Meaningful Inkspirations: 35+ People Getting Matching Tattoos With Their Parents

By Aileen D October 2, 2023

This article was originally published on familylifespace

Parents are known for being strict, setting rules, and ensuring their children’s well-being. But sometimes, even the most steadfast rules can have exceptions. Here, we have folks who’ve always been unwavering, perhaps even a little too strict at times. They’ve maintained curfews, enforced study hours, and insisted on veggies at every meal. But now, as their children have grown into adulthood, something extraordinary is about to happen.

In a surprising twist, they are entertaining the idea of getting matching tattoos with their offspring. It’s a fascinating shift from their usual stern demeanor to a more open, adventurous spirit. What could have possibly prompted this change of heart? Well, stick around as we delve into the heartwarming stories behind these unique parent-child bonding experiences, proving that even the strictest people can surprise you with their capacity for bearing pain.

Thorn on My Side

Kids and parents have a special relationship that’s like no other. They can be each other’s greatest allies and, at times, their most stubborn thorns in the side. A fascinating paradox defines the parent-child dynamic, so these two got themselves tattoos representing those thorns.

Image courtesy of diply

Parents can sometimes feel like an ever-present thorn in their relentless pursuit of what they believe is best for their children. The constant reminders to do chores, finish homework, or eat greens can be a bit irksome. But beneath it all, it manifests their unwavering love and concern.

All the Way

Here’s a tattoo that encapsulates a mother’s unwavering love and a child’s determination. It’s an inked symbol that says, “I’d risk it all for you,” etched onto a mother’s skin. This tells a story of sacrifice, courage, and the lengths a parent would go to protect her child.

Image courtesy of thtantai

On the other side, a tattoo reads, “I will not fail because of her.” It’s the child’s way of acknowledging their mother’s unyielding support and belief throughout life’s ups and downs and how her mother is her very source of strength.

No Messin’ With Her

Matching tattoos aren’t just reserved for mothers and children; dads are in on this heartwarming trend, too. This dad proudly sports a tattoo proclaiming him as his daughter’s guardian, while his daughter wears ink calling her “Father’s Angel.”

Image courtesy of body art guru

Getting matching tattoos with your kids? Dads seem to have it easier! The “cool dad” vibe just pairs naturally with the idea of sharing a tattoo. This father probably even raced her daughter to the local tattoo shop and beat her to it.

Find the Hidden Mickey

Finding a “Hidden Mickey” is a beloved pastime for Disney fans, but did you know you can discover hidden treasures in parent-child tattoos, too? Similar to subtle Mickey Mouse shapes cleverly tucked away in Disney movies and theme parks, some parent-child tattoos have secret meanings.

Image courtesy of debeercounselling

It’s like having a private inside joke you carry everywhere. So, while the ink may appear simple on the surface, there’s often a touching story or a hidden connection waiting to be unveiled, just like the magic of discovering a Hidden Mickey at Disney!

Linked Chain

A mother and her two daughters, inseparable and bound by an unbreakable bond, get matching interlocked heart tattoos. Each heart symbolizes their connection, a piece of a larger puzzle. It almost forms a chain when they place their wrists together.

Image courtesy of body art guru

These interlocked hearts represent the idea that, individually, they are unique and whole. Still, they create something even more beautiful when they come together—a family filled with love, support, and an unspoken understanding. There’s no breaking this chain.


Imagine a mother and daughter duo who are like two mischievous accomplices, partners-in-crime with matching tattoos that signify their playful troublemaking tendencies. When they are together, it is as if a whirlwind of laughter, pranks, and harmless chaos follows them.

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Whether plotting practical jokes or simply finding humor in everyday situations, they share a unique and infectious bond that spreads smiles wherever they go. And yet again, they’ve discovered a shared joke that will leave everyone guessing and scratching their heads.

Musical Notes

Here’s a tattoo that’s as musical as fun: a heart shape with a twist! Instead of the traditional heart, this one’s in G major—a sure indication of a person’s love for music. It’s like saying, “My heart beats to the rhythm of life, and it’s always in a major key!”

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If you ask them to play to their heart’s content, it’ll be in a cheerful G major, guaranteed to lift spirits and get toes tapping. So, this tattoo says it all, whether you’re a music lover or just someone who enjoys a good laugh.


Picture a father-son duo with a unique sense of humor and a penchant for unconventional tattoos. They decide to get matching barbed wire tattoos wrapped around their arms. Not your typical choice, right? But that’s precisely the point!

