Popular Toys In The 1970s

By Toby Tunwase

There were spectacular changes in countless spheres of American life during the 1970s, but one of the most enjoyable was the change in toys! A torrent of iconic toys also emerged during the decade punctuated by Watergate and Vietnam. At the height of the toy revolution, Hot Wheels, Connect 4, the Rubik’s Cube, and even skateboarding were massive fads devoured by children and teens everywhere.

Outpouring of Action Figures

Image credit: mentalfloss.com

Even though action figures existed during the 1960s, they underwent a revolution in the ’70s that produced some of the most iconic characters in history. One such iconic character was Stretch Armstrong. Stretch Armstrong fans adored the elastic arms that threatened to snap into their faces, and today, collectors are willing to spend a grand on a mint copy of the character.

Innovation in electronic technology

Despite the advent of the calculator in the 70s, Pong and the Atari 2600 were more than just ways to calculate faster for many kids. While many of these old video games will have today’s children asleep in no time, they helped shape today’s digital games. It shows how far we’ve come as a race that the bouncing of an electronic dot once ignited the world.

The Rubik’s Cube

Image credit: Olav Ahrens Røtne/Unsplash

Initially, the Rubik’s cube was designed to explain geometry in 3D. However, it proved to be an instant hit at Nuremberg Toy Show, even if no one could solve it. The confounding toy presumably excited nerds who turned it into a game