Woe Is Me: People Share Amusing Things That Ruined Their Kid’s Day

By Ruby M

Parents, teachers, older siblings, and the aunt who never wanted kids but is the designated babysitter can all relate to this list of images. Whether they ate all the muffins and then got upset because they wanted more, or they weren’t allowed to staple their fingers or overdose on medicine, kids will cry over anything – especially when they’re having a gloomy day to begin with! On the plus side, these tearful moments are fun to share with others who have kids in their lives, and even if you don’t deal with kiddos daily, these reasons for their tantrums are rather funny. Some of us might even relate to their pain. So without further ado, here are 45 reasons #whymykidiscrying.

Just Like a Kitty Cat

If you remember having pets as a kid, we’re pretty sure you can relate to wanting to act like them, eat like them, and talk like them. Some kids have even licked their cats because they’ve seen their cats licking each other and wanted to join in.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @waywardandwine

Well, a little girl wanted to eat like a cat by pouring her yogurt into a plate and licking it up. But when Mom said no, you have to eat like a human, that’s when the tears started. Maybe next time, Mom will let her lick the plate?

Bad Boys

Some girls are drawn to bad boys – Draco Malfoy, Drake – even the Lord of Darkness himself, Mr. Darth Vader. But when you’re a young little girl like this one, you might not realize that your favorite dolly is a movie franchise villain.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Lilly M

Or maybe, this little girl empathized with the dark side of the force and decided that Darth Vader was the good guy and was upset when somebody tried to disrupt her narrative by telling her that her favorite character was truly evil all along.


We think this little one wanted to be a cop when she grew up, and she learned from a young age – thanks to cartoons – that cops love their doughnuts, and she thought that they couldn’t have the energy to save the day without them. 

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @elizabeth1220

Sort of like Santa’s cookies on Christmas, cops need their daily dose of doughnuts to be the best cops that they can be! Or maybe, this little girl just really liked donuts and was horrified that there weren’t any left at home. That’s the most likely scenario.

Yummy Medicine

There are pros and cons to tasty medicine. As a kid, you can’t get enough of anything that tastes like candy – and we’re guessing that this Tylenol tastes yummy if the toddler wants more. Sadly, though, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @XOXOJennaJane

Mom knows all too well her toddler can only have a specific medicine dosage. But because toddlers don’t understand what that means – like this one, who was probably already in a bad mood from being sick – sometimes cry for more “candy.”

Give my nose back!

One joke often ends up with a toddler in tears, but for some reason, we grown-ups just can’t seem to resist, and that’s the good old “got your nose” trick! For some children, this is an excellent form of entertainment. They even respond by snatching their nose right back.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @stephmicdill

But some kids burst out in tears, thinking that they no longer have a nose. Perhaps they fear that they will no longer be able to smell mom’s yummy cooking! Whatever it is, they get worried they’ll be nose-less forever.

He Got What He Wanted

This toddler wanted milk on his cereal, which makes sense to us. So his loving father went to the fridge and got the milk for him. Alas, he must have gotten the wrong milk or taken too long because his son was very unimpressed.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @njgregory

Maybe he decided that he didn’t want the milk after all. Or perhaps Daddy poured the milk for him when all he wanted was to do it for himself. Maybe he wasn’t a morning person. We wonder how long this temper tantrum lasted.

The Secret Present

Who doesn’t love surprises, especially those from our spouse? But it’s tough to keep a present a secret when you have kids – and this is the perfect example! This adoring partner marked a gift hidden for a special anniversary, but the 3-year-old saw.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @stephonee

Now, if you have kids, you know that once they have their eyes on something nice and shiny and wrapped, they simply MUST know what it is. So when mom refused to open her surprise, her child began the tantrum that likely lasted a good while. Oh, the joys of children.

She Wanted to be Carried

Kids never seem to run out of something to be upset about, or that’s how it feels when they’re mid-tantrum. This mother was dealing with a crying child who was upset over the fact that she wouldn’t carry her to the top of their driveway.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @JackieMakk

At first glance, you’d think someone abandoned this child. She’s dramatically throwing her arm out toward her mom in a “please don’t leave me here alone!” pose. But when children cry, it is often due to feeling overwhelmed and tired. We can relate to that.

