40 Less-Than-Magical Experiences Of Couples Moving In Together

By Abigail T

A drastic and significant step in any relationship is moving in together. This is the moment when you know things are progressively getting more and more serious. However scary and exciting moving in together is, one thing is for sure: you’re going to get to know your partner on a whole other level. You’ll be witness to all their habits, even the disgusting ones they’ve managed to hide from you thus far. You will also realize that their diet is different than yours, and filling up the fridge and cupboard may cause more tension than you think it would. If you’re about to move in with your significant other, here are a few tweets to make you feel less alone and help make the experience less daunting.

No lettuce

Remember what we just said about different diets? One person may prefer iceberg lettuce, but the other person might not even like it. So who’s in control of what’s in the fridge then? @smithsara79 shares how she solves these dietary differences…

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@smithsara79; Photo by Petr Magera/Unsplash

…by throwing out whatever her boyfriend adds to the cart if she doesn’t like the item. That’s one way to do it, maybe! But what happens when they get home, and the boyfriend finds there’s no iceberg lettuce for his salad?

Love me, love my books

Moving in together into a single space means that both you and your partner’s stuff needs to fit in the place. Her yoga mats and dumbbells, your gaming console, and vinyl; They all need to fit in the house.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@itsalicetime; Photo by Aneta Pawlik/Unsplash

For @itsalicetime, there seems to be a slight issue with the number of books she owns that she obviously wants to bring with her to the new place. Though it might be ideal to have all her books there, there may not be enough space for them! But if you love her, you love her books, too!

Netflix and stay away from me

At the start of a relationship, all you want to do is to be with each other and limbs pretzeled around each other. But, by the time you get to the moving-in-together stage, you want your personal space back.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BriceRose1; Photo by Mollie Sivaram/Unsplash

When you’re way too invested in a show, the last thing you want is for someone to be around you and asking all these questions about it. Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and stay away from me, seriously!

Someone to blame

This next tactic is how Twitter user @ReeseButCallMeV gets away with breaking the household appliances. She doesn’t take responsibility for her actions, but because she lives with her husband, she can try to put the blame on him. Poor guy!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ReeseButCallMeV; Photo by Manik Roy on Unsplash

We guess that in a twisted way, that’s one of the perks and conveniences of living with your significant other? Of course, this approach might not always work. It may very well backfire. But it’s always worth a shot.

Creative control

Another issue that may sometimes get in the way of a couple living together is how to decorate the space. Each person will want their own personal touch to be applied around the house. But a relationship, it’s about compromise.

Tweet and photo courtesy of Twitter/@ChrisPJGodfrey

When @ChrisPJGodfrey decided to give up creative control of the living room, he had no idea what that meant. Whatever he wanted, he was definitely not expecting to have his every move in the living room watched by Julianne Moore.

First come, pay forever

When you move in together, you share everything from a house, a bed down to an iTunes account. @DanHopp warns couples who are just moving in together about the dangers of logging into iTunes first in the house because you’ll have to pay for the consequences.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DanHopp; Photo by Austin Distel/Unsplash

He’s got a point here. Unless you have a joint account with which you pay for certain household needs, maybe don’t log into iTunes or Netflix first. Otherwise, you’re just giving yourself a reason to keep paying and no reason to get yourself out of it.

Not like that

You won’t realize just how stuck in your ways you are until you move in with another person. Suddenly, everything they do is wrong. Even if they’re only trying to help with the workload around the house, it’s not satisfactory enough for you.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@yenniwhite; Photo by Mohammad Esmaili/Unsplash

Twitter user @yenniwhite proves our point exactly. It’s not like you stop loving the person because they load the dishwasher wrong. It’s just that you would much rather have the dishwasher loaded the way you’ve always done your entire life.

Maintaining the magic

At the start of a relationship, you don’t see the other person’s flaws. To you, they’re perfect. That’s the magic of it. But, once someone farts in front of the other, that magic slowly disappears. Some people swear by not farting or doing number two in front of their significant others.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@realoverheardla

Whoever in LA is walking around the house holding in their fart needs to find a way to let that go. It can’t be healthy. Also, if you’ve moved in together, it’s probably time for your boyfriend to know that you fart like every other human being on the planet.


Remember how we said that you’re going to be exposed to all your partner’s bad habits when you move in together? Well, your partner is also going to be exposed to all your bad habits. Like how many times you actually shower in the span of a week.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@gabydunn; Photo by Carson Masterson/Unsplash

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing, but there’s no guarantee your partner would be impressed when they learn about you only showering every other day. When you move in together, get ready to make some big life changes.


