The Bizarre Exercise Routine And Diet Of Marilyn Monroe

By Divya G

Marilyn Monroe was an American Actress, model, and singer. The ‘blonde bombshell’ character played by her is still etched in many fans’ hearts. In September 1952, Norma Jeane provided valuable insights on her regular workout sessions and her diet. 

Image credit: Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock

The Truth Behind the Fitness

In an interview, Monroe expressed that she used to spend at least 10 minutes every morning exercising with light weights. She had created her own exercise routines that worked with her body in the best possible ways. After waking up each morning, she used to wash her face, brush her teeth, and get started with basic exercises. Her simple routine included lifting 5-pound weights above her head and repeating it at least 15 times. She continued to stay with the process until and unless she ended up feeling tired and drained. 

The ‘Bizarre’ Healthy Morning Breakfast

Image credit: Songquan Deng/ Shutterstock

Now, people who knew her used to think that she followed a bizarre diet; however, Monroe never paid much attention to their opinions. Prior to taking her shower, she used to warm up milk on a hot plate and break two eggs in it. While getting ready for her shoot, she used to drink that mixture. This was one of the most healthy breakfasts for a busy girl who was always in a hurry. 

A Step Toward Wellness

For dinner, she used to broil lamb chops, steak, and liver in her electric oven. She often wondered whether she was a rabbit or not since her love for carrots was unparalleled.