The Cast Of Growing Pains Grew Up: Where Are They Now?

By Divya G

Growing Pains, which aired on ABC in 1985 for seven seasons and 166 episodes, told the story of the Seaver family from Long Island. After they were thrown into hysterics by their hilarious antics each week over all those years, you may not know what happened to them after it ended!

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Kirk Cameron was just one of many child actors before finding his big break in the most iconic role he could have hoped for. Growing Pains may not be as well-known now, but it had 30 million viewers per episode at its peak and made Kirk a teen heartthrob with all sorts of opportunities coming to him.

He went on to work on many projects after his time as the eldest Seaver son on Growing Pains. He’s worked as a narrator for an informative documentary, Host of the Discovery channel’s Unstoppable, and briefly starred in Fuller House with Chelsea Noble, whom he married in 1991. The couple shares six children!

Tracey Gold was the perfect fit for Carol Seaver in Growing Pains. When she auditioned, Elizabeth Ward took on the part of a book nerd. But when unfavorable reviews came out, they decided to replace her with Tracey, and history proved them right!

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After her time on Growing Pains, Julie McCullough initially had a hard time finding work. “ People didn’t want to book me on other sitcoms,” she told the Las Vegas Sun. The Mansion video game voiceover role gave her some more exposure before going into stand-up comedy today, performing at large venues across America.