You would think that dealbreakers are talked about early on in the relationship. However, some of these things come to the surface years later, like when you finally move in together. Who would have thought that the way someone positions the toilet paper roll would be a dealbreaker?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MikeBaldOB; Photo by Clay Banks/Unsplash

In all fairness, toilet paper always goes over. Whoever has it going under is a crime. We understand why @MikeBaldOB would reconsider the move, but he’s already spent so much money and energy. Is it really worth canceling plans over this?


Being with the person you love 24/7 isn’t the only perk of moving in together. You also get a 50% discount on household items. Okay, maybe not a discount. But you’re splitting things like furniture and bedding down the middle, and that’s a financial win.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thomas_violence; Photo by Inside Weather/Unsplash

Of course, after sharing the bill, there also comes the part where you share and take care of the furniture. Sometimes, that can be a little bit of an adjustment, especially if you’re used to living alone and having everything for yourself.

Someone to turn out the lights

Have you ever snuggled into bed ready to go to sleep and realized you’ve forgotten to turn the lights off? But, you can’t be asked to get up and go to the light switch on the other side of the room? Well, that’s what boyfriends are for.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@shelbyfero; Photo by Steve Johnson/Unsplash

When you’re the one who snuggled into bed without turning out the lights, your boyfriend turns it off for you. When he’s the one who’s already in bed, it’s the other way around. All we really want in life is someone to turn out the lights when we forget.

All the stuff combined

As we’ve previously pointed out, moving in together means combining two persons’ lives worth of stuff into a single space. So, what happens when you’re both plant people who do a bit of climbing and love to exfoliate? Pure magic.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KirstyWebeck; Photo by vadim kaipov/Unsplash

Well, you end up like @KirstyWebeck and her girlfriend. They basically live in a jungle with no mugs or cutleries but a handful of exfoliating mitts. They’re gonna have to make some compromises as to which plants, carabiners, and mitts they’re going to throw out!

Still learning about you

At the point of a relationship, when you finally move in together and share everything, you would think you know everything about the other person already. However, this Twitter user quickly realized that she really didn’t know her boyfriend at all.

Tweet and photo courtesy of Twitter/@sanaysanaysay

She could not have guessed that her boyfriend was a big fan of Donald Duck. And by “big fan,” we mean “basically a collector of Donald Duck memorabilia.” We guess she’s going to have to deal with the house looking like a Donald Duck museum.

You learn something new every day

A big part of moving in together means you get to learn new things from the other person every day. More accurately, new practical life skill things and items that you’ve just always gone without back when you lived alone.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GrahamMosimann; Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Can you believe this guy has never used fabric softener before? Imagine the state of his clothes before he moved in with his girlfriend and then finally learned about it! What a mess. We’re glad that his girlfriend finally opened his eyes.

Full cabinet

You know how sometimes when you live alone, there are spaces in the house you don’t use? Such as the extra bedroom you could easily turn into an office, but leave empty. Or the medicine cabinet without any medicine in it because you keep yours by your bed?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@joshgondelman; Photo by Erik Mclean/Unsplash

When Josh Gondelman moved in with his girlfriend, his medicine cabinet became stock-filled with meds. That’s probably because his girlfriend keeps the meds where they’re supposed to be kept. This is just one of the many changes that might take place when you move in together.

Dealbreaker, part 2

Aside from putting the toilet paper the wrong way, what else is a dealbreaker for you? Would you still love them if they didn’t like your favorite movie or didn’t listen to your favorite band? Would you still love them if they supported the rival sports team?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@NateGrearySports; Photo by kylie De Guia/Unsplash

We don’t know how this happened, but @NateGrearySports went ages into the relationship without finding out that his girlfriend was actually a Yankees fan. He only found out when they moved in together. We hope they’re still doing okay.

She’s a dog person

When you move in with a person, you’re also moving in with their pet. So, you better be ready to become a dog person or a cat person depending on who you’re dating. If you can’t accept the pet, you can’t accept the person.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@realpeterfalk; Photo by Elias Castillo/Unsplash

We’re surprised that @realpeterfalk never knew about these dog costumes. Surely he must have met the dog before. Was it not in costume all those times, or is owning 4.000 dog costumes something his girlfriend had always been ashamed of and tried to hide?

Solely for financial purposes

Sometimes, you don’t only move in together for romantic reasons. You cannot deny the economic and financial benefits of living with another person. We don’t blame anyone for moving in together “too soon.” If you save money, you save money.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JonahGreen; Photo by Matthew Lancaster/Unsplash

There’s not really a point in having a place of your own if you’re always spending your time at your partner’s place anyway. Why pay two rents when you can split one rent and all the bills in half, right?

