40+ Park Signs That Make Us Stumble Off The Beaten Path

By Peace L

Park signs could consist of anything, but most are meant to guide pedestrians in some way. A lot are hilarious, causing us to laugh out loud, which is always healthy— we should always stick to humor. Harness your health in a good mood by reading funny signs around parks. A well-known quote states, “Laughter is a strong medicine.” A good chuckle is a fastest and most reliable way to rebalance your mind and body. Funny signs in the parks around the world are meant to communicate to visitors or frequenters. The whole reason behind why park signs are to educate people, brighten their days while also helping to guide them through cool pathways and trails. However, one funny sign we can’t get over reads Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. We know this is historical, but what in the world is this? Keep reading to uncover some of the hilarious park signs we’ve ever seen.

Are You Curious?

Some designers take their time to craft irrelevant and relevant words, like these written on the Pacific Crest Trail sign, which contains both important and irrelevant information. Well, the vital information is a footbridge ahead of you as well as headwaters camp. 

Image Source: imgur.com

The first two pieces of information are important if you feel like hiking. However, you wouldn’t be hiking to Canada or Mexico; the latter part of the signpost reads that one direction is 1,200 miles and the other 1,400. Do you even need that kind of information?

No Alcohol

Around the world, many parks allow drinking alcohol since people of all ages and walks of life use these facilities to meet up with friends and throw back a few. It makes sense to keep it safe and clean for all. Nobody wants to bump into a drunkard in a park.

Source: piximus.net

Instead of just declaring “No Alcohol,” this hilarious sign instructs folks to “start chugging” any alcohol they may have before passing the sign. Like many other parks around the world, this is a reminder not to take a drink in the park. So this one kindly suggests to “start chugging.”

Stay On The Path

This beautiful sign sends the reader a direct message and closes it with a greeting. It tells people to stay on the path and urges them to explore a particular spot. It ends with a kind message— not many signs have greetings on them.

Image source: theclickdesign.com

When people see the word ‘strictly,’ they’d probably think it’s normal since signs are used to deter people from doing things that are dangerous. For instance, “Danger: stay away from dog” or “Keep off the Grass” are examples. But the signpost in NaturesPlaygroud gets their message across in a unique way.

Watch Out For What Is Ahead

Some signs need really need more information for clarity. The makers of these signs keep you wondering. Their thought process was to develop these boring signs that you have to consider before going ahead. But it also makes you wonder, what exactly is ‘ahead?’

Image Source: thechive.com

Are you lost after reading? Most people felt the same way over the years. Whatever is ahead, laughter leaves the lips of the reader once they look at this sign. It just reads ‘ahead.’ What is it? Should people keep moving? How far ahead is ahead?

Flowers Are For The Solace Of Humanity

We rush through our daily activities, but this sign wants people to appreciate the park and nature in all its glory. Maybe your next big revelation in life could result from simply pausing and smelling the flowers— stop is boldly written on the sign.

Image Source: shacksigns.info

It’s not the typical signs that read, ‘Stop Danger is Ahead.’ Instead, this bold red stop sign tells you something soothing; smell the flowers. This is quite funny. It grabs people’s attention then tells them what to do, and it is pretty unexpected. Don’t pass this opportunity up.

The Lake With The Funny Name

The longest word in the word is infamous to many and maybe not funny, like the webster lake name. The hilarious thing about this name is its length makes it challenging to write in one straight. Yes, they curved it to fit on the sign.

Image Source:enguide.com

Webster Lake isn’t enough. The historical name is, Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, a park sign that definitely stops people from progressing to try to pronounce the park’s name. The funny thing about this is that nobody ever pronounces it right. It all ends in laughter.

This Doesn’t Quite Add Up

How can this add up? The sign is short, but people stop to read it and find it hard to understand the point of warning. It’s only two words, but it’s very unclear. People take the time to interpret what it means. They usually walk away laughing at the funny text on the sign. 

Image Source: funny/Reddit

A bottomless pit doesn’t have an end, and the reverse happens here. This bottomless pit is 65 feet deep. How does that add up? If it is a true bottomless pit, why does it have a measurement? Who in this world measures a bottomless pit. You just have to laugh after reading that sign.

The Lawbreaker Cat

It’s obvious that this cat is a lawbreaker. This is funny because it is like the cat has a sixth sense. The sign ‘No Dog’ only gives this cat more reason to chill. It seems the cat understands the simple signpost. However, he happily disregards the sign.

