilliant red glow of the eyes when illuminated by light is what gave the owl the nickname “devil’s owl.” Interestingly, the word Stygian comes from Styx, the name of the river in Greek mythology that the souls of the dead must cross to reach the underworld.

Incredible Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is a biological process whereby animals physically go through a major modification after hatching or birth. It involves a radical change in the animal’s body. One of the most popular animals in nature that undergoes metamorphosis is the butterfly.

Image courtesy of _Subhashini_/Reddit

What you see in the picture is a crimson rose caterpillar that is slowly transforming into a beautiful butterfly. It is one of the most impressive processes in nature, indeed. It makes you marvel at Mother Nature and all the magic that happens in our magical world.

The Rock-a-Sock

If you saw this, what would be your first impression? We’d be thinking of grim things. Perhaps there’s an amputated foot inside. Other people might think it’s a sock that has been left out in the cold for a long time that it froze.

Image courtesy of HelliciousRyan/Reddit

Believe it or not, that’s not a fossilized foot. It’s actually a rock. Yup, that’s just a rock. But it sure does look like something more malevolent. Mother Nature is nothing short of marvelous. It holds a lot of mysteries and magic.

Even Snakes Suffer From Bone Cancer

Cancer is a disease we’ve heard of frequently, especially during the last few decades when it became more prevalent. Cancer happens when cells divide uncontrollably and affect the surrounding tissues. Cancer is nasty because it causes changes in the DNA.

Image courtesy of GrumpiestSnail/Reddit

The thing is, cancers do not just affect human beings, and it is prevalent in nature. Animals suffer from cancer too. The picture you see above is of a snake skeleton that had cancer. There’s a part of the skeleton which has more than the usual number of bones.

The Dinosaur Jalapeño

Jalapeños are low in calories and high in many other beneficial things such as antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. There are a few studies that suggest that they might possibly help promote weight loss because they increase fat burning and helps to reduce your appetite.

Image courtesy of AberrantDevices/Reddit

If you love Mexican cuisine, you’ll know that jalapeños figure prominently there. Without them, many of the dishes will be bland. But what distinguishes this jalapeño here is that it looks very much like a dinosaur. Now, this is going to give your dish a distinctive kick.

Increasing Your Luck To The Fifth Power

We’ve always been told that four-leaf clovers are lucky. But where did that idea come from? It comes from the Irish tradition, the same place where banshees and leprechauns come from.  According to Celtic tradition, four-leaf clovers are considered very lucky because they are not often found.

Image courtesy of AkaMiso/Reddit

The significance of the four-leaf clover became intertwined with Christianity. The first three leaves of the clover are thought to represent faith, hope, and love. The fourth one is luck or God’s grace. If four-leaf clovers are lucky, imagine having a five-leaf clover such as this one!

A Gargantuan Moth

If you’re not a fan of The Mothman Prophecies, you should look away right now. This giant moth, measuring 5 inches, is the size of a child’s palms—icky and plain scary. As scary as they might be to some people, moths are important pollinators and play a vital part in the ecosystem.

Image courtesy of Peppatree/Reddit

Moths come in all sizes, but you don’t always see moths as large as this. Some moths are so small that they’re called micromoths. Moreover, some moths don’t have mouths. They are the kind that emerges from their cocoons, ready to mate. Because they won’t be around for too long, they rely on the energy they have stored as caterpillars, and they don’t eat. What a way to live life!

Trees, Trees, and More Trees

If you’d like to destress from all things Covid, you can go out and take a walk. You’ll surely see many wonderful things in nature if you stop and take a closer look around you. Of course, this is provided that it’s safe to do so in your area.

Image courtesy of Watoosky/Reddit

This tree is a wonderful example of something you don’t see every day. This is a tree that has grown across someone’s driveway. The most amazing thing about it is that more trees sprouted at the top of the arching tree.

Wild Horses

Camouflaging in the animal world mostly happens when an animal needs to hide from a predator. However, some change their camouflage with the seasons, such as the arctic fox. On the other hand, octopuses belong to the first group that camouflages themselves in response to a threat.

Image courtesy of Fun_Buyer9711/Reddit

However, what you see in this picture is not camouflage. Horses are galloping in the background, while a flock of sparrows portrays a horse in the sky. If you ask us, the sparrows are paid actors and are getting paid a handsome amount of money for their clever advertising.

Don’t Judge Me, I’m Hungry!

Look at how the bird is sitting down in front of the food. It looks so hungry that it doesn’t care how it appears to people passing by. It’s like saying to the camera, “Don’t judge me.” This adorable bird is a woodpecker.

