45 Comic Revelations About Marriage And Children

By Doreen R August 9, 2021

Marriage isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and few would disagree on this. For some, marriage is the end goal of any relationship, while for others, it might just be a temporary status. We’re not here to discuss the pros and cons of marriage, but we are here to show one couple’s journey and how they’re coping. Meet Yehuda and Maya Devir, who are leaving their mark in the world as not only uber-talented animators but also as major social media influencers. This duo has been letting us into their personal lives since 2016 through their highly praised serial webcomic, One of Those Days. The series follows the couple’s foray into wedded bliss, and the hype surrounding this duo is completely understandable. The couple takes what most of us would consider non-eventful moments in life and gives their unique spin. Whether it’s throwing out the trash, dealing with gray hair, or budgeting their finances, there’s something for every couple to relate to. This couple, originally from Israel, has since added kids to their nuclear family, and their journey is an open book for the world to view, judge, or aspire to be like. So sit back, relax, and check out their more thought-provoking images and judge for yourself.

Please Don’t Go

Who can forget the early days of marital bliss where you can’t bear to be apart for even a moment? Most couples can relate to this pic. We’re hoping this is just Yehuda’s perception of Maya and that she wasn’t this clingy in real life. Let’s be honest, everyone needs a little space, but it’s a balancing act for sure.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

While we’re not digging that it’s the wife in the traditional role of wanting her boo to stay home, we do realize it’s more common than if it was reversed. Women, on the whole, are more vocal about their feelings in comparison to men. We’re not saying it’s right or wrong, more like it’s just the way it is a lot of the times.

Believe It Or Not, Men Are Also Insecure!

It’s a fact, women’s brains are wired differently than men’s. Women think and overthink situations much more than most men. This isn’t debatable. However, newsflash to all the women who think men don’t get it, they do! While it’s not spoken about too loudly, this image says it all. They are just as insecure as women and maybe even more, depending on the situation.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Women and men realize they’re heading to a place where they’ll be strutting their bodies for anyone and everyone to judge. While women have dealt with this for eons, we need to realize that men have also been subjected to body shaming. In an era where too much emphasis is put on physical appearance and unattainable goals, it only makes sense that men would also be self-conscious about showing off their dad bod in public.

I Married a Slob?

This scene usually doesn’t get told too often, and there’s a reason for that. It’s believed that before we’re married, we’re auditioning for the job, putting our best foot forward. We tend to hide little bits of info from our soon-to-be spouses. This might include the fact that we’re not exactly the neat freaks we made ourselves out to be.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This humorous illustration is a perfect example of how traditional stereotypes have been diminished over the years. Wives no longer stay home and tend to the daily chores of cleaning the house and kids. No sir, it’s the 21st century. Women now work and earn a living that is not only empowering but also crucial to daily life. Men quickly realize that the wife’s traditional role, as they have seen when growing up, is long gone.

Seriously, Dude, Not Funny

Humor is a must in all relationships—no arguments on this one. Knowing your audience is also a must when making a joke at our partner’s expense. Couples need to understand their partner’s weak spots and tread cautiously. Settling into married life has a lot of benefits, and few drawbacks, and one of those is sometimes getting a little too comfortable.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Gaining weight is normal during various times in our lives and getting back on track is harder for some than for others. Having our partner’s support in getting back to our beach bods is crucial in succeeding. The humor here isn’t always appreciated, nor are comments making fun of our struggles. Jokes or ridicule during trying times don’t always lighten the mood, but sometimes we really do need to step back and not be too serious.

It’s a Fact – Chocolate is Good For You

This image is all too common for many couples. No matter how hard we try to stick to our diets, we sometimes have a setback. It’s okay to give in to temptation, but it’s not okay to be judged for it. There’s also no reason to be made to feel like a failure when we have a momentary lapse in good judgment.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Working out and staying fit with our partners is a goal for many married couples, but it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s okay to break down once in a while and enjoy some much-needed chocolate. Hey, let’s remember, it’s been proven, chocolate is healthy; research it! From this particular image, we see more a look of confusion than judgment, so we’re feeling Yehuda’s delicate predicament.