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Their choice raises a few eyebrows. Whenever someone asks about their tattoos, they share a laugh and a memorable story. It’s a reminder that family is about embracing each other’s quirks and enjoying life’s surprises, even if that means wrapping your arms in metaphorical barbed wire.

Taught to Fish

The father opts for a tattoo of the age-old proverb, “Teach a kid how to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime,” drawing etched beautifully across his back. It’s a testament to his role as a mentor, passing down wisdom and life skills.

Image courtesy of body art guru

Now, the daughter’s choice? She goes for a sleek and vibrant fish tattoo on his forearm, representing a love for fishing and the knowledge and values imparted by her father. She looks up to her father as her very lifeline, knowing she can weather the storms of life with him.

Love macaroni

You know, there is something genuinely magical about Mom’s macaroni. It is not just a dish; it is like a warm hug from home, a taste of nostalgia, and a testament to the bond between a mom and her daughter.

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

Mom’s macaroni has been the star of countless family dinners, heart-to-heart conversations, and even those cozy, rainy days when all you want is comfort food. Each bite is like a trip down memory lane, back to those carefree childhood days.

Groot, Groot!

A mother and son bond over their shared love for characters that are a tad… unconventional. They’re both crazy about Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Yoda (aka Grogu) from The Mandalorian. It’s like a dynamic duo of adorable, yet somewhat quirky, companions.

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Their conversations are a hilarious but cute mix of “I am Groot!” and “This is the way.” They can spend hours debating which tiny, green, and charming character is more adorable. It’s a friendly rivalry that’s more about laughter than winning.

Special meaning

A father and son with a close-knit bond decide on a unique tattoo. They go for the Roman numeral “XXIII” inked on their forearms. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not just any number; it’s the son’s birthdate—his 23rd birthday, to be precise.

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For them, this tattoo represents much more than just a number. It’s a symbol of the day the only kid in the family grew wiser, learning how to tie his shoes until he could save other people’s lives after graduating from med school.


Imagine a tattoo that is all about elegance and simplicity: a minimalist semicolon with a cat’s face, its tail forming the punctuation. It’s a mix of wit and subtlety, sending a charming and clever message. And no wonder this mother and daughter chose to have it etched on their skin.

Image courtesy of debeercounselling

The semicolon symbolizes the continuation of a sentence when it could have ended—much like the resilience to keep going when faced with challenges. And the cat’s face? Well, it’s a reminder that we should approach life’s mysteries with the same curiosity.


Let’s talk about a father-son duo whose faith is as strong as their bond—and they have the ink to prove it. On their deltoids, they proudly sport matching crosses. Now, you might think, “Why a cross tattoo?” Well, it’s not just any tattoo; it’s a symbol of their shared religiosity.

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Their conversations are a unique blend of sermons and dad jokes. Together, they’re discussing Christ’s teaching one moment, and the next, they share a good laugh over a classic dad pun. It’s a spiritual journey sprinkled with humor, and they won’t have it any other way.


Imagine a mother and daughter so deeply connected that they’re practically proud replicas of each other. To celebrate their similarities, they’ve each inked “Like Mother” on one foot and “Like Daughter” on the other as if their looks aren’t similar enough.

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Their tattoos symbolize a mother’s guidance and a daughter’s admiration, an unspoken promise to always be there for each other. It’s a heartwarming reminder that family bonds can be beautifully captured in ink. What cute designs can you think of that would suit you and your parent?

Protective mammals

Bears are fierce protectors of their young, showcasing an unparalleled devotion to their cubs. This parental dedication is a testament to nature’s ability to nurture and safeguard the vulnerable. In the animal kingdom, the bond between mother and cub is a heartwarming example of parental care at its finest.

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The bond between mother bears and their cubs rivals even the strongest connections. Their protective instincts and nurturing love create an unbreakable union that mirrors the depth of affection in the closest human relationships, like that between mothers and daughters.

Fluttering Wings

Butterflies, despite their delicate appearance, embody remarkable resilience. They endure a transformative journey from caterpillar to winged wonder, facing predators, harsh weather, and daunting migrations. Their wings, adorned with intricate patterns, serve as art, camouflage, and a warning to predators.

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Much like butterflies, a father-daughter relationship can appear fragile on the surface. Yet, it’s a testament to resilience and strength. Through life’s storms and transformations, this bond endures. The love, support, and shared experiences create a tapestry of beauty that defies fragility, showcasing the resilience of the human heart.