Source: watson.ch

Taking a nap makes this sign look stupid and funny. Signs might not be funny at times, but what surrounds it can make it look hilarious. Just like this stubborn cat, it didn’t only stroll past the dogs but also rested right in front of the park sign.

Are You Ready To Die?

Many signs make people laugh, especially those translated from another language. The sign from this park somewhere in Asia is super duper funny. Signs are to tell people what they are allowed to do and things that the park disapproves of.

Image Source: funnysigns.net

The advice on this sign is hilarious. While it discourages people from going near a hungry Tiger, it says that such people should probably believe in rebirth if they want to take that chance. Honestly, who will dare go close to a tiger’s den? Nobody wants to die. Hell No!

Evils Door

Littering the floor causes water and air pollution. Hence, after eating or drinking, everyone knows disposing of garbage is the right thing to do. This will make ‘the world a better place.’ Do you remember this song by Michael Jackson? Although people know the harmful effects of waste, some still litter.

Image Source: dailybraille.co.uk

Even though this looks and sounds funny, we’re sure it must scare some people from messing around and throwing their junk everywhere in the park. This sign says those who litter opens evil’s door. No one wants to open such a door. It is a bold message.

Communicating Park Sign

Parks use different signs to communicate the dos and don’ts allowed in the park. Signs are in certain sections for various reasons. It can teach specific facts or history about the park or things people might encounter, like this next sign.

Image Source: funkyjunk.com

Other signs tell you about the flora and fauna of things around the park — this is a sign trying to convey a clear message. The fact the black bears in Oregon are black is not news. It is funny to read, and you cannot envisage what the makers of this sign thought when they thought it was necessary. 

Keep An Eye On What’s Going On Around You

An enormous sign that reads ‘Attention’ in a park is most likely going to catch onlookers’ eyes. However, it persuades people to read. In most cases, this sign disallows one thing or another. Rather than this sign saying ‘Attention,’ kids are prohibited from roaming alone. 

Source: barnorama.com

The ‘Attention’ sign makes a 360-degree turn when you continue to the fine print. You realize it wants your attention for something good. Suppose you want to spot the abundance of wildlife? This is just a friendly reminder to do so.

Signs Are Also Necessary For Our Pooches

At times, signs show that the park rangers care about every living thing in the park, which warms the heart. This next sign is for those who bring their furry friends. Also, the dogs get their warning as well and explain doggie language such as woof, bark, and grrrr. Trust every dog owner to stop and read this one.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

This one definitely encourages furry owners with a funny sign to ‘pick up after your dogs’ after they finish doing their business. The maker is a lover of dogs. If not, at least there is a sign of respect for all the dogs that visit this park.

A Scientific Word That Deters Fishers

Here is another sign that will make science lovers and chemical students or grads laugh out loud. Others may take a while to figure it out, but if you need a hint, you should know that dihydrogen monoxide is just another word for something simple.

Image Source: piximus.net

This hilarious sign is one of the best; believing that this ‘Dihydrogen Monoxide’ is dangerous would have lead to many turning away from this water area. However, the DHMO is only another explicit word for water. So this is funny since it is just a sign to scare illegal fishers.

Be Careful! it Is Dangerous

This next sign is amusing. You’re not given a clear picture of why you should be careful. All you see is flat ground. What is dangerous? At least visitors are aware they should take their steps gently. Hence, it is just a picture that will make you laugh and scratch your head.

Image Source: sourcegram.com

If you were walking past this sign, there is a guarantee you will burst into uncontrollable laughter. Be watchful you don’t become a falling man— the picture definitely depicts that. However, people do not understand how an almost flat floor could lead a person to hit the floor.

Don’t Be In A Haste

Every time we think we are done laughing, another sign translated from another language to English pops up. Making you an English speaker laugh till your cheek burns. This sign isn’t just funny. You start trying to place the words together to sound correct.

Image Source: funnysigns.net

An amusing sign in this park says it’s a 10-minute walk to the ropeway. However, ‘7 if run a little’ you probably have to reread the sign. Lots of people laugh after reading this. It doesn’t matter how it is written. The point is a ropeway is ahead, either walk or run.

If Your Dog Can Do This! Cool, If Not Pick The Poop

The spin in this sign is simply epic, and you can’t wrap your head around it. All over the globe, people with their dogs see signs in parks that remind them of picking the poop up after their furry friends. This maker invented a new message rather than ordering around pet owners.

