Love Me Do – How The Beatles Came into Existence And Reached The Top

By Divya G

The most significant and widespread band, The Beatles, started small. At the age of 16 and 17, two English schoolboys skipped their classes only to write songs. While playing hooky, Paul McCartney and John Lennon penned down the song Love Me Do. This was surely not the first song they wrote, but the first that was good enough to record.

Wikipedia /UPI Telephoto

The Perturbed Beginning

The first single, Love Me Do, gained massive popularity and brought fame to The Beatles. Nevertheless, George Martin was not sold when the gang originally played this song. He wanted some harmonica included within the track. To the band’s good luck, Lennon could play harmonica. And then McCartney had to take responsibility for singing.

Wikipedia /Bernard Gotfryd

The Drama of the Drummers

Martin used three separate drummers for Love Me Do, and that is when trouble popped in. Pete Best, Ringo Starr, and Andy White were tried once at a time. The competition was hard-hitting, and The Beatles members were quite skeptical about the same.

Push to Rise Up Above

Martin made The Beatles sing a song, How Do You Do; they didn’t write that. The band members were not very pleased by the action. But ironically, it became a super hit in 1964 for Gerry & the Pacemakers.