Where To

Elephants have long been revered as symbols of good luck and fortune in various cultures worldwide. Their association with wisdom, strength, and longevity makes them a powerful emblem of positive energy. So, you can choose a minimalist tattoo design for these smart mammals.

Image courtesy of sanamtour

In some traditions, an upward-facing elephant trunk is believed to attract prosperity and ward off negativity. Whether in religious ceremonies, art, or daily life, the presence of elephants is often seen as a harbinger of good luck, a reminder that these magnificent creatures carry with them the promise of a brighter future.

Without Fail

In Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark’s last words are undeniably poignant. When he tells his daughter, “I love you 3000,” it’s not just a number; it’s a testament to a parent’s boundless love. And this parent can undoubtedly identify with Stark’s fierce protectiveness.

Image courtesy of diply

Those words encapsulate the depth of affection and the immeasurable lengths parents go for their children, even if it means sacrificing their lives. Parental love knows no limits, and it’s a sentiment that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt the unwavering care and devotion of a mother or father.

PB and J

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches hold a timeless place in breakfast traditions. Made by parents for their kids, they’re more than just a meal; they’re a warm, comforting hug that transcends generations. Pair it with milk, and you’ve got a stuffed tummy coming home from school.

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The combination of creamy peanut butter and sweet, fruity jelly is a perfect harmony of flavors, just like the love parents pour into making them. Whether packed for school or served at the breakfast table, PB&J sandwiches symbolize a parent’s care.

Just Trippin’

Bees operate as a close-knit family unit centered around their queen bee. They diligently follow her, working in perfect harmony to protect and sustain the hive. This symbiotic relationship mirrors the bonds within a family, where members rally around a central figure.

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

The devotion of worker bees to their queen reflects the deep familial connections we find in human households, where unity, shared purpose, and an unwavering commitment to each other create a safe and thriving environment. Let’s say that worlds crumble just as quickly when the central figure or the queen bee dies.

Against the World

In the grand adventure of life, there’s something magical about a father and daughter joining forces to take on the world together. Case in point: this dynamic duo. He provides for her, packing lunch and taking her to school as she bounces down the staircase, brimming with energy and filling the room with light.

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This dynamic duo has braved more than life’s challenges; they have even ventured into the world of tattoos together, choosing a beautiful design and having it indelibly inked on their skin. She is always going to be Daddy’s little angel.

To Infinity

With its elegant and unending loops, the infinity symbol is a timeless representation of our love for family. Sure, every now and then, there are hiccups, and we might grow apart from family, but eventually, we find our way back and understand deeper truths.

Image courtesy of diply

The infinity symbol is a beautiful testament to the depth of our familial bonds, a visual reminder that our hearts are forever intertwined with those we hold dear, and how this constant gives us profound comfort and acceptance of our fleeting lives.


Balloons are like little bundles of inspiration. They have this amazing ability to rise above, no matter how many weights try to pull them down. Life can be a bit like that sometimes, right? But what if balloons are left untethered?

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We can let go of the strings that tie us to negativity. We can rise above it all and direct ourselves to more positive spaces. It’s a reminder that we can navigate life’s winds with courage and determination. Onward and upward we go.

Mirror Image

A mother and daughter, inseparable in their love, decided to etch matching tattoos on their skin. The design? Mirror reflections of “I love you,” just in case they feel that they are unloved like we all do during our lowest moments.

Image courtesy of diply

When they glance at their wrists and see those words, it’s like a warm embrace, a silent affirmation of the deep and enduring sense of self and their impact on the worlds of close friends and loved ones. They always have someone they can call home.

The Macabre

Despite their macabre quirks, the Addams Family reminds us of the timeless importance of family values. Beneath the eerie exterior, they embody unconditional love and acceptance of each other’s unique qualities. Oh, and did we mention that they are fiercely loyal?

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

In a world that often prioritizes conformity, they teach us that family bonds are strongest when we embrace our differences and support one another, no matter how peculiar. And it’s their confidence in their macabre selves that is so magnetic.

Graceful Fall

A delicate feather is like a beautiful creation of nature, with its intricate details. It does so gracefully when it drifts down through the air, taking its time as if enjoying the journey. It doesn’t cause ruin when it lands.

Image courtesy of Handimania

It simply bides its time and bares itself beautifully on the floor, almost caressing the hard surface. These women take inspiration from the grace of a feather falling, how it can survive life’s weathering and come out of a fall fully intact.


