The Indigenous Tracksuit – Juicy Couture Velour Is Back With A Bang

By Divya G

Almost all the late ‘90s teenagers donned the captivating tracksuits of Juicy Couture! But if you aren’t aware of the new-gen fresh-faced fans selling velvet pieces on Depop, it’s time to familiarize yourself. Juicy’s iconic separates have promised a bedazzling reboot.

The millennium tracksuit marks its 26th anniversary by rebooting the rich material of luxe cotton. Last year, American actress Paris Hilton approved this original fabric that launched the loungewear to glittering glamor.

Amy Gibson, head of design of Juicy, remarkably describes the luxe cotton-rich fabric. She says it was Couture’s secret weapon, held back for the perfect moment. Further, she cited that summer is undoubtedly the ideal time for unveiling the return of this adored tracksuit.

Image credit: ashleyajibade/Instagram

The fabric material has a dense pile with a hefty cotton base. However, its breathable comfort is driving athleisure customers towards it. Initially, the tracksuit possessed a low-rise waistband. But now, it has been swapped with a mid-rise one. The signature trims underwent a compelling revamp as well.

The new release of the indigenous tracksuit brings up six unique and fresh colorways. It includes black, lemon drop, soft gray, sugar swizzle, raspberry rose, and mint.

Image credit: polinaduesbury/Instagram

Initially, the LA North Stars were the early endorsers of Coutre’s tracksuit. Gibson also reveals that this reboot is to pay homage to all the celebrity muses of the Noughties. JC’s comeback is centered around how people want their tracksuits back in their wardrobes.

So, slightly upgrading the silhouettes was something inflicted upon. And its return has been marked with a brand new campaign. Also, a series of enticing graphics, crests, and slogans are likely to drop later this year.