Timeless Hair And Makeup Styles And The Celebrities That Made Them Popular

By Toby Tunwase

Beauty tips and trends are constantly changing and evolving, yet if we look at the industry, we realize that what we see today is set in motion by the past through different happenings and individuals. Fashion is a sort of ever-turning wheel that progresses from past trends. For instance, today, vibrant makeup is the norm, but back in the day, celebrities such as Donna Summer and Princess Diana had to first experiment with the concept. Furthermore, Brooke Shields and Diana Ross accentuated their brows and lashes, inspiring the more pronounced styles today.

We have compiled a list of notable fashion trends that were caused by celebrities:

  1. Princess Diana Made Blue Eyeliner Acceptable
Image credit: allure.com

It’s a royal perk that you don’t have to follow mainstream fashion trends, and so, even though her makeup artist advised against it, Princess Diana applied blue eyeliner anyway. Thus, she showed that being classy doesn’t always mean wearing black eyeliner. Several eyeliners are available today in various colors to complement a variety of looks, thanks to her bold move. 

Image credit: brightside.me

With Friends being one of the most successful sitcoms in history, finding beauty trends that follow it was no surprise. A notable example is the Rachel cut, the hairstyle Jennifer’s character Rachel wore in Season 2. She had shoulder-length, layered, and highlighted hair. The look was huge in the 1990s and stayed popular for many years. Even Kelly Clarkson used the Rachel cut on the cover of her debut album, Miss Independent.