Rule No. 1: Never Go To Bed Angry

This rule has been pounded into us for as long as we can remember, but it’s easier said than done. Life, many times, comes into the mix, and petty or serious arguments aren’t necessarily solved before bedtime. For many, going to sleep mid-fight has to be one of the hardest things to do. Depending on one’s personal circumstances, usually, things look more manageable after a few hours of much-needed sleep.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The most important thing about arguments is that issues must be resolved and not simply overlooked. Sure, some would love to just move past the issue, but that carries the risk of being brought up later, which is not a good thing. It’s always important to settle any differences and only then move on. Thankfully, Maya and Yehuda are great communicators and have weathered many pitfalls in their semi-public union.

Awww, You Remembered

Birthdays and anniversaries are ingrained in most people’s minds, but not all, and that’s okay. There’s a stigma that’s been around since the dawn of times – men forget important milestones, and it’s not intentional. It’s okay to use modern technology to remember our partner’s birthday or even your wedding anniversary. There’s a reason we’ve got tons of apps to choose from to make sure we never forget important times in our lives.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The great part of living alongside our smartphones is documenting each and every important time in our lives. Whether it’s the day we met, our first ‘time’ together, our birthday, whatever. Remembering and celebrating the day is what matters. Tip, no need to credit our electronic reminder. It’s okay to let the others think we remembered on our own.

Be Sure to Check Yourself Regularly

We mentioned earlier that only when living together do we really get to know our significant other. Sure, it’s normal to see what we really look like in the morning or after a hard day at work. Nature likes to play a cruel joke on married couples, but a little self-awareness goes a long way in keeping the mystique alive and well.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Manscaping is a thing, and it’s a good thing. Technology is our friend, and hair removal is more affordable than ever. Keep that in mind. Another matter is shedding and hair loss in the shower and around the house. This tip is for both sexes. Check the shower before exiting and remove any unwanted hair from the drain area.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Let’s make one thing clear: Unless your George Clooney, gray hair isn’t all that sexy. On the other hand, it’s much more acceptable for men to go gray and leave it unattended than it is for women, and that’s just not fair. Reminder to women that men are just as self-conscious about their flowing manes.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

While men can be insecure when it comes to their hair, they still have terms such as ‘silver fox’ to help them ease into the next stage of life. Women aren’t so lucky. Just check out the hair color display at any drug store. Women are expected to struggle and retain their youth for as long as possible, while men are given a pass on the aging process.

Think Before Speaking

Maya and Devir are successful because they illustrate so well what every married couple goes through. We don’t always talk about so-called minor issues, which is why we love this couple’s take on matrimonial life.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

For example, this image shows the struggles of weight gain during the marriage. Why is it okay for the man the gain a few pounds while for women it’s a failure? Think about it, when a man puts on a few pounds, we chuckle and state that he’s being well-fed and taken care of.

Netflix and Marital Bliss Can Be a Thing

Netflix has forever changed how we view our favorite shows. We now have the option to decide when and what to watch. It’s one of life’s greater luxuries and allows for us to share some much-needed one-on-one time with our partners.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

However, some just can’t wait for date night and decide to sneak in a few episodes alone. Is that akin to cheating? Nah, what’s the harm? So, we vegged alone and got caught up, no big deal, right? Umm, we’re undecided on this one. If one party is offended that the other watched on their own, we understanding it but feel there’s a way around it.

Let’s Get Hitched

Long before we settle into marriage, we date, maybe shack up together, and then we start thinking about the future. Thanks to romantic comedies, proposing has added extra pressure to make it an unforgettable event. The proposal is a big deal, whether it’s done at a special location on a particular date or in a specific manner.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Sure, we imagine our partner getting all emotional and shouting ‘yes’ from the rooftop, but that’s not always the case. Both sides must be ready to continue their journey together. The basic foundation needs to be in place for the relationship to work. From the looks of how Maya responded to Yehuda popping the question, it was a long time coming.