Too Young To Drive

This little girl wanted to grow up far too quickly and decided that it doesn’t matter what the law says. It was time for her to spread her tiny little wings and take to the road. Unfortunately for her, Dad said no.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @grahampatsmith

And what do we do when Dad says no? We kick our feet and cry until he gives in and says yes. Poor kid; she’ll have to have to wait a good few more years to be able to sit behind the wheel.

Dog Food is For Dogs

This little boy was appalled that his parents wouldn’t let him enjoy the food that his dogs seemed to love. He didn’t believe Mommy when she told him that the dog food would make him sick because, really, Mommy must wanted the dog food all to herself.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @trudygreer

Or maybe Daddy was the real culprit, and he wouldn’t let Mommy have any dog food either. This little boy was on the brink of a conspiracy, but all he could do was cry. He made the decision: When he’s a grown-up, he’s going to eat all the dog food he wants!

Why Didn’t I Get Bubbles?

This kid was not happy. It seems that his mom favored the water in her pot and had given it all the bubbles! “How terrible – Mommy has bubbles and didn’t share! Why didn’t I get bubbles?” This could be a 2-year-old’s thought process.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @mamabird1519

Perhaps the kid was jealous that they didn’t get their bubbles first!! Whatever the reason, one thing is sure – this toddler just wanted some bubbles to play with! Maybe at bathtime, he got some of his very own bubbles.

Don’t Look at Me!

This child doesn’t want to be looked at. Or maybe she was pretending to be invisible, but Daddy ruined it by looking right at her, and now her invisibility is destroyed. Parents always seem to ruin the fun, don’t they?

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @whoa_a_ginger

We aren’t surprised that this little one started crying. “How dare dad just looks at me like that?” is probably what the teary-eyed toddler was thinking. We’re going with the theory that she was playing a game and Daddy wasn’t playing right.

The Empty Sweets Bin

This kid thought he had hit the jackpot when he found a big round bin in the kitchen. This must be where his parents hid all the yummy treats that he wasn’t allowed to have. Well, he had sure outsmarted them now!

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @snoop_court

That is until he realized that the Oreo pack he was about to reach into was empty, and all he was left with were dashed hopes. His parents must have done this to trick him! How nasty, the boy thinks, and he begins to kick his feet and cry.

I Wanted To Eat That!

This child wanted to keep the pickle that her mother was eating for some sort of special occasion. Perhaps she was saving it for one of those famous kid concoctions that every parent hates but pretends to love? Probably.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @j_n_foster

Or maybe, she hated pickles and didn’t want to deal with mommy’s breath when she gets her goodbye kiss after being dropped off at school? With kid logic, we will never know. All we do know is that this kid didn’t want that pickle being eaten.

Magnets Are Not Food

Sometimes being a good parent means being the bad guy in the eyes of your child. For example, not letting your little one wander out into the woods alone or telling them they can’t go outside and play in the rain barefoot because they might get sick.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @steponmegently

In this “terrible” parent’s case, their child had thrown a full-blown tantrum because they refused to allow their child to eat magnets. He couldn’t even eat the magnets that look just like bright and colorful candy. The nerve of it all.

Does She Know There’s Presents and Cake?

The fear of aging started early with this one. Perhaps her parents should have stopped letting her watch Dr 90210 and all the other television shows dedicated to reversing the aging process. Or maybe we should stop watching those shows…

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @Mike_Ekay

Or perhaps, she had a mean older brother who bullied her by telling her that birthdays were bad news. Hopefully, the tears stopped when the colorful presents came out – unless those made her cry too! With kids, you never know.

Yes Garlic, No Garlic

Now, this is a parent who was sick of the crying. Their child desperately wanted to try a piece of raw garlic for some unknown reason. And Mom decided to let them enjoy exactly what they were demanding from her.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @sarahstarrs_

We bet she wasn’t planning on another tantrum because the child didn’t like it. But then again, it’s sometimes tough to tell when someone is going to explode with tears, especially kids. On the plus side, they probably didn’t cry for garlic anytime after that.