A finder, a keeper

Are you someone who is always losing your things? Today it’s your car keys, tomorrow it’s your glasses, and next week it’s your wallet. Well, another perk of moving in with another person is that they can help you look.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@cameronesposito; Photo by Sincerely Media/Unsplash

If your special someone is a person who always finds your things when you lose them, they are definitely a keeper. You made the right decision by moving in with them. Don’t let that run away. You won’t find another!

New toilet seat

It’s customary that when people move in together, they each have separate things that they’re in charge of. Dividing the load makes everything a lot easier to manage. In this next case, @GMPaiella’s boyfriend was apparently in charge of reparations.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GMPaiella

In our opinion, this is actually a sick piece of art that deserves to be printed on something more elegant than a toilet seat. At the same time, it’s not exactly the most tasteful thing to do. What do you think? Twilight dogs toilet seat—yes or no?

Way past Honeymoon Stage

Don’t you miss the Honeymoon Stage of a relationship where everything the other person does is magical, and you never get sick of spending all your time with them? What happens when you phase out of that, and everything becomes routine?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@rosee_amy; Photo by mayhar motebassem/Unsplash

Well, instead of being glad to share a pizza, you race each other to make sure you get in more slices than the other person. Or at least, that’s what it’s like for @rosee_amy’s relationship with her boyfriend, Aaron.

Expectations vs. reality

If you had any lovey-dovey, sunshine, and daisies expectations when it comes to moving in together with your partner, throw them out the window right now. Twitter user @yannezy_ shows you the reality of the matter, and it isn’t as pretty.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@yaneezy_; Photo by Plann/Unsplash

Yup, once you’re all settled in, everything is actually a little underwhelming. You just watch your girlfriend read your tweets without liking them, and you start wondering, does she even like you? Also, what is with all this hair?

Sharing everything

As the saying goes, sharing is caring. Sometimes though, you just have to wait for the right timing to share things with your significant other. But, that rule flies out the window when you live together. It’s sharing content 24/7.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@megzryan; photo by Mikhail Vasilyev/Unsplash

Sleep is for the weak. If your girlfriend wakes you up to show you a cat video, you wake up and watch the cat video with her. You stare lovingly at her as she replays it and watches it again.

The cheese situation

A big portion of living together is just making sure you stock up on essentials before they run out. A lot of your text messages will look like this next exchange between @Cmac8 and her partner if this is the task at hand.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Cmac8

Whether it’s cheese, salt, sugar, or toilet paper, your trips to the grocery store will always involve some sort of checking in with your partner to see if you have all the essentials you need at home. It’s basically adulting together.

A sense of humor

A lot of people first fell for their partners because they made them laugh. A sense of humor is one of the most attractive things in a person, and we cannot ignore it. Everyone wants someone to laugh with as they get older.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@funbabynames; Photo by NATHAN MULLET/Unsplash

We don’t understand what’s wrong with this tweeter. It’s like he doesn’t like funny things. We think this joke is hilarious. Sure, it may be a little dad joke-ish, but it still made us laugh! If you ask us, the girlfriend is a keeper.


Take @goodaquarius’s advice and invest in a California king bed before you move in with your significant other. That double bed they have may be good for a while, but soon you’ll realize you still want a bit more space on the bed.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@goodaquarius; Photo by CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

A California king bed can be especially beneficial if both you and your partner spread your limbs wide when you sleep. Instead of having to deal with kicking each other in your sleep, just get a bigger bed, and the main problem is solved.

Habits exposed

As you’ve previously read, all your habits will be exposed when you move in together with your partner. From the good kind, the disgusting kind, to the just plain weird kind, you will basically deal with all of it before your significant other.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@nicoleboyce

Our eyebrows are raised at this particular nighttime habit, but we won’t judge. You do you, @nicolebwboyce. We just have to know, which version of A Star is Born is it? The most recent one with Lady Gaga or the Judy Garland one?

No such thing as toon

What did we say? Sometimes moving in together is solely a financial decision, and that’s okay! It doesn’t matter what other people say about the relationship. Pay them no mind. You’re the one saving the big bucks every month.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Mondaypunday; Photo courtesy of Alexander Mils/Unsplash

Some people might say that moving in before a certain amount of time together is a recipe for disaster. They say it’s too soon, or you’re moving too fast. But, from what @Mondaypunday shared, it’s a pretty beneficial thing to do for both parties.

National Girlfriend Day

Don’t forget to appreciate your significant others every day! They do so much for you, and they deserve the recognition. @meghanrienks’s boyfriend clearly knows this. As he says, “it’s always National Girlfriend Day.” Well, isn’t Meghan a lucky gal?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@meghanrienks

Whoops, maybe words aren’t enough to show said appreciation. She demands much more. Time to hop in the car and head to the mall to find a good present that properly sums up how grateful he is for his girlfriend!

