The Ultimate James Bond Movie

By Toby Tunwase

After the James Bond franchise suffered terrible reviews from the “Man with the Golden Gun” release, many feared that the end had come to an incredible run for “James Bond.” However, the release of “The Spy Who Loved Me” changed the game.

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Producing Broccoli went even harder after the disastrous “Man with the Golden Gun.” A hefty $13.5 million budget was devoted to “The Spy Who Loved Me,” one of the most expensive Bond films at that time. That amount may not seem much now, but it was a bold choice to make in 1977. Many of the memorable stunts, including Bond’s car, were achieved with funds from that money. Using Hollywood stuntman Rick Sylvester to ski jump off Mt. Asgard in Canada, the opening stunt for “The Spy Who Loved Me” grabbed the audience’s attention.

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In addition, Curd Jürgens’ portrayal of Karl Sigmund Stromberg helped define Bond villains. In addition, he brought on an unforgettably memorable Bond henchman: A 7’2″ brute with metal teeth named Jaws, fed his assistant his pet Great White Shark and provided some extraordinary comic relief. Richard Kiel, the actor who played Jaws in the first Bond film, returned for a second outing in the movie. There were actually two versions of the ending, one with Jaws dying and biting to death a real shark with his metal teeth. Audiences cheered Jaws’ survival, cementing his role in future films.

The Bond movies wouldn’t be complete without a few stunning women. Caroline Muno and Barba Beach were featured in this one.