Neil Young – An Overview Of His Music Career

By Divya G

Neil Young’s childhood was far from typical. As an infant, he suffered a series of ailments, including epilepsy and polio, that left him bedridden for long periods at the age of just five years old. In 1951, when Neil was hardly six years old, his health declined to such a point where even walking became difficult. But after treatment, the young singer had a normal life.

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Neil Young grew up in the shadow of infidelity, and it was not until his parents divorced that he began to find himself. He played with a number of bands before forming the Squires, which eventually led him on an incredible rock journey through both country music and experimental genres like folk and electronic. 

Young experienced the height of his success in 1972 while also facing one of the most challenging periods in his journey to music success. After that, he experienced a string of unsuccessful projects, including the Journey Through The Past soundtrack album released for the film release.

In 2000, Young began to show increasing interest in activism and political issues. That year he released a single about 9/11 victims with the title “Let’s Roll.” At age, 52-Young suffered a near-death aneurysm, from which he would recover after brain surgery.

After a few reflective albums, Young released the first installment of his collection of work, and fans highly anticipated it. Nine discs cover the entirety of Young’s career in its first decade with songs like “Shock and Awe.”

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Neil Young has had a busy decade. In 2014 he divorced his wife Pegi, but she continued working alongside him in their activism efforts even after they separated.