Image courtesy of Fun_Buyer9711/Reddit

It has feet that are not designed for standing or sitting. Its feet are designed to hold it while in a vertical position perched on a tree branch. That’s why it’s uncomfortable for the woodpecker to be still on a flat surface. Hence, its splayed feet position in the picture. Well, isn’t Mother Nature just full of surprises?

The Owl Mushroom

Mushrooms come in many forms and shapes, aside from their usual umbrella-like shape. We’ve heard and seen mushrooms that look like a human ear, mushrooms that look like strings, and mushrooms that look like buttons. But have you ever seen one that looks like an owl?

Image courtesy of miss421/Reddit

At first glance, the mushroom on the picture looks like a miniature owl. We’re half expecting Harry Potter to pop up and take this cute little Hedwig away. How could you leave Hedwig while you had some fun, Harry? That’s not good.

A Ghostly Deer

Albinism is a condition that not only affects humans but animals as well. In mammals, albinism is very obvious, and you can tell that their color is white. However, the condition isn’t very obvious when it comes to non-mammals because they can produce other pigments, in addition to melanin.

Image courtesy of Tommysrx/Reddit

The picture you see is not an albino deer. Although white deer can be albinos, real albino deer is very rare. This deer has a condition called leucism. Animals with this condition lack pigment on some parts of their body or their entire body. Nevertheless, seeing a white deer is nothing short of magical, and many people view them as sacred. There are persistent legends worldwide that hunting a white deer and killing it can bring a lot of bad luck.

Look Into My Eyes

Although they’re not very common, we’ve seen cats with eyes of different colors. An even rarer condition in cats is marble-like eyes, such as this fellow right here. This genetic mutation, called persistent pupillary membranes, makes them look as if their eyes are made of shattered glass.

Image courtesy of ViVilma/Reddit

Although at first glance, they look like they are struggling with their eyesight, cats with this condition can see perfectly well. Interestingly, a few humans also suffer from persistent pupillary membranes. it happens when parts of a fetal membrane persist as strands of tissue that cross the pupil.

That’s One Cool Cat 

If you want a truly unique feline, you should take a look at the tuxedo cat. They are so-called because of the bi-colored coats that make them look like they’re wearing tuxedos. The majority of tuxedo cats are black and white.

Image courtesy of bourbonpens/Reddit

However, there are times when their coats can be orange, silver, or grey. This tuxedo cat is already unique but what makes him stand out in a sea of other tuxedo cats is that he has white lines running down each of his legs. If you look at him from underneath, it makes him look as if his skeleton can be seen.

Now, This Is Ice Chess

Ever since The Queen’s Gambit was released on streaming service Netflix, many people have rediscovered their love for chess. Some who never played the game before started picking up chess sets, and sales skyrocketed. That’s the power of television.

Image courtesy of ulvetid/Reddit

Chess has become relevant and cool again. If you think otherwise, think again. This is proof that chess is a cool game. Someone found these icicles and couldn’t help thinking about the game of chess upon seeing them. If only they had a complete set.

Panda Cat

Pandas are some of the cuddliest and cutest animals on earth. Why are they particularly cute? Because they remind us of babies, especially with their big eyes. Their eyes might not be especially large, but the black circles around them make them look bigger.

Image courtesy of estacado/Reddit

This feline might not be a panda, but his eyes are surrounded by distinctive black circles.  It makes him look as if he’s related to the big and cuddly bears. Now the only question in our mind is if this panda cat knows any kung fu.

Tiny Tropical Island

When summer approaches, we just can’t help ourselves but think of the beach and tropical locations—Sun on your skin, sand on your feet, and the sea breeze in your hair. There’s no other better combination. All you need a piña colada in your hand, and it’s perfect!

Image courtesy of Smiling_Fox/Reddit

Since most of us are not allowed to travel nowadays, the best we can do is daydream or perhaps put a video on our screens of some island getaway. This fellow discovered to explore his yard for lack of anything better to do, and he found this miniature tropical island. Well, it’s actually just a patch of moss, but it looks the part.

My Cat Has A Cat

The patterns or markings on cats’ coats depend on their genetic code. Some have the usual markings, while very few have rare and interesting cat markings on their fur. Take, for instance, Hamilton, the cat that has a fancy mustache. He was pretty popular on the Internet.

Image courtesy of slj17/Reddit

This cat can count himself among the most unique because he has, surprise, surprise, a cat on his fur! If you look closely at the side of his body, you will see another cat sitting down, just like the cat in the photo.