Honey, Let’s Get Healthy!

This snap of reality is a common scene in so many homes around the globe. One-half of the couple has put on a few pounds and is determined to get back to their fighting weight. It’s only normal to share these times with our partners. However, some prep is needed while also replacing bad food with healthy alternatives.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Maya is determined to get back into her skinny clothes but didn’t think she needed to consider Yehuda’s needs. We get it. Ridding the home of any temptation is a must for some. Hopefully, Yehuda got the head’s up and will stop at a local fast food joint before heading home.

Au Natural

When we’re dating and getting to know our boo, we tend to put a little more effort into looking our best—nothing wrong with some extra priming and wanting to look our best for our partner. But, we should allow our true beauty to shine through, at least a little before we’re spending 24/7 with life partners.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Maya and Yehuda are an attractive couple; no one’s disputing that. It seems, though, that Maya was going full glam till they started spending every single moment together, and eventually, she felt safe enough to relax and be honest with how she looks in the a.m. Ladies, we’re proponents of the gradual exposing of one’s inner beauty.

Own It, People!

For many couples, not for all couples, arguments and disagreements will happen at some point. There’s no getting around this fact. It’s how we deal with these bumps in the road that will set the tone for the relationship. We’re not here to discuss who’s right or wrong, but rather how to resolve and move on. Sometimes, regardless of the situation, it can be squashed by simply saying ‘I’m sorry.’

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

When listening to a couple’s saga, always remember that there are three sides: his, hers, and the truth. Owning up to being wrong sounds relatively easy, but many have a hard time admitting fault. We’re not saying always apologize or always take the blame. We are saying it’s okay to step back, reassess, and think big picture. Yehuda, unlike many stubborn males, realizes that apologizing doesn’t make him any less masculine.

The Closet Eater

We find it very telling that many of Yehuda and Maya’s ‘issues’ relate to body image, which is all too common in real life. The media bombards us nonstop about eating healthy, working out, and looking our best. One main reason Yehuda and Maya are so relatable is that they quell gender myths. We usually think of women having food issues, where we see here it’s Yehuda that’s clearly struggling a bit.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This is where coming clean with our partner is key to sorting out problems. From the illustration, it’s almost like he’s caught red-handed doing something wrong. We’re not sure if it’s, in fact, a matter of hiding his eating or simply a habit taken from Yehuda’s days as a bachelor. Maybe he thinks eating straight out of the fridge saves on washing dishes.

Aww, Look At the Baby!

For diehard fans of Yehuda and Maya, it’s known that this couple has taken the next step and has begun adding to their family. Getting to the point where both were on the same page took a while, though. It’s normal to be a bit apprehensive when it comes to starting a family. Clear communication is a must on this topic.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Many are mixed on this issue. Does one let nature take its course, or is planning a family better? No one can answer this, as it solely depends on the couple. From this illustration, it’s clear that the baby bug has bitten, and Yehuda lets the idea sink in.

Getting Knocked Up Isn’t Always So Simple

Getting pregnant is, for the most part, a no-brainer for many couples. Just take a look at MTV’s reality shows dedicated to this topic. In real life, though, things are a bit more complicated for some couples. Thanks to modern medicine, we are afforded many more options and methods to make our dreams of a family a reality. While we’re thankful and eager to get started in growing our families, it’s important to be realistic and considerate of the battle we may need to embark on.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

For many couples, timing and planning are required, and with that comes a lot of stress. It’s not uncommon for couples to go through rough patches while trying to conceive. Whether it’s following a certain schedule or going the IVF route, it’s a stressful time. The goal during this time is to have open communication and letting your other half know how you’re feeling.

Let’s Make a Baby!

Once you’ve had the talk and are both on board to start a family, it’s time to get moving. Not everyone is so lucky in this endeavor and needs to do more than just rely on Netflix and a bottle of booze to get knocked up. Before taking medical steps, the most common method is to just start…well, you know. Sure, at first, it’s fun for both sides, but what happens when things don’t go as planned?

