Pro-Colorist’s Guide For Gracefully Transitioning to Gray Hair

By Divya G

The ongoing global endemic has significantly obstructed timely visits to hair spas and salons. So, with this cultural seismic shift, numerous women are considering gray hair transition rather than covering it. Go-colorist Jack Martin states that the lockdown significantly encouraged women to gray hair transition.

Image credit: YuriyZhuravov/Shutterstock

It is to say that the silver strands of hair are being idolized instead of stigmatized. In general, when women spot one or two gray hairs, they instantly head over to salons. But while staying back at home, they took the pleasure of letting their gray hair grow. Soon they realized that nothing on earth was as beautiful as growing their natural roots.

Allow Your Roots to Grow

Martin advises women to grow their roots around 3 to 4 inches while adding temporary root concealer can cover them up. He also encourages repairing and strengthening hair by using deep conditioning treatments. While the hair grows healthy and sturdy, the gray hair transformation becomes all the more successful.

Image credit: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Just an Hour-Long Procedure

The exact time required for transformation entirely depends on the hair’s thickness, length, and color. However, the transitioning time might range from 6 to 14 hours. And the technique depends on the color and the pattern of the roots of the hair.

Glamor Streaks are Your Best Friend

Adding glamor streaks with gray hair transitions will look absolutely gorgeous. It undoubtedly makes a bright and colorful impact on your face, which is tremendously easy to maintain. Also, in-between visits are essential for maintaining the color.

You are good to go. You can now style your gray hair with confidence!