Image source: rover.com

Unless your dog can do what’s on the sign, owners should take responsibility for cleaning it up. The next time you visit a park that has no sign about cleaning up your dog mess, remember this hilarious sign, then make sure to do the deed. Bend down and clean for the benefit of everyone.

Another Explicit Sign

Signs instruct people on what is permitted and what is not while in the park. This particular funny sign hit the nail on the head. This is a sign that no matter how it’s translated, it speaks the same message either way: hygiene.

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

Wherever in the world you are, these signs are used to encourage dog owners to clean up their pet mess. The designer decided to convey this message in a funny way. We can only guess he is trying to say the same things as others. Pick up the poo before heading out.

Danger Zone

Natural parks filled with lush greenery are beautiful places to visit. Around the globe, parks look different. The aesthetic is one word that describes nature but shouldn’t be taken out of the park. This is the case in a park in Thailand that has an ominous sign. Don’t be terrified. Be vigilant.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

A sign like ‘cobra crossing’ isn’t funny, but it makes the brain think funny thoughts like you’re in a funny movie scene. One movie that might come to mind is Anaconda. While this can seem disturbing, it is only telling you to be on the lookout while touring the natural park.

Turning The Tables

An example of a cute smile keeps you wondering what the maker was thinking about, and one thing is this isn’t asking people to ‘stay off the Grass’ like others. The message is entirely different. The spin on words will keep a smile on your face while you’re in the park.

Image Source: theclickdesign.com

Yes, that’s right. On the sign, you can see it reads, “Keep on the Grass.” In some parks, people are usually advised to stay off the grass. It’s either protected land or a part of the garden. However, this park urges people to keep walking on the grass and enjoy it.

Playful Use Of Words

This sign is a play on words. It cleverly substitutes the term “towed” for “toad” when discussing “frog parking” in the pond. It’s a needless sign, but it’s still amusing. Imagine going to the pond area with a long face or bad mood. Just setting eyes on this brings a smile.

Image Source: Blue Water Community Management/Facebook

Not all signs are to tell people what to do in a vicinity. Some have no meaning, and the maker simply wants people to smile. Heartfelt laughter improves one’s health and strengthens the mind. At times, these signs are placed to brighten people’s day rather than pass any pivotal message.

Respect Animals 

A kooky person came up with this idea. It delivers the right message. Like every park in the world, the sign prohibits people from leaning and climbing the fences. While this is a protection measure, it’s meant for those roaming the park. The swift change in the sign, however, will make you laugh.

Image source: izispicy.com

The next part of this sign will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. We assume an animal lover came up with this amusing sign. It says, do not lean on the fence, and it goes on to say if you fall into the barriers, the animals could eat you. The funniest part about this is when it says that it could lead to sickness for the animal.

Confusing Path Signs

Path signs are supposed to point you in the right direction; however, the signs here are the other way around. They are confusing from every angle you look at them; the person who put up this sign is a jokester. Signs like this are to help you navigate pathways.

Image source: DMDadJokes/Reddit

An adventurous person will keep going. Someone who just wants to enjoy nature but not get lost will need something more clear. The amusing thing about this sign is that it is pointless. It can’t help a lost person or anyone find their path, and there is no need for these path signs other than a good laugh.

Going Off The Point

A park gives you information about what you need to know while adventuring the park, like where to go and things you can or cannot do. However, this sign takes a dark turn—Starting with the no alpacas (an animal found in Southern America). 

Image Source: suspiciouslyspecific/Reddit

Then it becomes weird, talking about how you should clothe the dogs and Catholic, banning the presence of alpacas, and talking about skateboarding coyotes and no human sacrifices before 8 pm. Which section of this sign do you think is the most amusing?

Protecting Yourself From A Bear

This next funny but serious sign advises hikers to stay on route at all times and to cry and scream if a bear approaches them. It’s a humorous warning with the bear on its hind legs and the man waving his arms. However, making loud noises can deter bears.

Image Source: dailybraille.co.uk

Denali Park is a beautiful hiking park. And, there are many other hiking parks in Alaska that can turn into a lovely experience. However, it is also somewhat risky due to the cold weather and dangerous predators like bears. Thankfully, this park sign is here to warn you!

A Fairy That Picks Fury Poop

This sign hanging in the Chicago park brightens the days of all those who decide to visit it. It displays an explicit message mixed with some funny illustration of a poop fairy. In reality, there is no poop fairy. In essence, clean up the poop yourself.