Vincent Van Gogh Splitting Firewood

Splitting firewood is not a fun chore, especially if you’re the one tasked to do it on a cold, cold winter’s night. But it’s something that must be done. This guy was doing the mundane task when split firewood caught his attention.

Image courtesy of virgilturtle/Reddit

If you’re a fan of Vincent Van Gogh’s work, you’d want to have this wood-framed or preserved. It has the same pattern as Van Gogh’s world-famous painting, The Starry Night. Fanatics of the painter might pay good money for the wood.

Strike A Pose, Vogue

Say cheese! That’s what they always tell you before they take your photo. However, this eagle was not having any of that. You can take his picture but on his own terms. Yes, you can stand there and make sure you take the photo from my best angle.

Image courtesy of TacticalHermes/Reddit

This eagle was on the top floor of a mall, and the person who took the photo was lucky enough to spot it. The eagle seems as if it was saying, “You’re lucky peasant, I let you take my photo. I don’t normally do this, but for you, I’d gladly make an exception. Be thankful.”

No, This Isn’t The Bridge To Terabithia

The world has plenty of vanishing islands. Vanishing islands are defined as any permanent island that is exposed during low tide but is submerged during high tide, seemingly disappearing under the water. This photo is of a vanishing island.

Image courtesy of camtarn/Reddit

What you see presently is just the bridge. When it’s low tide, the bridge allows beachgoers to cross a stream that cuts across the beach. However, when it’s high tide, just like in the photo, all you see is the bridge, as if it’s just floating mindlessly.

Grandpa Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lanterns are ubiquitous during Halloween. We often see them as Halloween decorations, and a plastic version of them is readily available to be used as baskets for candies and sweets collected. Its name comes from an Irish folklore about a man named Stingy Jack.

Image courtesy of Apex-airsoft/Reddit

Nowadays, Jack-O-Lanterns refer to a variety of pumpkin that is grown for carving. This one on the photo looks worse for wear. It looks like a tired and old grandpa Jack-O-Lantern. He looks as if he lost all his teeth from eating all those treats.

The Eye of Sauron

If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, you’d recognize The Eye of Sauron. Well, you don’t have to travel to Mordor to see it. It’s in the picture right below. Well, it’s just a knot on the door that glows red when the sun shines on the other side.

Image courtesy of WalkingCloud/Reddit

However, it looks and seems malevolent. It’s shining as if blood has been spilled. It seems as if there are dark powers behind it. Nevertheless, it makes for a great conversation piece. It’s not every day you see doors glowing.

Got Me A Kinder Surprise Egg

If you have a child, a little nephew, or a cousin, you’re most probably familiar with the Kinder surprise egg. Most young children ask for them. The chocolate is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. The biggest Kinder Surprise collection in the world has more than 8,000 pieces.

Image courtesy of FeelsLikeBatMan/Reddit

This is an egg that looks like it belongs to that collection. Although it looks like a big Kinder egg, it’s a real chicken’s egg. It was found with a distinct line in the middle. People on the Internet say that it’s a double egg that hasn’t separated.

Moldy Spaghetti

If you’ve left food outside the fridge for a long time and completely forgot about it, we’re sure you’d see molds growing on it. Mold plays an important role in the ecosystem. It breaks down dead and decaying materials and that’s exactly the reason why you see it on food that is going bad.

Image courtesy of yanbochen/Reddit

You never want to eat mold because it can produce dangerous toxins that can lead to several health problems. This spaghetti was left in the microwave for a whole week, and it became something very scary to look at. It seems like it came from out of space.

A Camel On My Apple

What do camels eat?  Some of the few common treats given to camels as treats are carrots, alfalfa pellets, and apples. You might have seen or heard of camels eating apples, but have you seen a camel on an apple?

Image courtesy of Natalia_Kelly/Reddit

It’s not every day that you see a camel on an apple, and that’s why the person who saw it couldn’t resist but take a picture to prove to everyone that he’s telling the truth. The apple skin does have the silhouette of a camel embedded on it.

An Ice Forest

Ah, winter. The time for hot chocolate and crowding around the warm fire. It’s also the time for magical snow. Snow isn’t white but clear. However, White Christmas sounds a lot better than Translucent Christmas, so everyone just went with the title.

Image courtesy of Jqzzy/Reddit

One of the most wonderful things to discover during the holiday winter season is the millions of things that snow and ice form, such as this one. There was snowfall during the evening, and this was what greeted the owner of the photo in the morning, a miniature ice forest.