My bag!

This child cared about the environment. What other logical reason would there be to start crying over a plastic bag blowing away? Oh right – these are toddlers we are talking about – they can’t always express what’s making them sad.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @RantyAmyCurtis

Maybe he just really liked the bag’s color or wanted to squish it to hear that crinkly sound as he played with it. Or maybe, he didn’t want to go shopping with mom anyway, and the bag flying away was the final straw!

The Oven Make Things Hot

Like the fridge and microwave, the oven is another great place to keep food. This kid probably thinks that all of them work the same and that food is just magically readily made when it appears on the dining room table. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Jennifer P.

So when this toddler was told that the freshly baked, delicious smelling muffins were too hot to eat just yet – the shock and horror of discovering that they hadn’t come out ready to eat must have overwhelmed the little guy.

The Muffins Were Gone

Speaking of Muffins, this little one had a long day at daycare, and all he wanted when he got home was the chocolate chip muffin he saw on the kitchen counter that morning. Alas, his dreams of fresh chocolate goodness were crushed.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Christine P.

Who was the culprit, the angry boy wondered as he cried. To his shock, Mommy told him that he was the one who ate all the muffins. But he had a muffin in his lunch at daycare, and surely it wasn’t the same muffin that had been on the counter.

His Face Says it All

Some kids just really don’t like sharing. And that’s hard for a kid with siblings. They have to share their toys, their mommy and daddy, and even their shared living space. Now, this little girl has to share the breakfast table, too – and that’s just not fair.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Byony K.

Why can’t they each take their turn at the table? Why must they always share? The poor brother looks like he could use some peace and quiet himself, if you ask us. We’re sure he was a good big brother, and we hope this didn’t happen every morning.

Sparkly Like The Toilet

From a young age, parents are supposed to teach their kiddos the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. These parents did such a good job that this little one wanted to scrub her little face until it sparkles, just like the toilet did after it had been cleaned.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Effie

So when her mommy took away the sponge that makes the toilet sparkly, she naturally began to cry – because without the toilet sponge, how would she ever be able to be as clean and shiny as the toilet itself?

Not A Miley Fan

Younger millennials who grew up watching Hannah Montana would probably be nostalgic if they saw early 2010s Miley on TV now that they’re grown. They would probably remember the teenage pop sensation and think about how drastically she’s changed.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Will H.

For this kid, though, Miley’s music videos just weren’t what he wanted to watch that day. We wonder: was it Miley herself, or was it that he wanted to watch Paw Patrol and Daddy couldn’t handle another episode that day?

Not A Bieber Fan, Either

Some kids love him, others hate him, and we get the idea that this kid fell into both categories. This little girl might have been the biggest Belieber, but the noise was too much. Concerts can be a lot to handle.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Megan B.

She could have been tired, grumpy, scared of the loud noises. There are a ton of possibilities. We do assume this is funny to her parents because she was the one who wanted to go see Bieber in the first place.

Sorry, But You’re Not Iron Man

Some kids dream of one day meeting a superhero. Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, you name ‘em, some kid somewhere wants to meet them. They dress up as them on Halloween, or every day. They dream of one day being just like them. 

Image courtesy of: The Daily Mail/ Heather Denno

But when they aren’t all dressed up in their fancy super-suits, they look just like us. And kids don’t want that – because that’s boring! Sorry, Robert Downey Jr., You’re not Iron Man without your suit! We can understand the disappointment this little guy felt.

But I Want Santa’s Cookies!

Everybody who celebrated Christmas as a kid knows that milk and cookies are left out for a hungry Santa to munch on while he’s busy delivering presents. But it’s probably difficult for kiddos to resist the choc-chip or sprinkled goodness. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @smilealexzandra

This little girl wanted to snack on a delicious Santa cookie, but alas, Mom said that they were for Santa and not her. We’d probably cry too if we had to look at a plate of cookies and weren’t allowed even just one!