Image Source: hellobuster.co.uk

It gives reasons why you should clean up the poop, regardless of how tiring it might be. After reading this appealing and funny sign, the furry friend owners will have no choice but to bend down to pick the poop — remembering that they will be protecting other humans from diseases.

Do It The Right Way

Another dumb and funny sign by a maker who may not be a native English speaker but translate for the vast majority to understand. Signs pass important messages that can save lives, but this sign-maker is a jokester. If fish could read the signs, they’d be confused.

Image Source: zwingliusrediviv.us

How does someone not breathe under the water? That is unattainable. This sign, like many others, is hilarious but has no reason to exist, yet we all come across signs like this from time to time. Next time you’re out, take note of the signage around you.

Watch Out For Livid Squirrels

Many signs can give you different ideas while you are in the park. Walking around a park’s walkways and trails searching for charming tiny squirrels and possibly feeding them healthful nuts or snacks can be a lot of fun for families, especially those with young children.

Image Source: funnysigns.net

On the other hand, it aims to warn visitors not to approach the squirrels too closely. To demonstrate that squirrels can bite, the sign depicts a portion of someone’s finger gone and blood streaming from the wound. This is one of the more graphic signs.

Maintain Your Fitness While Helping to Keep the Park Clean

This hilarious sign looks like an invitation to join a yoga session, grabbing people’s attention at the top with the slogan “Want to start yoga?” before going on to expose the sign’s true purpose. The reason behind the sign is to leave the park neat and not stinky.

Image Source: breaking199.pw

This is just another mind-blowing sign in a park. It gives this poop picking exercise a name, known as “downward dog position.” This sign-maker is very creative. You can imagine the fun a dog owner will have to bend down to pick the poop of the dogs. It’s not a sign you see every day.

Every Skaters Love This Sign

This park composes a trap song to create a sign. It’s funny how the parks department brainstorms to come up with something unique. They could easily have put up a sign that says ‘No Skating’ rather than this gem. However, they go all out inventing something attractive and hilarious.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

The people in charge of signs in the North Vancouver District’s parks department must have had fun coming up with this one. They intended to make a sign to inform skaters that there was a good park nearby where they could skate instead of skating on their property.

For The Sake Of Safety

You can’t tell why some sign makers come up with what you see in the parks around the globe. However, you laugh to keep your head free from life’s worries. Signs are sometimes bizarre and confusing. This one is a perfect example of that. At times, questions are necessary.

Source: bajanreporter.com

An amusing signpost can make your day worthwhile. This one lists things that are not allowed. No Gangnam Style dancing is allowed in the park, according to the sign. This will be a massive letdown for lovers of the popular song. What relevance is the dance to the sign anyways? We thought the sign was for safety reasons.

It’s Not A Garden!

We talked about different parks around the globe and the signs they put up. But why does a sign like this exist? Who leaves their house to go to the cemetery to have a picnic? When people misbehave in the park, signs are put up to flag such actions. But we’ve never seen one like this.

Image Source: livingmgz.com

We can only presume that something similar happened here, as this sign forbids people from having picnics in cemeteries, but who would think of making such a sign in the first place? As serious as it seems, this is hilarious. 

A Floating Man And A Deer

Pictorial illustrations are powerful and sometimes stick in the mind faster than text, such as a sign that shows a man and a deer in action. What is the deer doing to the man? What does the wave line stand for? Well, little drawings and symbols stand out, too, not just the text.

Source: Pinterest.com

The deer here is seen doing something to a man who looks like he’s hovering a few feet above the ground in this sign. The small wave lines around the image make it look like some kind of deer dance party, but we’re unsure what the sign actually means.

Wow, That Sounds Terrifying.

The text’s original message about people boiling alive if they fall into a pond is pretty severe and morbid, but the way it’s written and the usage of the term “boiled” make it hilarious as well. You won’t stop laughing after reading this next sign.

Image Source: @J_mugs/Twitter

Most of the funniest signs seem to be found in countries where English isn’t always the primary language. When sign makers are forced to translate into languages in which they are not fluent, things might sound a bit odd, as seen in this sign.

The Sign-Maker is Confused

Here is a sign you probably never thought you would see. It’s one of the most confusing signs on this list. Sure, some signs around the world just don’t make any sense, and this is one of them. The purpose of a ‘one way’ sign is to inform individuals of which direction they should be heading. And it should only be one.

