Saving Tips From Housewives Of The 1940s

By Toby Tunwase

During the 1940s, the world underwent a lot of dramatic changes. As the Great Depression ended, the second World War was beginning. Due to rationing and diverting supplies to the soldiers in the army, homemakers had to become even more resourceful. From all that they did to survive those days, there are many money-saving tips worth trying.

Here are a few of those tips:

  1. Hair Treatments Using Natural Ingredients
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Food rationing affected more than just food supplies. It also affected the availability of cosmetics and other products. In light of this, many women turned to natural alternatives for beauty treatments. For example, when blondes wanted to lighten their hair color, they used lemon juice, while brunettes used henna and rhubarb to brighten their hair. Adopting this method will also help save cash today.

Keeping up with the latest news from overseas was critical during the war. Nevertheless, a housewife knows better than to throw away the newspaper after she has reviewed it. Thousands of ways were available to reuse newspaper, from insulation to dresser drawer liners. Even today, you can turn magazines into cute collages or packing material by cutting them up.

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In the 1940s, simply because an item of clothing was ripped didn’t mean it was tossed in the garbage. Instead, the fabric scraps were saved and reused as many times as possible. You also can look for creative ways to use old clothing, thereby saving some money.