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

For Yehuda and Maya ,starting a family was a joint effort and was pretty enjoyable until it wasn’t. It seems that Maya had a plan of action and wasn’t letting Yehuda rest too long before trying again and again. No one is saying that getting pregnant isn’t work for some, but consideration must be given during this trying time.

Self Help Books Aren’t That Helpful

Before admitting defeat and heading to the experts for help, we try all sorts of things to get pregnant. We ask friends, family, the net, and even read through self-help books for advice. Just ask any couple who had even the slightest difficulty getting pregnant, and you’ll hear the funniest and most touching stories.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Many claim to have the secret trick to getting pregnant from certain positions to diet changes to old wives’ tales. We’re not for or against any way of moving things along, but let’s not go overboard. It’s a stressful time for all, and patience here is critical. From the looks of it, Yehuda went along with all of Maya’s notions and suggestions, most likely to keep the peace. Smart man!

The Unwanted Monthly Vistitor

Nothing is more defeating than doing anything and everything to get pregnant than nature telling us it’s not happening just yet. Maya and Yehuda went through their struggles to start their family, and it wasn’t smooth sailing. Many couples try for months, if not years, and can relate to that monthly disappointment when we know we lost yet another month.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Sure, at first, trying for a baby is fun, and a lot of hanky panky is happening. However, there is also the feeling of failure when you’re sure this is the month, only to find out it’s not gonna happen so easily. Yehuda was considerate of Maya’s frustration each month when he realized they’d have to keep trying. He understood that hormones were bigger than him, and he learned to remain supportive and go with the flow. Sorry for the pun. It wasn’t intentional.

Dude, Seriously, It’s Just a Cold!

Women can relate to this all too familiar image. What is it about men and getting even the slightest bit sick that turns them into helpless beings? We’re not sure, but some blame their mothers for catering to their every need. That’s another topic altogether. It’s a fact that women have a bigger threshold for pain. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so desperate to have kids, right?

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Maybe men turning into helpless beings when they’re feeling under the weather is their way of taking a break. Think about it, for the most part, they have to act as the provider and protector, and it must take its toll. How else can you explain how a little cough and runny nose turn them into ICU patients requiring around-the-clock care? Ladies, once in a while, it’s okay to allow their inner drama queen to come out.

Honey, We’re Having a Baby!

If we’re fortunate and after a long period of trying, we get the much-awaited-for news; we’re pregnant. It makes all the petty fights, struggles, bad moods, and lost months well worth the effort. Hold on, great, so now we’re pregnant, But OMG, we’re pregnant!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Once we’re able to digest that the hard work has paid off, you beat the odds, and managed to get knocked up. Reality starts settling in. Yehuda and Maya quickly understood that getting pregnant was the easy part, and now the work was about to begin. Thankfully, nature has a way of allowing us to prepare for the bundle of joy about to enter our sphere.

Yo, I’m Expecting, Not Paralyzed

First-time parents can totally relate to Yehuda’s viewpoint here. After months of trying to start a family, Maya and Yehuda are well on their way to having the perfect family. It’s normal to fear the worst and take all precautions, but let’s get real here for a minute. In most cases, pregnancy is a wonderful time filled with happiness and plans for the future. Many women get a burst of energy and feel they can tackle anything, although hubby might feel a little different.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

While women don’t want to lose their independence or become inactive during this period, it’s okay to let our partners take on the extra burden. Really, ladies, enjoy this time. It might never come around again. If your husband wants to help out more, don’t object too hard, seriously. Tip, this isn’t the time to prove our abilities.

Pregnancy and the Dreaded Hormones

Very few women have smooth sailing throughout their pregnancy. Even Duchess Kate had morning sickness so bad it forced her to step back from the limelight. Hormonal imbalances and changes to our bodies go hand in hand during pregnancy. It’s important not to let them stress us out too much and remember it’s only temporary.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

When Maya’s pregnancy resulted in blotchy skin and dreaded zits, she couldn’t help but freak out. Yehuda tried to be supportive, but humor wasn’t the best way to go about it. Sometimes, women just need to feel loved and heard. Even if you don’t mean it, pretend that you do! Maybe if Yehuda mentioned her pregnancy glow instead of agreeing with her about her complexion, she’d have been more relaxed.