Living out of boxes

When you live alone, you live on your own terms. Too lazy to do dishes? Eat pasta out of the pot. Can’t be bothered to unpack the boxes in the living room? Live out of them until you have to move out again.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KatTimpf; Photo by Michal Balog/Unsplash

The boxes in the living room never bothered @KatTimpf. However, once she moved in with another person, she couldn’t just live the way she’s been doing for most of her adult life. Other people think boxes strewn across the living room are a stressful mess.

Maintaining the flame

As the relationship grows older, people can lose the initial flame that was there at the beginning. It becomes diminished by mundane issues, like opening a joint account and picking out new toilets. The romance dwindles, and you’re left with the ordinaries of daily life.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@usedwigs

What a spicy text to be sending your wife at 10:12 in the morning on a Saturday. Toilet seats are totally the kind of thing that gets two people going. Just kidding. You can just tell these two have been married a while.

Unwitting beneficiary

We like the term “unwitting beneficiary” that Jesse Joyce uses here. In reality, moving in with someone else will make you the unwitting beneficiary of all of their stuff. You really have no idea how much stuff a person owns until they’re all out of the boxes.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jessejoyce; Photo by Jocelyn Morales/Unsplash

This guy’s girlfriend collects scented candles, and there are 15 boxes full of them. No, not 15 candles. Fifteen boxes of candles. Can you believe that? It may be a little extra, but at least the house will never smell bad!


You spend your entire life waiting for the love of your life to show up. And then you meet her, and things are beginning to blossom into roses. You ask her to move in together, and she excitedly agrees. Then you have a talk about decorating the kitchen, and you realize… she’s basic.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@malektomercury; Photo by Brandi Alexandra/Unsplash

There’s nothing wrong with having inspirational quotes around the house. What you do with your own space is your decision to make. But “live, laugh, love?” And especially in cursive writing? Well, that’s the most basic thing we’ve ever seen!

Let it rip

Is anyone else out there embarrassed about having to fart in front of their significant others? If you’re still worried about this, then the relationship hasn’t been going on for too long. Maybe you actually shouldn’t be moving in yet.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@joshgondelman

Even if you are someone who is a little shy about revealing natural bodily functions that society deems as disgusting, you can always just go to a corner every time you need to let it rip. Or use the bathroom, whatever works.

The three magic words

In a relationship, the magic words aren’t “please” or “thank you.” The three magic words are, “I have food.” Food turns everything around. Food inherently brings people together. You can put an argument on hold to eat and then come back and continue.

Tweet anonymous; Photo by Rachel Parks/Unsplash

Don’t assume that just because the beauty and wellness industries are so tailored towards women. Women then aren’t going to get excited about eating. We want all the food. Just say you have food, and it will instantly make us like you more.

Lumped in

This kind of thing can happen even if you don’t live together with your partner, but it is even more common amongst couples who do live together. People start referring to you as one entity instead of two different individuals.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KitMurphy; Photo by Cezar Sampaio/Unsplash

People also start assuming that you would know about your significant other’s whereabouts. That’s not always the case in relationships! You two have separate lives, even if you share an address. And depending on your relationship, it’s not necessary to always keep tabs.

The tides will turn

Arguments are bound to happen in a relationship, whether you live together or not. Sometimes, you might even end up apologizing for something you never did, only to appease the other person and get it over with, as is the case here.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ItsDanSheehan; Photo by Siavash Ghanbari on Unsplash

Of course, @ItsDanSheehan isn’t responsible for the Salem Witch Trials. But sometimes, when you’re in a pickle, and your girlfriend has somehow become more upset than you are, you would say just about anything to diffuse the situation and move on.

Developing opinions

Before you move in with another person, you might think that you’re not too dead-set on your own preferences. You may even perceive yourself as a pretty flexible person. That is, of course, until you’re trying to decorate the living room with your girlfriend.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@britt27ash; Photo by Juli Kosolapova/Unsplash

Suddenly, you have a particular area rug style that needs to be put in the living room. It has to be a certain size and of a certain texture. You like them plain, without any prints or patterns, while your girlfriend prefers the complete opposite.

What a problem you have

Judging from the tone of this tweet, we’re gonna say that at the time he first tweeted this, @KevinFroleiks had only just moved in with his girlfriend. The tweet screams “honeymoon stage,” and you can just tell these two can’t keep their hands off each other.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KevinFroleiks

We hope they enjoyed this stage while it lasted. Pretty soon, it was probably tested by the realities of adulting, like paying the rent every month, dealing with repairs, and arguing about whose turn it is to do the laundry.