Magnum PI: The Iconic Series And Style Of Tom Selleck

By Toby Tunwase

With the help of Tom Selleck, Hawaii, and a great car, Magnum PI became one of the top television shows. For eight years, starting in 1980, millions of people worldwide were treated to the beautiful scenery of Hawaii and Selleck’s iconic red Ferrari.

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In addition to Schleeck’s majestic mustache, the tropical paradise was a big draw for both men and women. Besides being eye-candy, Selleck was a true professional in the role he played in this production. Previously the Magnum PI show didn’t have promising prospects.

Executive producer Donald Bellisario recalled that it wasn’t the best script he’d ever read prior to Selleck joining Magnum PI. It was a rip on James Bond. Selleck’s presence, however, made the script stand out.

Selleck put his own stamp on Magnum, making the character an all-time classic instead of a Bond-ripoff. Originally, Magnum was supposed to be like James Bond having a cool life and lots of girls. Selleck took a different approach and played a private detective with no business card and a lack of responsibility.

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Tom Selleck’s unique mustache, and red car, added to the charm of his character. The Ferrari 308 GTS was custom-fitted to accommodate his 6 4” frame when the original car couldn’t, and the company – Porsche – refused to make adjustments.

Thankfully all Selleck’s adjustments were worth it. After eight seasons of Magnum, the show ended with the fifth-highest ratings last season behind shows like Friends and M*A*S*H.