Embrace the Bump

Most people smile when seeing a pregnant woman. It’s natural to ooh and ahh when seeing that baby bump pass us by. Touching the bump without permission is another thing altogether. We’re not sure what goes through some people when they feel it’s totally okay to touch someone’s baby bump. Fact, it’s not okay to just reach out and touch whenever you want.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Yehuda and Maya went through this, and while Maya loved the months leading up to their child’s birth, touching the bump was reserved only for hubby. It’s a special bonding moment for the family and should be regarded as sacred. Always gauge the mom-to-be before becoming too touchy feely. It’s important to respect the personal space, even more so when baby bumps are in the mix.

Shame Pregnancy Boobs Are Only Temporary

While most women love being pregnant, few enjoy the changes that happen to their bodies. On the other hand, men have no issues when things start to change and usually enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. Many women who already felt lacking in the breast dept. are in a for a treat when they’re expecting.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Sure, most women focus on weight gain and swelling during pregnancy, but enlarged breasts are also a result. For some, this is a welcome change, and our partners usually enjoy ite as well. It’s making sure not to focus too much on these crucial changes to keeping hurt feelings at bay. Sure it’s temporary, but no need to make the mother-to-be feel that her pre-pregnancy body was lacking in any way.

The Baby is Moving!

Nothing, and we mean nothing, is more exciting during pregnancy than feeling the baby move for the first time. It’s a sign things are going well and a time to sit back and enjoy the process. Those who have been through this can 100% relate. Maya and Yehuda remember that first kick, as do many first-time parents.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

While those not going through this experience can smile, ooh, and hah, it’s not the same as actually living through it. The baby moving around is a sign that all the struggles and fears were well worth it. Many women actually miss the months of pregnancy when sleepless nights and crying babies enter the picture. Enjoy this time!

A Good Night’s Sleep

Finding that sweet spot during the last months of pregnancy isn’t so simple. Sleeping on one’s stomach isn’t doable when jr. is in there. Some women claim pregnancy was the most magical time in their lives, and we’re not buying that. Nope, we’re here to talk about real-life pregnancy issues that the majority can understand and empathize with.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Thankfully, the baby industry is thriving, and there are solutions. Body pillows, for many, are a godsend and help when trying to get a good night’s sleep. From this telling comic slide, Maya obviously turned Yehuda into her human pillow. Yehuda is a good sport and a great husband and does whatever is needed to help wifey get a decent night’s rest,

His and Hers Bathrooms Are a Must

Hang around a pregnant woman for any length of time, and you’ll get a glimpse into what home life must be like. The needs of an expecting mother are wide and varied, but one common trait is the need to pee numerous times a day. Lord help anyone using the bathroom while mommy-to-be needs to relieve herself.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

When Yehuda and Maya started cohabitating, they were fine in their basic surroundings. However, getting pregnant presented a new reality. The need for a second bathroom became a real necessity. Yehuda quickly realized they needed to upgrade their living situation. It was either that or consider self-dehydration during the later months of pregnancy.

Are We There Yet?

It’s a fact, the last months of pregnancy are tough. Regardless of how we paint it, it’s an awkward time for most women. Their bodies are stretched to their limits, and frustration is settling in. The simplest tasks become clumsy and hard to achieve. Simply getting shoes on can be an uphill battle.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This is the time for the partner to step it up a notch and be there as much as possible. It’s also the time for the pregnant lady to admit she needs help and not fight it. Let’s not let our egos get in the way. There are no winners here. If we need help getting up or tying our shoes, it’s okay to ask for it or accept it.