Snow = Winter, Not Christmas

Telling a kid it isn’t Christmas is as bad as telling them that the tooth fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny don’t exist, especially for this little one who was so excited over the snow. Because to him, snow means Christmas.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @messykennedy

The reality is, movies and Christmas specials gave us the same impression when we were kids, right? It always started snowing on Christmas Eve, and the snow covered the yard when we opened our presents. We totally feel this kid.

This Is Supposed To Be An Open-Door Household!

Closed doors are a terrible thing when you have a toddler. They are too short to open the door and might not know how – so when Mom or Dad start closing doors in the house, kids sometimes lose their cool.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @LaurenBernardLV

Like this little man, who decided that closing the door to the laundry room – which was probably very noisy at the time from the washing machine or dryer (or both) – was an awful thing. And so the waterworks commenced.

Too Young For Staples

Now, if this mom had given in and let her little one play with the stapler, the child probably would have ended up having a real reason to cry. There are probably more painful things out there, but it’s pretty sore from having a stapler go through any part of your body, especially a finger.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @waywardandwine

The kid probably saw someone at school playing with a stapler and pretending that it went through their finger – or perhaps it actually did, and now they want to try it too. Or maybe it’s just one of those kid-brain ideas that often end with waterworks.

Natural Soul

Oh, to be a toddler and a nudist at heart. The woes that they must go through when all they want in the world is to not wear any clothes to breakfast. Oh, the cruelty of the parents making them dress in the morning. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @saltymamas

Most children prefer running around without underpants on – and that is perfectly fine, in the right setting, like the pool or in the garden. But when coming to the dinner table, most kids know that they need to be dressed. And this child decided to protest the injustice.

Just Like Mulan

All this little girl wanted was to fight like Mulan, but how could she perfect her warrior training if her parents kept taking all the weapons away? She would never be able to resist and defeat the Huns if this continued!

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @erinhmoon

Poor child just wanted to protect her family and kingdom, but Mom and Dad simply wouldn’t allow it. It’s no wonder that this little princess was having a temper tantrum – wouldn’t you? The nerve of some parents is unreal!

Shopping Nightmare

The worst person to go shopping with – other than your boyfriend – is your three-year-old, kid who’s having a bad day. First of all, they want everything they see, and when you say no, they cry. And even when you ARE shopping for them, that can make them cry too.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/ @itsalexvance

This mom wanted her daughter to look at a shirt, which started the temper tantrum. It must have been tiring to deal with a crying child in the store, and we can’t help but think it was probably time to go home and nap.

Leftovers? No, Thanks.

This little girl thought her mommy would be thrilled that she saved a piece of pizza crust just for her. But she discovered that Mommy didn’t want the gift that she’d saved so lovingly for her. No wonder she was upset.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @srosebuckley

Who wouldn’t want a piece of chewed-on, saliva-covered pizza crust from their loving daughter? Poor thing, no wonder she had taken such offense. We wonder how long this tantrum lasted before mom either pretended to eat it – or did – just to make her child stop crying!

Sing-along Sadness

Many toddlers take their Disney songs very seriously and get angry when their jam is interrupted. But what makes them lose is when you sing along to it when they simply are not in the mood to hear your harmonies.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @jeannabalreira

Singing along to their favorite song with them might be an excellent way for the two of you to bond – unless your kid isn’t in the mood. Then you’ll likely end up with a crying toddler. Well, who doesn’t hate it when someone messes up their jam?

There’s Another Way To Wrap Tacos?

Sometimes parents get lucky and end up with kids who aren’t fussy about food. Then you get unlucky parents who end up with kids like us, the pickiest eaters on earth. But we don’t remember getting upset about a taco, ever.

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @aternes13

This kid was unhappy with the way his taco was wrapped, and when we really think about it, we can understand. Maybe they rolled it up and he wanted it folded. We all say we wouldn’t cry over a taco, but are we being honest?