Minimalist tattoos are like poetry on the skin. Clean lines and simple designs convey profound messages in the most understated way. Their beauty lies in their subtlety, allowing personal meaning to shine through. Take it from these Redditors who had managed to awe everyone with vines forming the words ‘daughter’ and ‘mother.’

Image courtesy of sanamtour

Anklet tattoo designs are alluring in their simplicity. They mimic the elegance of a genuine jewel, adorning the ankle with grace. These charming inks add a touch of style and a hint of mystery, allowing the wearer to carry their personal story wherever they go, one step at a time.

In Harmony

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that harmonizes the environment to promote well-being. It emphasizes arranging spaces to optimize energy flow, balance, and positive chi. From furniture placement to color choices, it’s all about creating harmony and balance for a happier and more prosperous life.

Image courtesy of Handimania

Yin and Yang, the concept of balance and harmony, are integral to Feng Shui. It’s about finding equilibrium in the opposing forces of life: dark and light, feminine and masculine, passive and active. By aligning these energies, Feng Shui seeks to create harmonious and positive living spaces, even on human skin.

Observant Critters

Squirrels are nature’s acrobats with superb agility. They plant trees unintentionally by forgetting where they buried their nuts. These tiny creatures have excellent memories, and they even adopt orphans. Who knew these little fluff balls had such interesting quirks up their furry sleeves?

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

One such quirk is that squirrels can become tattoo inspirations for humans. Just look at these two mammals standing alert, ears attuned to every branch breaking for a mile on end. They should head out soon, lest they become food for larger predators.

Tamin the Serpent

Two decades ago, this Redditor’s dad did something that left a lasting impression on her—he got a tattoo. It wasn’t just any tattoo but a design that held immense meaning for him. This Redditor watched, wide-eyed, as the blotted ink spread throughout his skin over the decades.

Image courtesy of sanamtour

Years passed, and this Redditor grew up, cherishing the bond she shared with Dad. Then, one day, it struck her: she wanted that same tattoo. Not because she tried to mimic him but because she wanted to share in that significant memento that held meaning at a point in their lives.

Daily Draw

Sunsets are a daily masterpiece, but their beauty lies in their impermanence. The way those vibrant hues paint the sky, only to fade into darkness, is a poignant reminder of life’s fleeting moments. But what if you could make that breathtaking sunset permanent?

Image courtesy of Handimania

Well, that’s where tattoos come in. They allow you to capture that transient beauty, preserving it on your skin forever. Sunset tattoos are not just body art; they’re a homage to the profound impact those fleeting moments can have on our souls.


Here is a mother and daughter who share a sense of humor that’s a tad quirky. Instead of going for traditional tattoo designs, they opt for a chonky unicorn. You read that right: a chubby, magical, and happy-looking creature with a horn.

Image courtesy of thtantai

This inked unicorn is like their inside joke, a reminder that laughter and a touch of fiction can make life more colorful. Whenever someone asks about their tattoos, they break into smiles and share a laugh, probably inviting the listener to concoct imaginary beings of their own.

Fresh Serving

Mrs. Potts and Chip from “Beauty and the Beast” are more than just beloved characters; they embody a heartwarming parent-child relationship – the kind that we would want to have with our mother. Mrs. Potts, the teapot, cared for Chip, her little teacup son, with unwavering love and protection.

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

It is a dynamic we would all like to model in our own parent-child relationships. How Mrs. Potts looked out for Chip and supported him through his adventures and misadventures is a difficult feat. Loving someone unconditionally while disciplining them takes strength.

Fitting Pieces

Puzzles should be fun, right? But when it comes to life, it’s a bit more complex. Life often feels like an intricate jigsaw with missing pieces, unpredictable twists, and no box cover to guide us. But mothers find a way to make the pieces fit.

Image courtesy of thtantai

So, embrace the puzzle of life, even when it gets tricky. Remember, seeking help, taking breaks, and asking for hints is okay. The result might not always look like the picture on the box, but that’s the beauty of it.

Favorite characters

It’s Pooh and Piglet, characters from the favorite childhood cartoon of a now-adult child, beautifully drawn unto both the mother and child’s skin. It’s more than just body art; it’s a tribute to the shared moments of laughter, cuddles, and bedtime stories.

Image courtesy of elevate

It’s like flipping through a treasured photo album filled with nostalgia whenever they look at that tattoo. Pooh and Piglet symbolize the simplicity of those innocent years and how a mother’s love and those endearing tales helped shape the child into the person they are today.

