The Groovy ’70s: A Summarized Trip Down The ‘Me Decade’ And What Defined It

By Jhoana C January 23, 2024

The ’70s left an indelible mark on cultural and fashion history. From the blonde obsession and platform shoe mania to the celebration of androgynous beauty standards and mustache charisma, this era was a kaleidoscope of trends that shaped the collective memory of an unforgettable decade.

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Embark on a nostalgic journey to the vibrant ’70s, a decade defined by its unique fashion and cultural trends. Today, we’ll explore key aspects that shaped the era, from beauty standards to fashion revolutions.

Blondes Had More Fun
Blondes ruled the scene in the ’70s, with the notion that they had more fun becoming a cultural mantra. Influenced by icons like Marilyn Monroe, women flocked to salons or embraced DIY hair color changes, while commercials reinforced the blonde allure.

Platform Shoes and the Height of Style
Platform shoes weren’t just a trend; they were an obsession. Regardless of age or gender, everyone embraced these elevated kicks, making them the official footwear of the era. The platform’s resurgence in the ’70s, featured in magazines and music, elevated it to iconic status.

Thin is In: From Eyebrows to Figures
From thin eyebrows to flat chests and behinds, the ’70s celebrated a shift in beauty standards. Women embraced androgynous figures, equating it with equality between the sexes. The pursuit of flatter features influenced fashion, lifestyle, and even exercise routines.

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Mustaches and Male Charisma
Mustaches were not just facial hair; they were a symbol of rugged manliness. Icons like George Harrison and Tom Selleck popularized the trend, making the bigger and bushier the mustache, the better. This facial hair frenzy became a defining feature of ’70s masculinity.

Miniskirts and the Liberation of Legs
The miniskirt craze swept through the ’70s, symbolizing a rebellion against modesty. Women embraced short skirts, influencing footwear choices like thigh-high boots. This liberation of legs reflected a desire for individual expression and a break from traditional fashion norms.

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