Beer, please

We’re not sure what is so tempting about alcohol, especially since beer doesn’t taste that good, in our opinion. This is a little one who lost their cool completely when they were told they couldn’t drink the grown-up’s beer. But sharing is caring!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Why My Son Is Crying

The child has no idea that kids can’t have alcohol and probably thinks that the grown-ups are being so unfair, keeping all the fancy drinks to themselves instead of sharing them. How selfish and mean of them – wouldn’t you cry, too?

No Wedding Bells Today

To some kids, marriage is the highest form of love. It seals your bond with one another for eternity, and that’s why Mommy and Daddy did it because that’s what family does. So when this little girl was told that she couldn’t marry Daddy or her brother, she was heartbroken. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Leanne G.

She simply thought that you marry the people you love – and she loves her brother and dad. But fear not, Mom. We can’t help but feel a little sad for her since she had gotten all dressed up for the occasion.

Mommy is Your Only Name!

When you’re a kid, your parent’s names are Mommy and Daddy, or something similar to that. So, when someone calls your mom “Michelle” or “Claudine” – or anything other than “Mommy” – it’s like your whole life is a lie.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Vanessa N.

Okay, so not every kid has an issue with this, but the toddler above was having none of it. This revelation was clearly bothering her. Maybe her mommy comforted her by telling her that she’s special because she’s the only person who gets to call her Mum.

Breaking Sad

Some kids think that they are old enough to handle gruesome or scary movies that their parents want to watch, but we all know how that one ends – with them crying in the middle of the night, screaming for their parents because they’ve had nightmares.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Corinne A

This little one thought it was time to watch Breaking Bad with Mom and Dad, but those plans were foiled when they said no. Hey, he probably remembered all the great stuff he could watch on Disney Plus and calmed down.

He Doesn’t Want To Go

Poor boy. He just wants to listen to the man on the TV on the news channel and stay home. But because he heard his mom and dad moving their car keys around, he thought he would be forced to leave the house and disobey the newsman. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Kristen O/

So he cried and didn’t believe (or understand) his parents weren’t going anywhere, and neither was he. We wonder if he was always that good about doing what he was told, or if the mood just struck him in that moment.


When kids decide that something is theirs, it is often difficult to change their minds. So when you take that something away, you are essentially taking away something that belongs to them and them alone. How would you feel if that happened?

Image courtesy of: Twitter/ @LaurenBernardLV

So next time you decide to take away the hairspray bottle, scissors – or anything else that is potentially dangerous to play with – remember that your kid might cry their eyes out because they just lost their newest toy.


Cooties are very real to little boys – and sharing the swingset with a girl is one of the many ways you can get them. This little boy is just looking out for himself – no little boy wants cooties!

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @SarahHuneycutt

Maybe he had a little crush on the girl who came to swing next to him, and he felt embarrassed seeing her in such a public setting. Or maybe he just wanted all the swings to himself – it could go either way!

Fashion Statement

This little girl was a real fashionista at heart and always wanted to shock others with her wild and bizarre fashion statements – like Lady Gaga’s meat suit. But this little girl was confined to her mother’s boring fashion rules.

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Tiffany

The little fashionista wanted to make a statement by wearing dirty underwear as a hat. She wanted heads to turn and gasps to escape mouths as she walked down the street. She wanted to shock people! But the only shocking she did that day was showing off her lung power.

Doggy Don’t

She wanted to be just like her dog, Patches, and crawl in through the doggy door, but to her horror, she couldn’t fit. This must have been the grown-ups playing a mean prank on her because now she would be stuck forever. 

Image courtesy of: Facebook/ Amy L.

She clearly didn’t want to use the people door because she wanted to use the doggy door like her beloved pet. We get it; it looked like it was perfectly her size, and she probably used to fit in there perfectly.

Another One for Beer

Christmas was ruined for this toddler who wanted to join in on the grown-up festivities and drink some beer. That was their only wish this Christmas – to finally taste the strange foamy drink that Daddy seemed to love so much.

Image courtesy of Twitter/ @gwennasaurus

The grown-ups had once again refused to share their bubbly beverages, so the grown-ups got a nice and loud temper tantrum for Christmas. We bet they got the toddler some root beer or cream soda for New year’s Eve so they could feel part of things.