Top Iconic TV Characters From The 1970s Which Fans Will Forever Reminisce

By Divya G March 21, 2023

In the 1970s, movie theaters experienced lesser footfall when people preferred staying home and catching entertainment on television. Numerous TV shows stood the test of time, and iconic characters stole the screen. Let us take a quick look at the most memorable TV characters from the ‘70s.

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Jack Tripper from Three’s Company

The character of culinary student Tripper in Three’s Company was played by the famous John Ritter. His character portrayed clumsiness by exaggerating physical humor. He was either falling down or constantly bumping into things. Jack was always found hanging out with his two female roommates and getting involved in funny hijinks.

Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli from Happy Days

“Fonzie” Fonzarelli, even though a minor character played by Henry Winkler, soon became a fan favorite. His character was always crisply clothed in a leather coat. He made sure that his hair was perfect and often used a signature catchphrase.

Alex Reiger from Taxi

Judd Hirsch played the role of the protagonist, Reiger, in the sitcom Taxi. His character was genuinely compassionate and all the more serious. Hirsch’s compelling performance presented him with two Emmy Awards for Leading Actor in a Comedy Series.

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Alice Nelson from The Brady Bunch 

Even though the series did not gain much popularity initially, the character of Alice helped it become a worldwide phenomenon. Nelson, the Brady family’s housekeeper, was played by veteran actress Ann B. Davis. Her character is the most memorable one as she perfectly glued the Brady family together.