The One Last Interview With Immortal Actors

By Divya G March 28, 2023

A star’s final speech comes with extraordinary power; framing the inner thunderstorm into just a few words is quite hard to accomplish! Moreover, unexpected death takes those valuable words beyond the celebrity’s intent. It takes an emotional toll; the one last interview stays etched for eternity. Take a look at what some famous stars said before bidding a final goodbye to the world.

James Dean: His Last Interview Shook the Crowd

It has been many years since the untimely death of the actor James Dean shook the world. However, he remains immortal as one of Hollywood’s most enigmatic, charming, and enduring icons. His last interview session was held by Gig Young for ‘Warner Brothers Presents.’ James, who was a remarkable racer, delivered a speech on safe driving. He fixated on the practical approach that being extra cautious is extremely important. Unfortunately, in a cruel twist of fate, on 30th September 1955, Dean was killed in a car accident near Cholame, California.

John Wayne: An Interview that People Will Remember

Image credit: mhgstan/ Shutterstock

John Wayne was discovered by John Ford; he was indeed the true reflection of an American cowboy. His last interview was conducted by ABC’s Barbara Walters; he was diagnosed with stomach cancer the very next day. ‘As long as he is fit, fine, and healthy, he would hang around and enjoy; that’s what this pure gem of a person had said. Wayne passed away on 11th June 1979. 

Judy Garland: The Final Words of the Falling Star

Image credit: Tami Freed/ Shutterstock

Judy Garland was one of the top-notch artists in Hollywood’s golden era. Her last interview was held on Radio Denmark. ‘Her life has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride; sometimes, she was blessed with massive success, and in the next moment, she felt like a failure.’ Judy agreed that she had led an exciting life, but not a rich one! Only three months later, this immortal star took her last breath due to a drug overdose.