Image Source: samluce.com

If you are on a trip and you get to a place where your phone is not connecting to the internet, you won’t be able to use Google Maps. However, looking up, you one with the words ‘one way’ with two arrows. You will only be more confused than you were before, leaving you no clear direction.

They Are Not Pet

Here’s a regular ol’ sign with an extra phrase at the bottom that wasn’t essential. The sign forbids people from petting any animals they may see or come across in the neighborhood. Seriously though, who would want to pet a rattlesnake?

Image source: thechive.com

Some sign makers come up with hilarious phrases. People love to have a pet in their houses. However, these pets are human-friendly ones. There is no real need for this sign that discourages petting rattlesnakes. Without a sign like this, people will still not be tempted to pet a rattlesnake.

Are You A Small Parent?

The sign informs visitors that they are welcome to ride this park attraction with their children, but only “small parents” are permitted. It must be tough for parents to determine whether their children are small enough to ride. But it must be even harder to understand if they themselves are qualified.

Image Source: piximus.net

Wait, you are out with your kids to spend quality time with them, and you stumbled on this. Next to it is a mirror. Be sure to check if you’re qualified before you head for a ride. Perhaps it is meant to convey a message to the public but ends up seeming humorous than anything.

For Pet Owners! This Park Is Not A Bank

This is one of the most creative signs you might come across. Who calls a park a bank, though. Well, this sign-maker wasn’t shy. This amusing sign puts a fresh spin on a classic, warning dog owners to be cautious about allowing their pets to leave any “deposits” around.

Image Source: myrocklandcounty.com

As we’ve seen, sign makers occasionally like to be a little creative and show off their artistic side when making signs, as shown above.  They get bored writing the same old stuff over and over again. That is one reason this sign makes a lot of sense with its funny words.

This Sign Needs To Organize Its Priorities

Some signs have numerous messages to relay, which is the case with this one, but it needs to organize its priorities! The hilarious notice warns us that it has sharp edges and that we should not touch it.  Who truly feels the need to reach out and touch a sign?

Image source: livingmgz.com

All aspects of this sign are written boldly except the last part, which is the most crucial part. It’s hilarious that the statement is written in large letters for the most part, but the sign then uses tiny lettering at the bottom to inform them that the bridge is ahead.

Would you mind staying Silent

Signs like this are in places like the library; at times, parks refrain people from playing loud music. Since it is a public place, others might become irritated with any sort of noise. Signs are to encourage proper behavior for conformity. However, have you ever seen a sign like this?

Image source: juxtapost.com

Hence, if you do not want a hornet to attack, do not make noise in this park is this sign’s clear message. This sign, spotted in an Asian park, warns people not to make too much noise because a swarm of angry hornets might attack them!

Enjoy The Game

Seeing your child participate in any activity can be a fantastic opportunity to show them how much you love and how proud you are of them. However, we all know that some competitive parents can get a little over their heads. So, this sign is a timely reminder.

Image Source: funnysigns.net

The park rangers developed this sign specifically for them. An informative and hilarious one. It gently reminds all parents that they are not at an official NHL game and that everyone is there to have a good time rather than yelling at the players and refs.

So, What Does That Imply?

Funny signs are in all corners of the world. Occasionally, you come across a sign that has you scratching your head, completely perplexed. Here’s an example, although it’s hardly worth the effort to figure out what this sign was supposed to represent.

Image Source: ebaumsworld.com

Nevertheless, no language games are not permitted in this section of the park. Since there is no extra information, we can’t explicitly say what language game this sign refers to. It is a simple short, witty, and meaningless sign.

Somebody Doesn’t Love Soccer

Soccer is the most popular game on the planet earth. However, it doesn’t mean everyone is a lover of Soccer. The person who created this sign doesn’t love the game so much, for example. The sign is bold and meant to tell anyone who wants to play Soccer that it’s completely prohibited. 

Image Source: funnysigns.net

It continues to advise whoever would love to play Soccer to do so in the archery range, a danger zone. Whatever the explanation to this sign might be, something that stands out the sig-maker obviously doesn’t love Soccer, and it is not allowed on the premises.

A Reasonable Sign

Wherever parks feature lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, or other bodies of water, there are frequently signs throughout the area indicating whether or not swimming, fishing, diving, or other activities are permitted. The sign in this section is clear and precise for all visitors who want to swim.

Source: loupak. un

The message on this Asian sign is that there is no swimming in the water; however, that message only applies to individuals who can’t swim, which negates the whole point of the sign since someone who can’t swim probably won’t even try to do so.