Cat And Cookie

Some of us can’t live without our canine friends, while others can’t go through life without their feline buddies. If you’re a cat person, then you might be interested to know that your cat’s genome is more than 95% tiger. They share several behaviors with their jungle cousins.

Image courtesy of pizzaqveen/Reddit

Aside from their unique individual traits, cats also have distinct markings on their fur or coats, as you’ve seen earlier on the list, where we showed you a cat with another cat on its coat. This cat, on the other hand, has a cookie on his belly.

What’s It Like To Work In The Jurassic Period?

The Jurassic Period was a time that gave rise to abundant life and lush vegetation. Dinosaurs and other strange creatures roamed the land, and there were also many birds in the sky. Thanks to the Jurassic Park movies, people had a clear idea of what it was like back then.

Image courtesy of zuzuofthewolves/Reddit

Wouldn’t it be nice to work in an area that looks like Jurassic Park? Awesome, right? Fortunately, the views didn’t come with the dangers of being eaten by hungry and stampeding dinosaurs. If you also want to go to this place, it’s in Kalaloch, Washington.  

A Tree Trunk Unlike Any Other

This photo of a petrified tree trunk went viral on the Internet and for good reasons too. Petrification is a process that happens when the wood is buried in volcanic ash or water-saturated sediment. Some people pay good money for petrified wood.

Image courtesy of vitkijihuh/Reddit

A petrified tree trunk such as the one on the photo is considered a valuable investment because it can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home or any collection. Petrified wood is rare, and we’re wondering what price this 225-million-year-old petrified wood could fetch.

A Smiley Forest

According to NASA, the Earth is greener today than it was 20 years ago. This may seem hard to believe, but who are we to argue with NASA. However, it can’t be denied that plenty of areas have been deforested, and it’s our civic duty to plant even just a single tree.

Image courtesy of shoodbwurking/Reddit

Planting trees can be made more fun, like what these people had. Although it looks like the trees were spray painted, they replanted the forest to make it look as if the trees are smiling down on anyone driving down the highway in the fall.

A Tree On A Tree

A tree growing on another tree is not a common sight, so when you see one, you’ll naturally take your camera out and take a photo to remember it by. That’s what this guy did. This looks like the small tree is asking the big tree to give it a lift so it can see the view better.

Image courtesy of bustycrustacean69/Reddit

It also looks like the Mother Tree is showing its baby to the world, ala Simba in The Lion King when he was shown to the pride. We can hear the Circle of Life playing in the background right now and the other trees rejoicing.

Those Are Hypnotizing Eyes

There are less than 200,000 people in the United States who have heterochromia. It is a condition when a person’s irises are of different colors. There are a few types of heterochromia, and complete heterochromia is when one iris is a completely different color from the other.

Image courtesy of laney-rene/Reddit

This person has partial heterochromia. The condition is commonly the result of trauma or injury to the eye. However, it can also be caused by birth defects such as congenital Horner’s syndrome. Thankfully, it’s a condition that doesn’t affect eyesight.

A Snowflake On A Spider’s Web

Thanks to macro lenses, we can now take clear pictures of tiny objects and make them look larger. It makes tiny insects look as if they are giants in front of the camera.  Thanks to the macro lens, this snowflake dangling on a spider web was captured perfectly.

Image courtesy of phantomom/Reddit

The photographer has an excellent eye because most people wouldn’t even notice stuff like this. Indeed, there are plenty of amazing things around us every day that we don’t even notice at all. It seems like the spider was trying to add some winter festivities into its home.

Where’s My Nose?

Poor kitty, she doesn’t even have a nose. Or does she? Take a closer look, and you’ll see that her nose is perfectly fine. However, her coat’s markings make her look like she suffered an unfortunate accident that took her nose away.

Image courtesy of Bluebottle96/Reddit

However, unfortunately,, there are many kittens, just as in all other creatures, that suffer from congenital disabilities such as cleft palate, hernia, as well as missing or underdeveloped body parts. A few causes of congenital defects in felines are viral infections and toxic plants.

Is That An Angel?

If you saw this sight, you’d naturally be in awe and might even drop to your knees thinking that it’s some kind of display of the divine. However, what you saw in the photo is nothing supernatural; it’s a natural phenomenon called the Brocken specter.

Image courtesy of Riotgarments/Reddit

It’s also known as a mountain specter, and it’s a magnified shadow of an observer cast upon clouds when he is in the opposite direction of the sun. The head of the figure looks as if it’s surrounded by rings of different colors that look like a halo.

A Tree That Gets Up When It Falls

Fall seven times, get up eight is a famous proverb, and this tree has clearly demonstrated that. Although it fell, it had the will to grow back up and is now thriving. How many of us can say the same thing?

