The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Changed Sports Forever In The 70’s

By Toby Tunwase September 5, 2023

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys come from all over the country, not just from their home cities. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) were one of the reasons why they attract such huge followings of fans. As the first cheer squad to bring some serious bang to football games, these slender beauties made a statement.

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In the wake of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ national debut, men in the nation lost their minds. Several other groups also expressed outrage at the decision. There weren’t many examples of sexuality in the mainstream during the 70s, so seeing these dancers in crop tops, white shorts, and knee-high cowboy boots ranked as a major moon landing of sexy women in sports. As much as they were admired by many, they were loathed by religious groups and feminist groups.

In comparison with today’s examples, cheerleader outfits from the 1970s look incredibly tame. Even so, those early Cowboy cheerleader costumes really set America ablaze. Many Americans were upset about America losing its innocence and about the raunchy nature of the apparel.

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The combination of fabulously beautiful women in skimpy outfits on the national stage was problematic. Despite cheerleading being a full-time job, the women received degrading pay and were treated like bimbos, as if their bodies were more valuable than anything. Unfortunately, these problems persist even today. It is unfair for cheerleaders to work long hours and be underpaid and subjected to rigorous and unfair regimes to “look good” in photos.