Mirror Semblance

Matching tattoos with your dad can be a creative adventure! It doesn’t have to be all symmetrical. Imagine getting an excellent design, maybe an anchor or a compass, and placing it on your ankle while he proudly wears it on his arm.

Image courtesy of sanamtour

You and your dad can celebrate your similarities while showcasing the beautiful differences that make your relationship special—so, matching tattoos? Absolutely! Just make sure to get them after you turn 18. A lot to look forward to, just in case.

Safe Passage

Opting for a minimalist elephant tattoo isn’t just a choice; it’s a beautiful symbol for parents and their children. Why, you ask? Elephants are known for their wisdom, strength, and close-knit family bonds. Just look at these two doing a ritual for safe passage.

Image courtesy of Handimania

So, as you know, elephants are remarkable for their strong family bonds. They live in matriarchal groups led by the oldest female, and all members, from grandparents to babies, actively care for and protect the young. It’s like one big, nurturing elephant family that genuinely values kinship.


In this ever-changing world, a mother and daughter embraced a shared mantra: “This too shall pass.” It’s their way of acknowledging life’s transient nature and finding strength in impermanence. Whenever they feel crippled by life’s sorrows, they find solace that everything is fleeting.

Image courtesy of thtantai

They’ve seen how moments of joy can be fleeting and challenges can be temporary. Whether celebrating victories or weathering storms, they hold onto this creed as a source of comfort and resilience. It just takes some getting used to accepting this reality.

A Little Forgiveness

Sometimes, the force of family can be as tumultuous as the galaxy’s battles. This Redditor once had a strained relationship with his dad, like Luke Skywalker’s complicated connection with Darth Vader. But time brought a surprising twist.

Image courtesy of Cheezburger

Both dropped their lightsabers and inched towards each other, awkwardly drawing the other person into their arms. Luke could hear his father’s ragged breaths through the mask, while Darth Vader could make out the locks of hair on Luke’s head that reminded him of Padme. Finally, there was balance.


Ah, Calvin and Hobbes, the dynamic duo that never fails to tickle our funny bones. Whether embroiled in philosophical debates or pulling pranks, they’ve got laughter down to a fine art. One moment, they’re pondering life’s mysteries; the next, they’re unleashing a barrage of hilarious gags and pranks.

Image courtesy of Handimania

What makes them truly special is that they understand each other’s humor on a cosmic level. A mere glance can set them off on a laughter spree that leaves us in stitches. So, we do understand why this mother and daughter chose to have the jests inked on their skin.

No Undoing

This mother and her daughters share such an unbreakable bond that they decided to tell everyone about it. Yep, they ran out of words to express just how inseparable they are. They could have created a cursive link that ran across their wrists.

Image courtesy of thtantai

While the phrase might seem straightforward, it’s also a gentle reminder that their relationship is forged over the years, even when life gets crazy, or they have little to say. Sometimes, the simplest expressions convey the most profound truths about family and love.

A Puzzle

Imagine a mother and her daughters embarking on a tattoo adventure that is like cracking a secret code. They opt for matching tattoos reminiscent of those LSAT quizzes where you have to guess the next symbol in a pattern. Draw the answer!

Image courtesy of sanamtour

Their tattoos might feature symbols, with the last one left blank. It’s like saying, “Life is a puzzle, and we’re in it together.” Whenever they show off their ink, it’s like a mini-challenge for anyone trying to decipher the following symbol on the list.

Remember to Do It

Growing up, this woman felt like she and her mom were on different planets. Her parent’s teaching style was straight from the authoritarian handbook—strict rules, no-nonsense lectures, and an ironclad curfew. She often thought her mum was from a generation where fun was banned.

Image courtesy of Inkbox

But as she journeyed into adulthood, something magical happened. The roles began to shift. She started seeing her mom not just as a parent but as a person with her quirks, interests, and dreams. She finally discovered why her mum had been hard on her; the woman knew no limits.

Family Indeed

Both dad and daughter had a wild sense of humor and a love for all things Viking. They decide to get tattoos that would make a Viking blush—something as bold and fierce as their spirits, and they bare it for everyone to see.

Image courtesy of Handimania

So, whether it’s a Norse-inspired design or a cheeky Viking quote, their tattoos tell a story of a father and daughter who share kindred spirits and a thirst for adventure as strong as any warrior’s shield. Skål! The world belongs to the curious.