Image courtesy of Kbstr267/Reddit

Well, it seems that the news of this tree’s death was highly exaggerated. This tree can be likened to people who flatlined for a few seconds or minutes and returned to life after. If you’ve survived death, there is nothing that can put you down.

A Moss Puppy In The Forest

Hiking is an outdoor activity that has continued to grow over the years, and it’s become the most popular national sport in Switzerland. Nobody argues with the Swiss; hiking is satisfying and relaxing and can be a great opportunity for friends and family to catch up with each other while keeping fit at the same time.

Image courtesy of cawteja/Reddit

This lady’s hiking time was made more pleasurable when she came across a rock that looked like a moss puppy standing sentinel in the forest. We just have a few questions, though. Did the moss puppy bark, and did she pet him?

A Golf Ball In A Tree

Trees are often grown next to fences and other solid objects, and it’s not uncommon to see trees engulfing and binding with foreign objects. No matter what obstacles you put there, trees can find a way to grow around them and thrive.

Image courtesy of el_tobleronie/Reddit

This fellow was cutting down a tree and found a golf ball wedged in it. There must have been a golf club nearby, and the ball got hit and ended up in the vicinity of the tree. As the tree grew, it ended up engulfing the golf ball.

Fertile Kiwi

The kiwifruit originated in China, and over there, it’s known as Yang Tao. It grows as a vine and produces fruits for up to 30 years, and survives for up to 50 years. There are more than 60 different species of kiwifruit.

Image courtesy of nothing_yellow/Reddit

We’re not sure what species this is, but it seems very fertile and keeps on producing mostly twins and triplet fruits. When the fruits are placed side by side, they look like an excellent representation of the cell division process.

Interesting Cabbage

Nature is impressive, and even the most minor thing can gold wonders if we just allow ourselves to take a closer look like this fellow who took time out to admire and take a picture of his purple cabbage after he split it in half.

Image courtesy of peebsthehuman/Reddit

The cabbage patterns are very interesting, and some people have even referred to it as a Fibonacci-looking cabbage. If you know about the Fibonacci sequence in nature, you’d agree with him. The cabbage looks like it belongs to the same clique as the Romanesco broccoli, though.


No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight. What you are really looking at is a photo of two roses growing over one dead flower. Perhaps you’re thinking that those are cannibal roses, devouring their kind so they can grow.

Image courtesy of Tartan_Unicorn/Reddit

However, we’re more inclined to think that those are hydroses. If you’re not familiar with Greek mythology, the hydra is a many-headed serpent that is very difficult to kill because when you cut off one head, two will grow in its place. That’s exactly what seems to be happening with this rose right here.

Black And White Squirrel

Well, someone forgot to order toner. Look what happened! This poor squirrel came out half done from the squirrel factory. His body is black while his head is white, but it does make the little fellow super cute and unusual.

Image courtesy of yuffiemar/Reddit

He can easily be identified from a sea of other squirrels because of his unique color. He’s not shy about his appearance either. As a matter of fact, he’s confident about it and likes strutting his stuff for people to see.

A City On A Tree

Trees are full of surprises, like the one that had a golf ball inside it. This one had a unique cityscape on it, and it even looks like a futuristic metropolis with plenty of skyscrapers. The city of the future is found on trees.

Image courtesy of JelliedHam/Reddit

What do we name this futuristic place? It can be called Splinter City, Stumptown, or Treetroit. The last one doesn’t sound so good because it’s very close to the name of a city that went bankrupt. Perhaps we should christen it Oaklahoma?

The King Of The North Sends His Regards

Erm, did you upset the King in the North? Are you sure you didn’t say or do anything that might have offended him? Why do we think that? Because he’s sending feelers out here. Look at the pattern of ice on the windscreen.

Image courtesy of TarpeDiem_/Reddit

That’s not normal at all. If it’s not the King in the North, it could be the White Walkers. Those guys are nasty and we wouldn’t want to be within proximity of them. Normal winter is already hard enough as it is without the addition of supernatural threat to mankind.

Tree Hugging Tree

We’ve all heard of tree huggers, but have you ever seen a tree hugging a tree? No, well this next image is of an oak tree and a palm tree sharing some cuddles. It is great to have a cuddle buddy when you live in a big lonely forest.

Image courtesy of pokariso/Reddit

What actually happened here is that the oak tree and the palm tree grew together and formed this strange oak/palm fusion. It is amazing that something as rigid as a tree trunk could be so malleable as well. Nature is truly limitless.