The Day is Finally Upon Us

The last couple of months leading up to the birth is a special time. It’s a period of nesting for the mom-to-be. It’s time to read through the latest pregnancy books and get ready. Ask any first-time mom, and you’ll hear the same thing; “Nothing prepares you for labor.” True dat!

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

No matter how much we think we’re ready for the delivery day when it’s upon us, all reason goes out the window. It’s normal to have a mini-meltdown and forget everything we planned so well for. At least one-half of the couple must remain somewhat in control. It seems here that both Yehuda and Maya were caught off guard when Maya’s water broke, but it’s totally understandable.

Push Honey, Push

Every first-time mom and dad remember the panic of the delivery room—the feeling of helplessness and total lack of control. Our partners try to do everything in their power to assist us, but let’s be honest, they’re pretty much useless. Okay, we take that back. They’re not totally useless, but pretty close.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This is the time to remember that most moms in the delivery room may say things to their partners that they’ll have no memory of later on. They can’t be held accountable for their words at this time, so let’s cut them some slack. Yehuda was a true rock to Maya, but when things got rough, so did Maya.

The Most Beautiful Baby in the World

The struggles of getting pregnant are forgotten, as are the harsh words spoken in the delivery room. The wait was well worth it. No one even remembers the obstacles getting to this point. That’s the miracle of having a baby, and it’s the universe’s way of keeping the human species around. Nothing compares to delivering a healthy child into the world.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

This is also when we start to internalize just how fortunate we are. Just staring at this adorable creature lying peacefully in their crib. We are sure we just created a perfect human being and that no other can be as perfect or beautiful as our offspring. Watching our little baby sleep peacefully has got to be one of the great wonders of the world.

Parent, Baby Bonding

There’s a reason both parents are in the delivery room. There is a reason the baby is immediately placed on the new mom’s chest seconds after entering the world. Bonding with the baby right after birth is a must for parents. It’s the way we connect to our kids.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The minute our babies are placed in our arms, we forget about the weight gain, sleepless nights, and struggles to conceive. All of it flies out the window. All we know is we were given the best gift in the world, and we’re now ready to take on the world.

Reality Sets In

Yeah, miracle, shmiracle. Let’s be honest, soon after we’re over, the bliss of welcoming the most beautiful baby in the world wears off. Reality smacks us right in the face. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not dissing babies and family life. We’re just not buying that it’s all rainbows and unicorns. Just ask Yehuda and Maya, who thankfully are honest about the whole parenting shtick.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Adjusting to life with a newborn isn’t as rosy as many make it out to be. Sleepless nights, crying, feedings, and changing diapers are just the tip of the iceberg. Learning to navigate through this stage is an eye-opening adventure that isn’t for the meek. Communication is integral during any stage of parenting. Or do what others do, count the days till they move out and start their own lives. It’s only 18-20 years, no big deal.

OMG, We’re Parents!

Soon enough, we realize that having the baby really is the easy part. Parenting and raising productive members of society is where we prove ourselves. This is also the time when doubt starts to creep in, and we wonder if we’re even up to the task. Nearly every parent questions their ability to do the job at hand. Maya and Yehuda are no exception.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The goal of most parents should be to keep the lines of communication open. It’s important to share with our partners our fears and concerns. It’s good to be on the same page when it comes to parenting, preventing bigger problems down the line. Nothing like jr. figuring out which parent is the pushover and which parent is the strict one.

Maternity Leave Comes to an End

For those lucky to have generous maternity leave policies in place, count your blessings. The first few months after birth are emotional yet rewarding times to spend one-on-one time with your new baby. But it’s also temporary, and soon enough, reality rears its head, and it’s time to return to work to support the growing family.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Whether we’re returning to work or even taking our first vacation without the kids, leaving them behind is a bummer. Even the most secure parent with the greatest help has a hard time leaving their baby in the beginning. Some of us are fortunate to have grandparents who are eager to step in and help, but even that doesn’t alleviate the pain of saying goodbye for even a few hours.

Social Distancing and Babies

The global pandemic of the 21st century is something most haven’t had to experience, and it has been an eye-opening experience for everyone. Many countries implemented stay-at-home orders, requiring families to stay indoors for extended periods of time. Studies have found that some marriages couldn’t withstand the pressures of being cooped-up 24/7, while others proved it was a bonding experience like no other.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Maya and Yehuda were fortunate, as their work could be done from home and didn’t really cause too many problems. Well, that’s not exactly correct. Just hear us out. With restaurants and gyms shut down and social distancing in place, they found themselves isolated for extended periods of time. While it was an adjustment, the fact that this couple isn’t shy about sharing their lives made it somewhat easier. It wasn’t easy, but they managed to get through it, as well as could be expected.

Private Time Isn’t What It Used Be

Maya and Yehuda settled into family life somewhat easily. They managed to weather lockdowns and social distancing and even learned to navigate being around one another for long periods of time. The baby was adjusting and pretty much found a rhythm, and life was getting back to normal, sort of.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

The couple got so comfortable that they somehow forgot they were sharing space with another human being that had needs too. Many couples can relate to being disturbed while trying to enjoy some alone time. For the most part, this is a normal mishap, and despite our fears, not much damage can be done from a child walking in on their parents, um, enjoying one another.

Just Figure it Out!

Sometimesm only mom can solve certain problems. But sometimes, moms need a minute to breathe and take a step back. No judging here, but when we claim to be supermom, it comes with a price. Dads need to know their worth too, and moms need to support them. Dads can calm a crying baby just as well as moms. Well some can, not all.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Mom’s have mini-meltdowns too. They’re only human. Dad needs to pick up the slack and let mom have a moment’s peace. It’s okay to feel the need to run away and compose yourself. This tip is only good for the well-trained dad who’s done his fair share of night duties and isn’t overwhelmed by a hysterical toddler.

You Can Do It Honey, I Believe In You

There’s an old saying that states, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” While we agree with this, it’s not always doable. Sometimes, we need our spouse’s help, and that can come with a price. Maya and Yehuda are pretty much in sync, but there have been times when hubby just couldn’t get it right.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

For some partners running the most mundane errands can be a bit too much. Sending our spouse to the store with a shopping list seems like a no-brainer, but hold on there. Most of us know what to do when something on the list isn’t in the shop. We can quickly decide to get something else, but we can run into trouble when doing this for our spouse.

Never Disagree In Front Of the Kids

This relates to what we said earlier about both parents being on the same page. By not agreeing on issues in front of your child(ren), you run the risk of raising kids who become master manipulators. It’s imperative that parents present a unified front. If you disagree, that’s okay, just be sure to do it in private.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Fighting or disagreeing in front of the kids sets a bad example and results in confusion and even fear for the child. Parents are meant to lead by example and show they are in total agreement at all times. Yeah, we’re writing this and not buying it either, but it sounds good in theory. Parents make mistakes, that’s a fact. Learning from the mistakes is the main goal.

Growing the Famly

Yehuda and Maya have adjusted to life with one child, and it’s time for the next phase. They discussed it at length, they timed it and yay, they’re expecting again. They’ll definitely be more prepared and know what they’re in for. Now is time to let their firstborn in on the secret.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

Parents, take note. Letting older kids in on the baby news is serious business. It’s important to approach this in a manner that won’t upset the soon-to-be older sibling. Sharing the news early on is a good way for everyone to adjust and get ready for what’s coming. If done right, this can be a happy and exciting time for all involved.

Tip of the Day: Keep the Smartphones Out Of the Bedroom!

This scene is all too common and that’s just sad. If we don’t want our kids addicted to the glare of the tablet or smartphone, it’s important to lead by example. It’s all too easy to get distracted by messages from friends and family, but we need to work at keeping them at bay.

Image Courtesy of Yehuda Devir

We’re all guilty of this and need to make an effort to focus on our partners as much as possible. Consider a pact that either silencing notification and or keeping digital devices out of the room altogether. Nothing is ever really that important that it can’t wait till after we’ve given our significant other our full attention. Seriously, we survived just fine before they entered our lives.